Standard Horizon CPN700i Best Touchscreen Chartplotter

Standard Horizon CPN700i Best Touchscreen Chartplotter

Because of the high quality touchscreen, you will be able to see maps and charts well, and you will also appreciate how simple it is to use.

With an inbuilt GPS antenna for precise positioning and preloaded mapping, you can get started plotting your route immediately.

With this chartplotter from Standard Horizon, it is simple to connect to all of your devices at the same time.

A three-year limited warranty backs up the durability of the product’s design and construction.

While the lack of a transducer is a minor annoyance, it has no impact on the overall performance of this chartplotter, which is excellent.

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7-inch backlit display

This GPS/chartplotter from Standard Horizon comes with a 7″ diagonal screen that vividly displays maps and charts in sharp, clear clarity, making it one of the most significant qualities of the device, alongside accuracy. In addition to having an outstanding 800 x 400 resolution, the full color display also includes touchscreen capabilities for simple navigation. In addition, the screen can be divided to allow you to display charts and GPS maps alongside one another, allowing you to see exactly where you need to travel in order to discover the optimum area to start catching fish.

Standard Horizon CPN700i Best Touchscreen Chartplotter

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Built-in GPS system

The integrated GPS antenna has 50 channels, which allows it to rapidly determine your location and map the best route to your desired destination. An external GPS antenna can be connected to the device in order to get even quicker speeds. The touchscreen display will also allow you to browse and zoom in on particular pages, ensuring that you don’t miss a concealed hot spot or important information. It also comes pre-loaded with charts for the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, and Mexico, among other countries.

Can connect to other devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

What really distinguishes this GPS/chartplotter from the competition is its capacity to connect to a variety of devices. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology are integrated into the device, allowing you to connect to your smartphone and take use of nearly any Wi-Fi hot spot. You can even stream music and view videos on the display, which has small built-in speakers to enhance the overall experience. There is even a USB port as well as an Ethernet port, allowing you to stay connected from practically anywhere. Also available is the ability to obtain current local weather forecasts, which is always beneficial when you are out on the lake.

Designed to withstand the elements and the test of time

Because you will be utilizing this chartplotter on the sea, you will want to be certain that it is both reliable and long-lasting. Not only does it have the ability to survive constant exposure to sunlight and the occasional splash of water, but it also comes with a three-year warranty. The durable construction will last for years to come, and the fact that this maritime chartplotter is heavier than some comparable models just adds to its overall longevity.


It’s possible that this model from Humminbird is just what you’re looking for if you’re seeking for an accurate GPS/chartplotter that will also keep you engaged while on the water. It comes equipped with precise GPS capabilities as well as preloaded charts, allowing you to immediately begin planning the best course to your favorite fishing areas. While on the water, you may stream music and videos from virtually any device, even your laptop, due to the ease with which you can connect to almost any device. A manufacturer’s guarantee is also included, allowing you to be confident that you are receiving good value for your money.