▷ 7 Best Fishing Pole Cases (Must Read Reviews)

▷ 7 Best Fishing Pole Cases (Must Read Reviews)

Fishing rod cases – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison

When considering the best fishing rod case, one can never be too careful so here’s where you’ll find out what some of the most appreciated products on the market are, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to look into this yourself. After thoroughly investigating the entire case market, our team has come to the conclusion that the BW Sports Rod Case is the one you should consider. It comes completely protected with a PVC rod tube and a padded reel chamber sporting a large dual-zippered opening which offers you easy access. It’s also designed to leave the reels connected to the rods, therefore offering you a faster set up and breakdown while the entire thing is protected by a rugged 600 denier outside fabric. In the unfortunate event that this product is not available, you may want to keep the Flambeau Tackle Rod Tube in mind as your other

7 Best Fishing Rod Cases (Reviews) in 2020

In your quest to find the best fishing rod case you might want to consider one of our top picks highlighted below, which we selected after consulting scores of user and specialist reviews.

1. BW Sports Spinning Rod and Reel Case

This fishing rod case from BW Sports is an all-around outstanding, well-rounded product that provides a large carrying capacity, excellent portability, and adequate protection for your rods in a compact package.

It’s probable that the first thing that catches your eye about this product is its extremely low weight, which is made possible by the use of hard PVC and light, flexible nylon in its manufacturing. If the bag is dropped, the PVC will provide stiffness to ensure that the rods it contains will not bend or break. The nylon, which has a 600 denier rating, will provide water protection.

The nylon also functions as a shock absorber, preventing the PVC or your valuable rods from taking the full force of a collision. Because these objects are potentially more brittle than the flexible rods, extra cushioning has been added to the reel chamber to protect them.

Although the manufacturer says that the RC-5060 can take rods up to 7 feet in length, users believe that figure to be a little optimistic, and a more realistic specification will be about 6,8 feet, as confirmed by owners. This still makes it one of the larger goods available, which allows it to be extremely adaptable and versatile in its application.

You can fit two 6.6 – 6.8 foot rods, a two-piece rod, or any other configuration you like inside the 2.5-inch diameter PVC tube, depending on your needs.


With its ability to withstand significant harm while while remaining sleek and attractive, this case is exceptional.

The additional storage assures that you’ll never run out of room, and the dual-zippered opening allows for quick access to your tools of the trade, allowing you to get back to work quickly.

Because all of the rod cases are equipped with padded shoulder straps, padded reel sections, internal nylon socks, and even web handles, there will be no need for you to purchase any other items after placing your order.

The product has been stored on an ATV, and customers have reported that their tools were effectively protected from damage and road dust while doing so.

This product offers excellent value for money, and it is highly likely that you will be pleased with it when you use it to protect your fishing rods.


However, despite the fact that everyone thinks that the design of these cases is excellent, some of the purchasers voiced unhappiness because their 7-foot rods did not fit inside the cases as readily as they had anticipated.

Buy from for ($43.95)

2. Bazuka Tube Unisex’s 6085 Rod Carrier

Known as the Bazuka Rod Case because of its appearance, this Flambeau Outdoors product features a really intriguing function that substantially increases its versatility while also making it easier to transfer in a car or on a plane, according to the manufacturer.

The Outdoors 6085 can be extended in the same way that a LAW recoilless rifle can be. It can be extended from a compact 63″ to 87″, which is just enough to accommodate a 6.5 feet one-piece rod. The short configuration makes it simpler to fit into your car (if you only use it to hold multi-piece rods), but it is also more convenient when traveling by plane because it eliminates the need to pay the additional baggage fee for long luggage when traveling by plane.

Its overall width is also amazing, allowing it to accommodate as many as six rods with their reels removed. While it is spacious, its inside is very sparse, with few storage options and little in the way of organization tools. The solution to this is as simple as placing towels or other pieces of cloth between the mattress and the wall.

We can conclude that the item performs quite well in terms of durability because customers have not reported any difficulties with the item breaking or bending.


Flambeau hopes to capture a significant portion of the market with this virtually indestructible case that is capable of withstanding massive levels of force and punishment.

