Garmin GPSMAP 741 Best Chartplotter w/ Super-fast 10 Hz GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 741 Best Chartplotter w/ Super-fast 10 Hz GPS

Garmin has made sure that this GPS/chartplotter is easy for beginners to use, while still including the features that experienced anglers depend on.

You will like the use of color on the screen. Whether you’re fishing during the day or at night, you’ll be able to see the maps and charts because of the illumination.

GPS technology, along with coastal charts and inland maps from Garmin, will always allow you to discover the most favorable location for your fishing expedition.

Wireless connectivity is only one of several creative and user-friendly features included with the GPSMAP 741, which also includes a number of other functions.

The GPSMAP 741’s only drawback is that it does not include a transducer, which is a minor inconvenience. However, despite the fact that it would be good to have, considering the unit’s price, it has no impact on its capacity to offer you with rapid and accurate navigational information.

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Perfect for beginners and experienced anglers alike

It has been stated in product evaluations that the GPSMAP 741 has a user interface that is simple to use, which is good news for beginners who wish to take benefit of Garmin’s trustworthy GPS technology while also saving money. The connections on the back are well labeled so that you know precisely where to connect sonar, video, and even power, and the touchscreen makes it simple to browse through the menu.


Garmin GPSMAP 741 Best Chartplotter w/ Super-fast 10 Hz GPS

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Backlit display that’s easy to read at all times

Furthermore, the color display is easy to see in both bright and low light conditions, and it even allows you to zoom in on a picture for more detailed viewing. You may compare marine charts and GPS maps side by side using the split screen feature, and when you attach a transducer, you will be shocked at how crisp and clear the visuals appear to be. Separate bait fish from possible targets with ease, and see the contours of the bottom and underwater structures in incredible detail. Mounting the display or simply tilting the stand to reduce glare caused by direct sunlight are both options for ensuring that you can see the display at all times.

Preloaded charts and maps & GPS system

It comes packed with maps and charts that perform exceptionally well in conjunction with the unit’s highly accurate GPS technology, which is a trait for which Garmin is well-known. A set of coastal and inland charts is supplied, allowing you to begin using the GPSMAP 741 right out of the package. Entrances to harbors can be seen, depth readings can be obtained, and distances to designated waypoints can be calculated rapidly; you’ll also be aware of which locations to avoid in order to be safe on the water.

Wireless connectivity

You’ll love the convenience of wireless technology, as well as the additional amenities that come with the package. In addition to being compatible with NMEA 2000, it has the capability of connecting to radar support. There is even a “autopilot” mode for your convenience. When you have the capacity to support a variety of media, you can stay up to current on weather conditions, which is always an advantage when you’re on the water. An SD card slot also allows you to expand your map collection as you travel.


Aside from the price, this Garmin GPS/chartplotter is a pretty nice piece of equipment. It is simple to use, accurate, and may contribute to making any fishing excursion a successful and enjoyable experience. If you are prepared to begin fishing in a variety of locations, this marine chartplotter may be the finest option for you.