Best Mono Fishing Lines 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. ANGRYFISH2. Stren High Impact3. Berkley Trilene 
ANGRYFISH Speckle Monofilament Fishing Line Best Mono Fishing LinesStren High Impact Monofilament Fishing LineBerkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line
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Monofilament fishing lines are an essential and cost-effective fishing line used by beginners and professionals alike. Their versatility makes them a go-to preference for saltwater and freshwater anglers. Any experienced angler will prefer a monofilament fishing line over other types of fishing lines because of their many benefits.

If you are on the lookout for the best mono fishing line for your next angling trip but don’t know how to choose one, you will find some suitable options in this guide. It also enlists some tips and tricks that will help you decide better and get the best among the rest, according to your preference.

Top 15 Best Mono Fishing Lines 2021

1. ANGRYFISH Speckle Monofilament Fishing Line

ANGRYFISH Speckle Monofilament Fishing Line Best Mono Fishing Lines

When it comes to overall performance, this mono fishing line will impress anyone. It is superior in terms of quality, strength and all other factors. You can rely on it to deal with a big target without snapping. There are numerous benefits of using this monofilament fishing line in saltwater or freshwater.

It remains very steady, has very high sensitivity and no stretch at all, which will help you increase your catch ratio. The zero stretch or low memory of this line helps the angler take better control and avoid unnecessary wind knots. It will not coil into a tangled mess on its own.

Since this fishing line is water-soluble, it merges with the color of the water. You will never miss a big target while using this fishing line. It will lure your target in a foolproof way, and the knot strength will not let it get away.

This fishing line has a smaller diameter as compared to others. So, your reel will be able to accommodate more of this line. Its size will also make it virtually invisible under the water. The abrasion-resistance of this fishing line is great, and it is durable enough to withstand sudden shocks and rubbing against any harsh surfaces. It is also very affordable and, therefore, a must-have. The strength of this line will enable you to fish on-shore or off-shore with equal confidence.

Overall, the perks of using this fishing line are many, and it won’t be an overstatement to call it the best mono fishing line on the market.


2. Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line

Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line

Stren is an established and trusted brand when it comes to monofilament lines. It is a good first choice for beginners. This particular monofilament line is a low-visibility, shock-resistant, high-impact fishing line. It is also lightweight and very affordable. It is suitable for use in saltwater because of its strength and durability.

Since it is a clear line, it will be difficult for targets to see it underwater, and this will help trick your target. It is suitable for trapping hard-hitting and fast targets. When it comes to its size and weight, it is appropriately light and small. At the same time, it doesn’t compromise on its strength.

It comes off the spool without coiling much, unlike other lightweight monofilament lines, and is fairly easy to handle. Some customer reviews about this line suggest that it has too much line memory that can make it coil badly at times if you don’t tackle it with care.

Another flaw about this line is that it is not entirely reliable for targeting heavy species. This is because it is made up of plastic and is less durable than many other monofilament lines.

You should only buy this line if you are fairly new at angling and prefer lightweight targets. It can disappoint at handling serious targets because of its size, weight, and overall quality.


3. Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line

Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line

This clear monofilament fishing line offers a smooth casting. It is very manageable and will not form knots or twists by itself. It is very durable, and the texture of this line is also very smooth. Its strength gives the user more confidence and control over it. The brand is trustable for its quality and is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Moreover, the line can be used in a versatile manner. The dimensions of this line make it sleek and lightweight, and hence, easy to use. It is 0.016 in diameter and is 0.41mm thick. It can be used with a variety of baits and can be used to apply different techniques. It gives the user optimum control. The sensitive design of the line makes it easier to feel the structure of the target. With this mono fishing line by Berkley, you will be able to successfully lure your targets with maximum ease.


4. KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line

KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line

This mono fishing line by the award-winning brand, KastKing, has an incredible tensile strength of 0.80lbs. It is a clear fishing line with excellent abrasion-resistance power and superior knot strength. The fishing line has an incredible line sensitivity. KastKing is already a well-known name, and hence, this is a reliable choice of monofilament line.