The hinged door also makes loading and unloading the boat a breeze, allowing you to get out on the water in no time.

It’s also rather spacious, as it can apparently accommodate up to six 6-1/2 rods at the same time, and it’s entirely lockable, which adds an extra layer of security to the overall package.

The curved, blow-molded design presents a significant obstacle to anything or anybody attempting to dent a hole in it, making this product an excellent choice for anglers who enjoy traveling to different locations in quest of new locations to practice their art.


Some customers were unsatisfied with the actual interior diameter of the case when measured from within the case, stating that it appeared to be smaller than what was stated for it.

A problem with getting it delivered intact has also been reported on occasion.

Buy from for ($55.98)

3. Plano Fishing Rod Transporter Carry Tube

This rod case is extremely versatile, with the ability to stretch to a maximum length of 88 inches and then fold to a maximum length of 47 inches for convenient storage when not in use. According to the maker, this can hold up to eight 7-foot rods, which should be more than enough to accommodate all of your fishing demands.

The unusual three-tier design, as well as the nearly five-inch diameter, make it simple to store those eight rods without having to exert too much effort. The hard-sided case is specifically designed to safeguard your gear while traveling by plane, which is a terrific benefit for fisherman who prefer to travel throughout the country in search of new fishing spots.

It appears to be extremely durable and capable of withstanding things like trips and airport security checks without causing damage to your treasured rods in the process, making this a device that you can take with you wherever you go.

Note that if you plan to use this with spinning rods that have large eyelets, such as those used for saltwater fishing, the maximum capacity will be somewhere around three rods, due to the increased length and diameter of these spinning rods.


This should be a well-made, durable tool that will hold all of your necessary fishing rods while traveling or going on a fishing excursion.

While this is a significant case, the level of security supplied to your rods makes it worthwhile to invest your time and money in it. As a result, the value-for-money assessment is pretty favorable.

The fact that it can be expanded to almost 8 feet in height can be a significant advantage, and the fact that it can be shrunk means that you won’t have to lug a large case around with you everywhere you go.

Furthermore, because the case is extremely adaptable, it is simple to ensure that you are in compliance with any airline laws that may be in place.


Several consumers praised the design but expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s real usability, particularly the absence of an end cap that would allow for the simple addition or removal of rods.

Buy from for ($46.99)

4. Allen Company Riprap Fishing Rod Case

You won’t have to worry about anything other than your catch because this case has been specifically made for that purpose. Even though the Allen Company’s motto is “by anglers for anglers,” the company’s product is everything from conventional.

This case is specifically designed to hold spinning reels and other similar goods, and it can easily accommodate 2-piece spinning rods up to 7 feet in length or 4-piece Spey/switch rods up to 13 feet in length with ease. You’ll also have an easier time moving it about and getting the most out of your rod case thanks to the comfortable padded handle that makes it easy to carry.

When you don’t have a lot of storage space available and have to make do with what you’ve got, the hanging loop is a terrific solution. Although not intended for hanging, the case will be excellent for keeping your rod in the trunk of your car even if you do not intend to use it for long fishing excursions. If you intend to use it for lengthy fishing trips, this will be an excellent product for you.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the case’s rigidity and the fact that it can easily accept two 7-foot baitcasting rods, as well as the fact that it can accommodate the reel without the need to disassemble it.


This is a highly strong and sturdy product, which means you won’t have to worry about your rods breaking all the time with it.

Even if you throw it in the back of your vehicle and start traveling, the chances are good that your fishing equipment will still be in good condition when you arrive.

Because the firm added a lot of cushioning, this case seems and feels safe to use, and you should never underestimate the importance of psychological comfort when it comes to protecting your assets.

There will be a lot of anglers who can’t wait to get out of the car and onto that lake who will appreciate the fact that they won’t have to disassemble their reel.


Despite the fact that they were pleased with the level of protection provided, some customers were upset with the design of the case’s handle, which they claimed was put all the way at the end of it, making it unstable and uncomfortable to carry.

