Top rated fishing tackle backpacks of 2017 | Advice & Reviews

Fishing tackle backpacks – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison

If you just want a suggestion for a good fishing pack and don’t have the patience to go through our short guide then we’ll tell you straight away that we found the Fiblink Sports Single Shoulder to be one of the best fishing tackle backpacks available for sale. Both specialist bloggers and reviewers were impressed with its versatility, offered by the good distribution of interior space, with one large, padded main compartment and several smaller ones. The fact that its shoulder strap can be changed from left to right offers good comfort on long walks, preventing your shoulders from getting tired. Also a big plus, none of the people who tried it have made any complaints about its resistance. If the Fiblink model is unavailable or you’re looking to spend a few extra bucks, then the CLC Wild River WT3604 might be the right choice for you.

Our top choices

With so many choices available, choosing the best fishing backpack (or more precisely the most suitable one for your needs) could prove to be a daunting task. No need to fret, however, since after consulting dozens of backpack reviews we think we can come to your aid by offering a few helpful suggestions.

Fiblink Sports Single Shoulder

Despite its modest footprint — which is small enough to be handled by youngsters — this Fiblink model can easily accommodate all of your foldable fishing equipment in its capacious 12″ x 8.7″ x 6″ main padded pocket. This unit has a double zipper that allows it to open up extremely widely, which is really convenient when it comes to organizing your possessions. A separate mesh pocket and a convenient bungee cord are also included to keep things in place while you’re on the go.

Fiblink has a total of ten holders and back pockets, some of which are rather wide and zippered, allowing it to carry a lot more than you may expect. Even while zippers might possibly cause problems with these types of backpacks because they are typically the first thing to break, none of the Fiblink’s customer reviewers appear to have reported any significant issues with them.

The entire backpack is constructed of water-resistant nylon, which provides excellent weather protection and durability. It also contains a variety of cords and straps that allow you to attach more baggage to the bag in order to boost your maximum carrying capacity.

In addition, because the padded strap fits comfortably on either shoulder, switching between them is rather simple if one becomes fatigued. The backpack may also be carried as a shopping bag, thanks to the reinforced handle on the top.

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CLC Wild River WT3604AMZ

The Wild River is in a whole different weight class than the Fiblink, and its size is large enough to handle four medium #3600 style fishing trays, with the potential to accommodate even more trays. It is, of course, somewhat heavier and more expensive than the previous model, but it offers features that more than compensate for these disadvantages.

First and foremost, it is self-illuminating thanks to an integrated LED system, which provides tremendous convenience during the evening and midnight hours. Along with numerous zipped compartments and pockets, it also has several specialty holders, including one for pliers that can be easily moved to be worn on your belt and a hard box at the top that protects your sunglasses from being crushed by other items in the bag.

A comfortable work surface may be created by lowering the front pocket, which is located right above the tray area and can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle. This will come in handy when fiddling with your lures.

All of this will be held in place by two highly adjustable shoulder straps, as well as an optional sternum strap for increased support and stability. Unfortunately, the Wild River model is too intricate to be completely waterproof, although it does come with a rain cover.

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CLC Wild River WT3503AMZ 

This device is essentially a smaller version of the WT3604 and provides nearly the same level of convenience and features as the larger model. While it can accommodate up to four small 3500-style fishing trays, it is only large enough to accommodate two bigger 3600-style fishing trays. When compared to its larger relative, this should not necessarily be viewed as a negative because size is largely a question of personal preference for the user.

It includes the same dependable LED light as the previous model for night fishing, and you can adjust it to provide lighting to both the interior of the bag and the front pocket and working area.

A plier holder that can be relocated to the belt and a self-retracting steel cable with a variety of applications are two of the two removable sections of the tool.

Web loops to keep tools safe, exterior and internal mesh pockets to make objects more easily accessible, huge storage pockets for increased holding capacity, and a couple of transparent plastic containers to keep documentation safe are some of the other convenience features included.

It has a strapping mechanism that is similar to that of the 3604, with two back straps, a sternum strap, and a handle. The only severe complaint we had about this product was that one of the straps had come undone; nevertheless, we must point out that practically all of the other comments we received about its durability was good.

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Buying guide

Finding the best fishing backpack for your needs might be challenging because an item that appears fine in the market may not function as well in the field as it does in our testing lab. In order to assist you in making your decision, we’ve reviewed some of the best tackle backpack reviews and produced a short list of items to keep in mind while shopping for a tackle backpack.

Size and storage capacity

The entire holding capacity is ultimately determined by the user’s choices, as you are the one who knows the most about how much you typically bring on a fishing excursion.

What you should look for is how that space is modulated; for example, if a single compartment is large enough to contain your largest item or whether the backpack has enough pockets to accommodate your more fragile items in their own compartments or pockets. When grouped together without sufficient strapping, these items are more likely to break. Not to mention the distracting noise that a pile of random items generates.

Some backpacks are equipped with specialized rod holders as well as a variety of cords for attaching tools or additional bags. We recommend that you check for these, as well as interior pockets and wires to assist maintain objects in their proper positions.


If you intend to get good value out of your backpack by using it for an extended period of time, this is an excellent feature to have. For units on display, pay attention to the stitching quality and the thickness of the material used in construction. Keep in mind that stitches in high-wear places, such as the ones holding the straps or the zipper for the main compartment, should be exceptionally strong, and in the latter case, should be at least doubled in strength.

Otherwise, you might want to learn a little bit about the brand before making your purchase and speak with some of their customers to find out how well their items have held up over time.

Some units are completely waterproof, however others merely have the option of becoming water proofed with a few minor alterations to the design. We believe this is an important feature to have, first and foremost because it gives you the flexibility to use the backpack in rainy weather, and secondly because you will be using the backpack near water, and it is beneficial to have an extra layer of protection in the event that the bag ends up in a river or creek.


Check to see that the back is secure and that the straps are well-padded. Straps that are wider in width are normally preferred since they distribute the weight more equally over your shoulders.

There are some one-shoulder units available; if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these, be sure that the strap can be easily fitted over both shoulders, since this can spare you a great deal of agony if one of your sides begins to fatigue.