It has shallow memory and is made with high-density nylon, which remains very soft and flexible even in harsh saltwater. It is a strong line with more reel capacity. It resists abrasion well, too, and will not snap into two upon coming across a harsh surface. It is the best mono fishing line that remains tangle-free and is easy to handle. It comes in a protective wrap package that helps it last longer.

It has zero elasticity, and it doesn’t bend or twist at all. This could be a little problematic for people who expect at least a little stretch in their fishing lines. However, this also means that the line has a good casting power. It can be cast long into the water and has good sensitivity. It won’t vibrate on its own unnecessarily. This might be the preference of some anglers, while others might loathe it.

It is also very durable and will last long, even in saltwater. This is a good option when it comes to monofilament fishing lines, but it is costly too. However, if you enjoy fishing with a mono fishing line and are looking for a professional-grade line, this will make for a good investment.


5. RUNCL PowerMono Monofilament Fishing Line

RUNCL PowerMono Monofilament Fishing Line

This high-visibility monofilament fishing line by RUNCL comes in a gold color and will help people who struggle with weak vision. You can choose the size of the fishing line, and it is available as a pack of 300/500/1000 yards. It can weigh between 3-35lbs. This fishing line is incredibly strong for a monofilament line. The overall quality is also impressive in terms of strength, visibility, and shock-resistance.

It is better than a braided or fluorocarbon fishing line in terms of knot strength and can be tied into a reliable knot without breakage or slipping.

This line is also a great shock-absorber and withstands aggressive strikes. It allows stretch to a certain degree, enough to deal with sudden shocks. It also helps in delivering solid hooksets by keeping the hook in place when the fish target tries to resist the trap.

It also provides maximum castability because of its abrasion-resistance.

The PowerMono fishing line is ideal for topwater baits as it has neutral buoyancy and suspends in the water. This feature also makes it different from regular monolines.

It is an affordable and reliable product that you should add to your fishing kit.


6. SpiderWire Monofilament Fishing Line

SpiderWire Monofilament Fishing Line

This is a copolymer monofilament line, known for its superior strength. It is around 33% stronger than other mono fishing lines. It is clear and is ideal for baitcasting reels. It has a higher line capacity because of its thin diameter.

It is highly sensitive and will help you never miss a target. The enhanced sensitivity also comes from the superb elasticity of this line. With a good hook setting power, it can be relied on. The knot-strength and shock-resistance are also brilliant.

On the flip side, it can be difficult to handle this line because it is extremely light in weight. It can get tangled and come off from the spool pretty easily. This is a high memory line, and this can cause trouble as well.

This resilient fishing line comes at an affordable price. It is suitable for use in various fishing strategies and will not break due to its impressive strength.


7. SeaKnight Monofilament Fishing Line

SeaKnight Monofilament Fishing Line

This monofilament fishing line by SeaKnight is made using Japanese material. It is made with a unique anti-abrasion formula that makes it high in strength. The high-density nylon resists breakage and is reliable for dealing with heavy targets. The knot strength of this fishing line is good enough to endure intense pull without breaking. Once secured into a knot, it won’t open or break from anywhere in between.

Its abrasion-resisting power makes it deal with blunt and sharp objects and surfaces in the water effortlessly. The nylon line can twist, but its degree is lesser than other nylon lines.

The ductility and elasticity of the line are also low, and this helps to resist any debris or unnecessary material underwater. It is better suited for longer casting because of its thin diameter. The handling and durability of this line are also good.

This is a professional-grade monofilament line, suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use. It is available as a 500/1000m pack. This line is a little expensive when compared to other brands, but the price is justified because it is imported.


8. Yo-Zuri Hybrid Monofilament Fishing Line

Yo-Zuri Hybrid Monofilament Fishing Line

This clear monofilament line is made up of a mix of nylon and fluorocarbon for extra resilience. It is dense and sensitive underwater, which could be both a good and a bad thing.