Buy from for ($33.09)

5. Plano 4442 Fabric Rod Tube

Plano put in a lot of effort into the testing methods for this product, and it reflects in the authentic quality of the final result. Beyond the fact that it is manufactured in the United States, the casing has been tested for durability and is constructed from only the highest-quality components available.

Unlike the exterior fabric, which is robust and water-resistant, the ends are dense and totally padded with foam to prevent the rod tips from being damaged during transportation. The case is strong enough to endure some abuse while also being lightweight and portable to bring around with you.

The core is made of crush-resistant polypropylene with a 3-inch diameter, which essentially provides damage minimization in the event of an accident, ensuring that your rods remain safe and secure. The nylon carry handle is also really useful, since it significantly improves the overall carrying experience.

In the demonstration, it was demonstrated that this case is just what a traveling fisherman requires, particularly one who opts for air travel and thus has luggage that is constantly subjected to bumps and knocks. The hue is a very attractive shade of green, and it will look fantastic when you use it to attract all of the fish to you in a single direction.

The product’s measurements are 42 x 3 x 3 inches, which puts it in a respectable position on the leaderboard for rod case lengths.


This rod case offers excellent value for money, as it will provide you with the exact level of protection you require without requiring you to pay a lot of money to obtain it.

The case is large enough to accommodate two standard rods while still leaving enough room for a smaller, telescopic rod to be accommodated.

The fact that this product will fit in the overhead compartment means that it will not take up valuable legroom when traveling by plane is an added plus for anglers who travel by plane.

Some people have stated that decent rod cases are difficult to come by in local stores, so having the option to purchase a basic and inexpensive rod case online is really beneficial.


Ordinary tourists would have appreciated the option of carrying the case over one shoulder rather than having to free one hand exclusively for this purpose.

Buy from for ($24.54)

6. Plano 3″ Adjustable Rod Case

This adjustable rod box comes in handy when you have to deal with a variety of different-sized rods and have to choose which one to bring with you. The fact that it can be adjusted to accommodate rods up to 8.5 feet in length provides excellent flexibility, while the durable foam cushioning ensures that they are well protected no matter how long they are.

Furthermore, this device is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you should be covered in the event that something goes wrong with it. Also, with such a high-quality product, there will always be concerns about security, which is why the rod is entirely lockable in this configuration.

You should be aware, however, that if all of your rods have larger-than-normal guides and larger reel seats, you may find it difficult to transport them all at the same time, simply because three or four rods of this size would take up a significant amount of space in your luggage. However, if the rods are smaller, some customers have reported being able to carry up to five rods with this!

This case should also be durable enough to withstand any sort of public transportation or automobile transportation that you could require, ensuring that traveling will never be a problem.


It has been accomplished by Plano to provide a very good rod case, which customers appear to like for its durability and storage capacity.

When traveling, this case is really useful because it will completely prevent your rods from being bashed around in a vehicle or from rolling around excessively, even if you have to carry them through crowded airports or train stations.

The fact that it will secure your assets in all but the most extreme of circumstances, while not being prohibitively expensive, places this product among the top of the list for anyone seeking an excellent value for money report.

Its broad, adjustable length provides excellent versatility when you have to choose between many rods and also allows you to experiment with how you might arrange them within the room.


Customers were displeased with the excessive amount of flex the product has in the centre when fully stretched, which a handful of them complained about. In addition, some of them mentioned a need for a shoulder strap in order to carry the case more comfortably.

Buy from for ($45.16)

7. Plano 64-Inch Rod Case with 4.25″ Diameter

Using this example, Plano once again demonstrates their commitment to meeting the demands of all of their fisherman customers.. It is manufactured in the United States of America utilizing the highest-quality components available, which nearly guarantees that it is a high-quality product.

All cases are subjected to extensive durability testing before they are released from the manufacturer’s custody and placed on the open market. As an added measure of protection against potential damage from falls or bumps, the case is completely padded with foam to reduce the likelihood of such damage occurring.

Rods, and even rod cases, can be quite valuable items to own, thus the upgraded locking system on this product is designed to ensure that your assets are always kept secure at all times. Because the case is entirely composed of plastic components, there is no need to be concerned about rusting over time, allowing you to enjoy years and years of dependable operation.

