Best Saltwater Fishing Rods 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos2. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod3. Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Rod
Sougayilang Fishing Rod CombosSougayilang Telescopic Fishing RodFiblink Saltwater Fishing Rod
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Those who have some fishing experience know that freshwater and saltwater bodies are two entirely different worlds. It is primarily because saltwater fish tend to grow larger, heavier, and fight really hard to resist the trap.

It means that one cannot venture out for saltwater fishing without having sturdy equipment. The most crucial part of the fishing gear meant for saltwater fishing is the fishing rod. In this article, we shall take a look at the best saltwater fishing rods in the market.

Special Rods For Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater contains solutes that freshwater does not have. While these are completely natural, they have chemical properties and can trigger corrosion on materials commonly used to make a fishing rod.

Therefore, choosing a fishing rod for saltwater fishing is not limited to the size and action of the rod. One needs to give proper attention to the materials used in making a particular rod so that it is resistant to corrosion and lasts long.

Moreover, as saltwater fish are generally very serious and resist an attack very fiercely, it is important that the shock-absorbing properties of your fishing rod are good enough to prevent excessive force around your hands. Older saltwater fishing rods did not have proper shock absorption mechanisms and this, many anglers frequently strained their hands quite badly.

Top 11 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods 2021

1. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos

The Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos with Telescopic Fishing Pole is a professional fishing reel used by several expert anglers. This fishing rod is manufactured by keeping in mind individual fishing needs. Moreover, the manufacturers have also introduced several new features from time to time so that the fishing rod becomes advanced and ergonomically friendly for all kinds of anglers.

With this unit, you do not just get a simple fishing rod but a combination of several accessories, all of which have very high utility for an angler. In the unit, you get a fishing rod, fishing reel, Spare Spool, 110yds Fishing Line, Fishing Lure Kit with Box, and a Fishing Gear Carrier Bag.

For the fishing rod, you get to choose between three different sizes to ensure that you ultimately purchase a lightweight and portable rod, which is easy to carry from one place to another. You can choose the size that best fits your car trunk, suitcase, etc.

Since it is extremely lightweight, this fishing rod is most suitable for fishing beginners. Having a closed length design, it is easy to carry and maintain. Many people also prefer giving it as a gift to their loved ones, owing to the high utility value of this fishing kit.


2. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Sougayilang Graphite Carbon Fiber Portable Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod for Boat Saltwater and Freshwater is a unique spinning rod, which is highly recommended by professionals. The fishing rod contains premium-quality carbon fiber and is suitable for fishing in both fresh and saltwater.

The mechanics of the fishing rod have been designed in a manner that allows it to collapse completely, and fit into a bag very easily. Due to this, you can carry this fishing rod to the destination very easily, without adding a lot of bulk to your gear.

The carbon fiber of this fishing rod is very sturdy and helps the angler in making a strong pull once the fish is trapped. The guide ring of the fishing rod is made with stainless steel and provides excellent conductivity. A metal buckle is always helpful in fixing the fishing reel properly.

The metal buckle of this fishing rod is lightweight and has a hollow design with an additional grip for fixing the reel more firmly. The fishing rod is available in multiple sizes. Overall, the exquisite materials used in making this rod make it a premium fishing accessory.


3. Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Rod

Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Rod

The Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Fishing Rod is a conventional boat fishing rod that works smoothly for years altogether. Although it is an offshore saltwater rod that does not require a lot of strength (because the force of water currents in these areas is less), it is still one of the strongest fishing rods that you can find in the market today.

It is made with an extra-tough variety of graphite, along with other composite materials, which make it an efficient fishing rod for anglers of all categories.

Generally, offshore saltwater fish are larger in size. To handle such large fish one needs to have a sturdy fishing rod. The design and mechanics of this rod have been planned such that the angler can apply maximum pressure to pull any large fish from the seawater.

Another important feature of this fishing rod is that it uses a heavy-duty roller guide. These roller guides help in minimizing the strain on the fishing reel, and eventually on the angler. Overall, this fishing rod is one of the best for sea-water fishing and is available at quite affordable rates. Being an aluminum alloy reel, this fishing rod is highly resistant to corrosion.