The problematic aspect of this mono line is its knot-strength. This monofilament line is prone to knot failure because of the added fluorocarbon in it. The fluorocarbon also causes low memory and stiffness in the fishing line.

Because of the poor casting, bad knot strength, this fishing line is not worth investing in. It is durable and advertises maximum knot-strength but only when compared to other hybrid monofilament fishing lines.

Its abrasion-resistance and strength make it appear like a good option, and it is certainly cost-effective. However, you can also find similar fishing lines at an even lower price than this one.


9. Sufix Siege Monofilament Fishing Line

Sufix Siege Monofilament Fishing

This Sufix Siege monofilament line comes in a bright neon tangerine color. It is very smooth and supple but very precise in performance. This high visibility fishing line will make it easier to fish during low light. However, since the line is not completely fluorescent in color, it will not be suitable for night anglers.

The line is also easy to handle and can also be cast easily. Since it is light and flexible, it is easy to knot too. In terms of abrasion-resistance, this fishing line does 15 times better than other mono fishing lines. It is very light and can tangle easily.

The memory of this fishing line is very low, which is also a good factor. It is fairly affordable and gives a good value for its price.


10. Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line

Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line

Stren is the affordable and go-to choice for monofilament fishing lines. This clear line resists UV rays and is superior in terms of strength and performance. The tensile strength is superb and it can be tied into reliable knots to target big goals. It resists abrasion well, and will not get cut easily.

It has low memory for easy casting. It can be handled well by beginners as well. This particular pack is a 330 yards, 10lb fishing line. This line will retain its strength well after prolonged use and multiple catches. This is a durable product that is built to last.

It is suitable for use in any fishing situation in saltwater as well as freshwater. The UV Guard on this line also extends its life. One small affordable investment in this mono fishing line will reap good results.


11. Momoi Diamond Monofilament Line

Momoi Diamond Monofilament Line

This is not the best mono fishing line that you can get for the price. The diameter of this line is 0.40mm, which is quite thin for a monofilament line. It has undergone a 16lb test too, and matches the strength of a KastKing fishing line. However, the major flip to this fishing line is its price. For a quality that matches with other industry brands, this one charges a ridiculous amount. In terms of overall performance and quality, it impresses but is not a good choice when it comes to pricing.

It is a transparent fishing line that will merge well within the water and will lure fishes onto it. There are a number of benefits that this fishing line has over other mono fishing lines, but its performance is nothing out of the ordinary.

If you don’t mind spending on an overpriced fishing line, you can go ahead and invest in this mono line. However, if you want to make a smart decision, do not buy this line as you can easily get alternatives that match this exact quality.


12. McCoy Premium Monofilament Fishing Line

McCoy Premium Monofilament Fishing Line

This is an abrasion-resistant, hybrid fishing line. It has good tensile strength and can face tremendous pressure and resist sudden stress without breaking apart. The fishing line is made up of a blend of nylon resin and goes through a Pensile Saturation Process. The result is a fishing line with no memory, and this enables longer casts.

It doesn’t absorb water and is durable too. It also stays coil-free and won’t tangle on its own if treated carefully. Overall, this is a good fishing line that is easy to handle and performs well. It is not the best mono fishing line, but as compared to others, it does well in terms of performance in all kinds of situations.


13. Skysper Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

Skysper Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

This is a multi-purpose, resilient fishing line. It measures 1000 meters and has a low line diameter. It is made with a special Japanese nylon line, which makes it durable and strong. It resists abrasion and can deal with hitting obstacles underwater. It won’t break or fall apart.

With low ductility, this line won’t vibrate unnecessarily. It is not very elastic so it won’t let you lose your catch either. This line can be used in freshwater or saltwater. Another special thing about it is that it never freezes and is thus suitable for ice fishing as well.

Apart from using it as a fishing line, it can also be used as a decorative fishing line for crafts and decor, stringing beads, etc.


