Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Best Fish-finder Combo w/ Navionics Gold U.S. Charts

Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Best Fish-finder Combo w/ Navionics Gold U.S. Charts

You’ll love the 5 inch widescreen, which can be easily seen from a distance and is easy to read.

Even in unfamiliar territory, you can navigate your way to popular hot spots using the built-in GPS and preloaded Gold maps on the device.

The strong sonar quickly detects nearby targets in both deep and shallow water, as well as structures on the ocean floor with pinpoint accuracy.

The controls are clearly labeled to allow for simple navigation around the menu, as well as the ability to select the number of pages to be displayed.

Even though the Elite-5 has earned only a few unfavorable reviews, one customer did notice that some of the mounting hardware was missing when the product arrived. In spite of the inconvenience, Lowrance has a customer care department that is happy to replace any lost or broken parts as soon as they are reported to the company.

Our Review

5-inch widescreen display

The Elite-5’s display is one of the first things that customers see, and it does not let them down in this regard. The device is equipped with a 5-inch widescreen that is capable of displaying high-resolution sonar images, GPS maps, and marine charts in stunning clarity. Because of the high-resolution color screen’s 480 x 480 pixels, intense sunlight will not cause irritating glare on the screen. If you decide to try your luck at night fishing, the high-definition display will be really beneficial.

Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Best Fish-finder Combo w/ Navionics Gold U.S. Charts

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Navionics Gold charts and a built-in GPS antenna

Lowrance has coupled a 16-channel GPS antenna with Navionics Gold maps to make it easy to identify old favorites as well as new hot spots on the road. There is also a connection for connecting an additional external GPS antenna, which will allow for even better navigation accuracy. There is even a waterproof SD card slot, which allows you to add new maps and charts as you go across the world. The Elite-5 also has a built-in memory that lets you to record waypoints and routes, which makes it simple to return to favorite areas the next time you are out on the water with the boat.

While the maps and GPS will guide you to the area, it is the powerful sonar that will determine whether or not there is anything in the water to be concerned about. The typical broadband sonar will sweep the region and display bottom contours, underwater trash, as well as bait and target fish, in addition to other information. The down imaging sonar will assist in making the data easier to grasp by ensuring that every detail is crisp and clear, allowing you to recognize the difference between bait and predator fish even while using down imaging sonar.

Easy to utilize and convenient

Even with all of these fantastic capabilities, the Elite-5 is quite simple to operate. In addition to the clearly labeled buttons on the display, which allow you to easily navigate through the menu, the down imaging sonar guarantees that you can understand what is being shown. Even the “power” and “light” buttons are easy to locate, and you will appreciate how straightforward it is to enter your GPS data.


If you want to spend more time fishing and less time fiddling with your equipment, the Lowrance Elite-5 may be the right choice for you. Accuracy, speed, and dependability are all important features, and it is also designed to be simple to use. The sonar data will be displayed clearly on the color screen, and you can even compare images side by side to ensure that you don’t miss any of the finer features. A user handbook is also included, which will lead you through the simple setup procedures.