4. Fiblink 1-Piece/2-Piece Saltwater Trolling Rod

Fiblink 1-Piece/2-Piece Saltwater Trolling Rod

If you are involved in fishing sports and compete on a professional level, the Fiblink 1-Piece/2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Rod is the best option that you have. The rod is continuously improved by the manufacturers to make it best suited for new trends and demands in the sport.

To reduce the strain on your hands, this fishing rod has multiple roller guides, which also help in the accurate casting of the fishing line. Fishing for fish like dolphins, wahoos, and Tuna can be done quite easily with this rod.

In every unit, you get 1 Fishing Rod and 1 Rod Protection Bag. It is also one of the most stylish fishing rods that you get to see in the market, because of the impeccable polishing and finishing of the handle and the roller guides. The Fiblink 1-Piece/2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Rod has a composite fiber main shaft.

This shaft makes the handle of the rod highly sensitive to any tapping movement of the fish around the bait so that the angler knows when to pull. Besides the sturdy construction, the exposure of the reel seat is another feature that makes it suitable for sports fishing.


5. Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Trolling Rod Roller

Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Trolling Rod Roller

The Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Bent/Straight Butt Trolling Rod Roller is a big and bulky rod with excellent reviews from the anglers’ community. It has been rated highly and is the most selling rod manufactured by Fiblink. This fishing rod is not meant for individual use. However, it can be used very efficiently for professional fishing, where large fish have to be caught daily. The rod supports conventional boat fishing and is best suited for offshore saltwater ventures.

The rod is entirely made out of aluminum. The exclusive aluminum reverse knurling nuts add strength to the structure of this fishing rod. A rubber shrink is placed strategically on the end where the reel is attached so that the angler can cast the rod with much more accuracy.

To improve the strength and toughness of the parts, aircraft-grade alloys have been used too. Big fish like dolphins, wahoos, and Tuna can be pulled very easily without much exertion.

It is possible because of the flexible and strong roller guides of the Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Bent/Straight Butt Trolling Rod Roller. To make the angler aware of the fish tapping around the bait, the rod has a highly sensitive tip as well.


6. Fiblink 1-Piece/2-Piece Trolling Rod

Fiblink 1-Piece/2-Piece Trolling Rod

The Fiblink 1-Piece/2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Rod is the most widely gifted fishing rod across the globe. Husbands, sons, fathers, etc., everybody loves getting these rods as a gift.

The rod is around 6-feet in length and has a weight of merely 27 pounds. Even with the addition of a line, the weight does not exceed 30-35 lbs. The cranking power of the rod is extremely high. The rod comes with 6 roller guides.

The roller guides are crucial to hold the fish against a large pressure exerted by the weight in the downward direction. Having such flexible yet strong roller guides helps in preventing wrist problems in anglers. The reel seat has tapered hood transitions that pass above and below it, to eventually cover and protect the cap.

Overall, being a fishing rod that is trusted by professional anglers, this one is sturdy and has the capability of lasting more than a decade. The kind of power and adjustability that you get with this fishing rod is exceptional, and it will definitely help you obtain the best possible results each time you go out fishing.


7. Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Fishing Rod

Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Fishing Rod

The Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Fishing Rod Offshore Graphite Portable Fishing Rod is another accessory by Fiblink that is designed to be tougher and stronger than others. Carbon fiber is known to improve the durability of a fishing rod without adding much weight.

Moreover, this rod has premium graphite that also helps in making the casting of the fishing line easier and more accurate. Using carbon fiber in fishing rods helps in making the rod more sensitive to detect the fish that move around the bait under the water. Hence, for complete performance enhancement, these fishing rods are the best.

The roller guides of this rod are made with stainless steel. Stainless steel is a durable material and resists corrosion for decades. Eight such roller guides are fitted into the fishing rod to help the angler get more flexibility while casting or pulling the fish out of the water. Good and sturdy roller guides are important to reduce the requirement of physical effort on part of the angler.