Furthermore, because this rod tube is incredibly versatile, you will be able to pack many rods of varying lengths at the same time, allowing you to better meet the needs of your trip while saving space. It’s especially useful for long rods because the padding on both ends prevents them from rolling around and causing damage to themselves.


This is a very sturdy tool that can withstand even the most extreme traveling conditions while still providing complete protection for your rods.

If you have to deposit it somewhere, you’ll most certainly appreciate the fact that, unlike the Bazooka case, this case has a flat foot region that allows it to stand upright on its own, which is a nice feature.

Due to the ease with which the central section can be adjusted and the ease with which the cap can be removed, you will never have any difficulties with this device, which is really simple to use.

Given that it is constructed of high-quality materials while remaining within a reasonable price range, the quality of the product’s value for money cannot be questioned.


Be advised that numerous customers have expressed concerns regarding the actual size of this case, noting that it is significantly larger than it appears. While this is a significant advantage for anglers who need to transport many rods, it may provide a barrier for those who are merely searching for a standard-sized fishing tube.

Buy from for ($54.27)

Guide to Purchasing

The best case for a fishing rod does not have a single solution; rather, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each design, as well as how well they meet your individual requirements. You should give specific consideration to the aspects that you believe will be beneficial to you, rather than concentrating on items that may, in the end, prove to be superfluous. Consider the following points as you browse through the merchandise on offer.


When it comes to fishing rod cases, this might be a double-edged sword to contend with. Bigger seems to make sense on the surface, since carrying a longer pole or multiple poles at the same time would provide you with greater versatility.

This is generally true, but keep in mind that a larger unit will be difficult to travel in the trunk of a compact car and will be subject to additional airline taxes if transported as luggage by air carriers (a problem we found out to come again and again.) Always check to see if the precise unit you’re considering will qualify for any form of “big item” categorization from the airline you’ll be flying with the most frequently. The vast majority of people do.


The fact that you have to trek through challenging terrain, such as woodlands or soft wetlands, in order to get to the fishing place should cause you anxiety.

Rod cases are not especially heavy, but when walking for long periods of time, every pound adds up and causes discomfort over the course of the day. In the event that you have more than a mile to walk to your destination, you should consider purchasing a lighter model because every pound will be noticeable.

Shoulder straps are required for individuals who plan to navigate through woodlands or hedges because the item will need to be held vertically, which is impossible to do with a handle.

Longevity and protection are important considerations.

The case’s primary responsibility is to safeguard your fishing rods and reels from damage. It accomplishes this through the use of a strong exterior shell that can withstand outside pressure or impact, as well as by providing a cushion for the sensitive material contained within.

When subjected to a great quantity of physical force, the hard layer should ideally bend in order to avoid it from breaking, but the padding should also give a measure of support in order to prevent the components from becoming scrambled throughout the process.

Waterproofing is definitely something to think about, especially if you’re going to be fishing from the water. The greatest things are those that can give enough protection even while submerged and can float for an extended period of time without sinking.

Products that are no longer available

Case for a Fishing Rod for the City Traveler

With its elegant appearance, this evocatively titled product from City Traveler immediately captures the attention of the beholder and continues to do so upon closer investigation.

A semi-rigid polycarbonate and ABS material is used to construct it, which flexes upon impact, mitigating any shock that may otherwise destroy fragile polycarbonate rods or reels. As an added bonus, the item is completely waterproof; the internal lining and zippers have been specifically treated to give enough water protection even if the case is completely submerged.

The interior of this fishing rod case has plenty of space, even though it can only accommodate multi-piece or ice fishing units due to its short length of around 5 feet. It has enough room to loosely accommodate two average sized two-piece rods and their reels, or three ultra-light rods in a tight fit.

With a relatively large number of pockets (2 long ones, 2 meshes) and Velcro straps, the inside is well-organized and convenient, making it simple to keep your items in place.

With a weight of approximately 4 lbs, this case is not especially light, but you can consider it a little price to pay for the remarkable durability it provides. Additionally, the overall compact dimensions, as well as the optional strap, make it very easy to transport.