Eventually, it helps in improving your performance and the time for which you can concentrate on fishing. Overall, the Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Fishing Rod Offshore Graphite Portable Fishing Rod is a product made with a lot of attention given to fishing ergonomics.


8. Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 

Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 

The Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Trolling Rod is a superior chrome-plated fishing rod that is preferred by several expert seawater anglers. Made entirely of stainless steel. It is one of the most stylish fishing rods that you can find in the market today.

The classic black and gold body of the rod makes it pleasing for the eyes. However, the hype is not just about its style, but also for its durability. The design of the rod is backed by powerful construction and thoughtful assembly.

Two layers of graphite are used in this fishing rod with unidirectional fiberglass present between these layers. All these materials make the structure more robust and resilient.

The natural lifting power of the rod is high, thus, you do not have to strain your back to get your catch out of the water. However, all this style and durability comes at a price, making the Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2-Piece Saltwater Offshore Trolling Rod a bit more expensive than its counterparts.

The rod has an embedded roller design, that prevents the wearing away of the line, a problem that is frequently faced by anglers when they cast their fishing line. In all, it is the best saltwater fishing rod if you are looking for a modern and stylish rod.


9. GOOFISH Jigging Rod 

GOOFISH Jigging Rod 

Another rod in the list that works equally well for freshwater fish as it does for saltwater fish is the GOOFISH Jigging Rod 6’6″Solid NanoTech Blank Slow Pitch Jigging Fishing Rod. It is a traditional spinning casting jig rod, that is available in a variety of colors like pink, green, blue, etc. Advanced nanotechnology has been used to design each part of this fishing rod, which is responsible for making it more sensitive, lightweight, strong, and powerful.

Many fishing rods tend to become loose due to repeated usage. However, the materials used in the GOOFISH Jigging Rod 6’6″Solid NanoTech Blank Slow Pitch Jigging Fishing Rod is of such superior quality that friction cannot loosen any part of the rod.

With a closed length of just 140 cms, the rod can be carried easily to the spot where you intend to go fishing. The casting model of the rod also has a special spiral guide system, that allows you to move the line according to the location of the fish under the sea.

The mechanics of the rod require minimum force application. The rod uses the buoyancy of water to remain stable and upright. Slow jigging with the GOOFISH Jigging Rod 6’6″Solid NanoTech Blank Slow Pitch Jigging Fishing Rod is a treat, and the output is more powerful than any other single-piece seawater fishing rod that you will get.

The rod is inexpensive and dirt cheap if you compare it with some other premium models that we have discussed so far. Overall, it is a great fishing rod for individual use and will fit the budget of anglers belonging to every category, be it beginners or seasoned professionals. It is one of the best saltwater fishing rods.


10. Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Trolling Rod

Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Trolling Rod

The Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Trolling Rod 1 Piece/2 Piece Heavy Roller Rod is yet another masterpiece made by Fiblink. Heavy roller fishing rods are usually not preferred by domestic anglers because they are very difficult to carry. However, professional and sports anglers are keen on buying such fishing rods because of their longevity, and their impeccable performance.

While some anglers feel that the trend of heavy roller fishing rods has receded completely, there are still some conventional. fishermen who do not venture into the sea without such rods. Among heavy fishing rods, this one has a special place because of its advanced ergonomic features that make it easy to use despite the bulk that it adds to the gear.

To withstand the pressure exerted by a heavy fish on the proximal end of the rod, it has some exceptionally flexible roller guides.

Again, the rods have a combination of fiberglass and graphite that is responsible for the long-term benefits of the Fiblink Saltwater Fishing Trolling Rod 1 Piece/2 Piece Heavy Roller Rod. It is yet another amazing gift option that will be happily accepted by anyone who loves going for deep-sea fishing.


11. SHIMANO TREVALA Spinning Rod


The SHIMANO TREVALA Spinning, Graphite Saltwater Jigging Spinning Rod is an extremely powerful and lightweight rod. It is always difficult to get a fishing rod that matches the requirements of working with deadly jigs. However, this rod made with advanced Japanese technology is the perfect one to do so. You can also use it with high-power reels.

The butt section of this fishing rod is made with superior carbon that makes it durable, such that it withstands a lot of pressure. However, even though the pictures have focused on reducing the weight of this entire unit, the sensitivity of the tip has been increased to help the anglers catch fish with more efficiency.

With a sensitive tip, it allows you to improve your response time which eventually makes it easy for you to complete a catch.

The SHIMANO TREVALA Spinning, Graphite Saltwater Jigging Spinning Rod is a safe option for those anglers who are just starting out in this field. It is easy to lift the rod, and the roller guides reduce the tension in the line, making it simple for you to pull the fish outside water.


Factors To Consider

Many budding anglers are usually intimidated by the variability in the kinds of fishing rods available today. Selecting the most suitable fishing rod from a plethora of options can be overwhelming because there are several factors that one needs to consider to make the right choice.

However, if you overlook any of these factors you might end up buying the wrong fishing rod which affects your fishing success eventually. Some factors that you should keep in mind before finalizing a rod are:

1. Length

The first and one of the most important things that you need to check in a fishing rod is its length. The length of a fishing rod can range between 4 to 14 feet. On this spectrum, you get the close-quarter fishing rods meant for stout fishing, and the long casting poles as well.

While all lengths have their own benefits, the fishing rods that are either very short or extremely long can pose many problems for the anglers.

On the face of it, a longer rod is beneficial because it helps you to cast at a much larger distance. However, these rods are generally unstable and difficult to maneuver inside water. Conversely, even though shorter rods provide an option for better control and maneuvering, there is a very limited area that you can target with these rods.

The rods that have a length lying between these two extremes are beneficial in different conditions. For instance, if you usually fish in seawater using a kayak boat, you do not need to cast your fishing rod very far. So, any fishing rod having a length of about 5 to 7 feet will be best suited for your needs.

If you use topwater walking lures for fishing, you need to cover a larger distance and cast as far as possible. For this, a fishing rod that measures more than 8 feet will make life easy. Swinging these long and bulky rods is difficult but you’ll make a significantly long cast every time.

2. Materials

All the fishing rods that we have mentioned in our review of the best saltwater fishing rods are made with some of the finest materials that not only provide increased durability but also higher sensitivity to the tip of the fishing rod. There are certain videos that are considered superior to the others and are commonly used in making fishing rods. The pros and cons of all these materials are as follows:


Fiberglass is an old raw material used in making fishing rods, and it is still one of the most reliable elements for making fishing accessories. Since they are the easiest to manufacture, the prices of fiberglass rods are usually on the lower side. Moreover, they are quite durable and enduring, hence, the longevity of these rods is quite impressive.

Fiberglass rods are recommended for new and budding and anglers. The only drawback of using a fiberglass rod is that even though they are durable and affordable, the tip-sensitivity of these rods is not very good. So, the angler needs to have a great judgment for pulling the line out of the water.


Until the 1970s, fiberglass rods ruled the market. However, many felt that these rods were too heavy to maneuver inside water. Hence, manufacturers searched for an alternative and started producing fishing rods using graphite. Graphite provides a similar kind of durability but reduces the weight of the rod significantly.

An important parameter that you need to examine before buying a graphite rod is its degree of stiffness. A common misconception is that if the degree of stiffness is high, the weight of the rod will also be more.

However, the degree of stiffness only represents the modulus of the fishing rod, and a higher degree of stiffness means that your rod will ultimately be lighter than others.

Composite Rods

If you require high-quality performance every time you venture into the sea, it might be possible that using either a fiberglass rod or a graphite rod might not be your cup of tea.

To avoid the trade-offs of using either of these two rods, composite rods were manufactured by several premium brands. These rods contain a combination of different materials to enhance the durability, sensitivity, and effectiveness of the rod.

However, the only downside of rods made with composite materials is that these are highly expensive, and not available easily. Many professional anglers who have been involved in fishing for decades now, prefer investing money in these rods, and the composite rods have been an important factor that has helped them in winning many laurels over the years.

Being made with several materials, these rods are very versatile. Hence, you can use a composite rod in any water body to catch different species of fish. Moreover, the frame of the entire rod does not weigh more than 30 pounds. Hence, it is a super lightweight rod. Despite being the most expensive option out there, there is no doubt that composite rods offer the best performance too.

3. Action

Another key factor that influences the performance of a fishing rod directly is its type of action. The action of a fishing rod is defined as the location and degree to which it can bend when you catch a fish.

Fast Action rods are the ones that bend from the lowermost part. This makes these rods extremely sensitive to even the slightest tapping movement of the fish around the bait inside water. However, if a heavy fish is to be pulled out of the water, these fast action rods produce a vibration that gets transmitted very close to the hands of the angler.

Therefore, many anglers complain that fast action fishing rods cause a lot of pain when they pull forcefully. The added sensitivity of the rod makes it more efficient in catching small fish because the angler never misses out on any tapping on the fishing line underwater.

When the fishing rod bends between the grip area and the tip of the line, it is said to have a medium action. Medium action rods are great for versatile hook-setting.

This versatility is primarily because of the slower movement of these rods compared to the fast action rods. Due to slow bending action, these rods provide more time for the fish to bite the bait. Hence, your catch becomes easier with medium action rods.

Slow action rods bend through the entire length, up to the butt. These rods allow long casting and are easy to maneuver. While they put a minimum strain on the angler’s hands, it is very difficult to use hooks with these rods.

Since these rods take a lot of time to bend, owing to the large segment that needs to bend, the hook doesn’t penetrate the mouth of the fish quickly. It gives the fish some time to escape. However, once the hook goes in, you will need to put the minimum effort into pulling it out of the water.

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods – Your pick?

So, in this article, we told you about the best saltwater fishing rods to choose from. Saltwater fishing will not be a cakewalk for you and is extremely difficult compared to freshwater fishing. If you are in an area where the fish are in abundance, your job might be somewhat easier.

However, these fish are very bulky and resist any attack with a lot of might. Thus, choosing a robust fishing rod is very crucial if you want good results, the performance of different saltwater fishing rods depends on multiple features. After examining everything, buy a premium-quality fishing rod, and enjoy your saltwater fishing expeditions.

FAQs on Saltwater Fishing Rods

Q1. What Is The Difference Between Saltwater Fishing Rods And Freshwater Fishing Rods?

As the name suggests, the main difference between saltwater and freshwater is the salt solute particles. To prevent salt from corroding the surface of the fishing rods, saltwater fishing rods are made exclusively with corrosion-resistant materials.

However, it does not mean that one cannot use saltwater fishing rods in freshwater areas or the other-way-round. Using freshwater fishing rods in saltwater should always be followed by vigorous drying and removal of salt crystals.

Q2. How Do I Choose A Rod And Reel For Saltwater Fishing?

 As discussed before, the selection of a rod should be based on several factors. Personal liking should be given due importance in selecting both rods and reels. In general, a fast action rod having a light crank power works well for almost all kinds of users.

The size should be right for your usage pattern and ability to maneuver a rod in the water. Reels should match the size of the rod, otherwise, they will be difficult for you to use.

Q3. What Pound Test Line Do I Need For Saltwater Fishing?

Many anglers prefer using long fishing rods in seawater. While these rods can sometimes be difficult to manage, they automatically help you in covering a larger area as the casting range is quite wide.

If you use a saltwater spinning reel with such rods, the size of the reel should be large enough to match that of the rod. Both these features make it inevitable for an angler to use test lines weighing at least 20 to 25-pounds for the best results.

Q4. What Color Braided Line Is Best For Saltwater Fishing?

The color of the fishing line is important for deceiving the fish as it decides how well the line will camouflage in a given setting. Green-colored lines are considered the best for saltwater fishing. Saltwater is usually inhabited by algae and has a thick vegetation cover.

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