14. Saplize Monofilament Fishing Line

Saplize Monofilament Fishing Line

This is clear nylon and fluorocarbon monofilament fishing line that effectively resists abrasion and tears, and has an amazing knot strength. It has got the best of both fluorocarbon and monofilament lines and is a good choice for people who want a line for topwater fishing.

The memory and stretch in this line are much lower than a regular monofilament line. At the same time, it has more shock-absorbing power than a regular fluorocarbon fishing line.

This fishing line appears almost invisible underwater. It is very light in weight and makes smooth casting possible. The nylon material that it is made with has a great inner core strength and is coated with special nanotechnology.


15. Wode Shop Monofilament Fishing Line

Wode Shop Monofilament Fishing Line

This transparent fishing line is made with nylon and fluorocarbon and gives the best of both. It is more durable than others and is strong enough to pass a 16lb test. This strength is very impressive for a monofilament fishing line. It means that this line is ideal for catching big targets.

In terms of flexibility and strength, you can expect the best from this fishing line. With this durable mono line, you can rest assured that it will not break in between and make you lose your target.

It resists abrasion well and will stand strong against surfaces that tend to harm fishing lines underwater. It is ideal for freshwater fishing and other activities. Wode Shop is not a big name as compared to Stren or Berkley but its quality matches those two big names.

With all these features and overall strength, it can be called the best mono fishing line. It is very affordable and can be used for handicrafts as well. This is a good option for people who have a tight budget but still want to invest in a good and reliable fishing line.


Factors To Consider Before Buying A Monofilament Fishing Line

1. Line Strength

Every angler wants to avoid a line break. One easy way of avoiding line breaks, if you are not an expert dragger, is by choosing a strong enough fishing line. Since monolines are generally made out of nylon, it can only hold a certain amount of weight before snapping. They are best suited for catching lightweight and small fishes.

Brands mention the strength of their fishing lines on the product itself. Make sure to check it before buying to avoid any bad fishing trips. Correct posture and skill are also some factors that determine the strength of the line.

You can also do a pound test wherein you match the weight of your desired fish species to the line strength. This is an important factor that you cannot neglect if you want the best mono fishing line.

2. Elasticity

With a monofilament fishing line, the lower the elasticity, the better. However, sometimes with a big catch, the elasticity of some nylon polymer monofilament lines can help to keep the target trapped. Nylon polymers can stretch up to 25% when a target stretches it and retains their shape later.

The exact stretch and elasticity also depend from brand to brand. The preference of the elasticity depends upon the angler too. Some of them prefer more stretch because of their fishing style and weight of the fish, while others prefer low stretch.

However, more stretching can mean more shock-absorbency if the overall strength of the line is good. The elasticity can act as a shock absorber and prevent stress on the fishing line, thereby preventing it from breaking and losing the target as well. This is why monofilament lines are so widely used for topwater fishing to trap fast-moving species too.

As compared to the low elasticity in braided fishing lines, a moderately high elastic monofilament fishing line sustains the aggressive shock. Since monofilament lines have high knot strength, they provide an extra cushion and keep the fishing hooks right in place.

3. Visibility

Visibility is another important factor to consider while looking for the best monofilament fishing line. The visibility of the line plays a role in determining whether the target will get trapped or not. Monofilament lines are made up of nylon, which is very easy to dye. So, monofilament lines come in various colors like blue, green, fluorescent orange, and yellow. It also comes in a clear form.

When the line is suspended under the water, it should merge well with the color of the water. This increases the chances of fooling and trapping the target. On the other hand, bright fluorescent colors help night anglers keep their fishing line well in their sight in the water. There are also some lines that glow in the backlight. This can have its own benefits for easy handling during nighttime.

Nylon monofilament lines can have low visibility as a fluorocarbon line, and it is much more affordable than the latter. It can be concluded that these lines clearly have a benefit over other fishing lines when it comes to visibility. It makes the overall handling under different situations much easier.

When To Use Monofilament Fishing Lines?

Monofilament fishing lines can be used in various circumstances. The most popular uses of which are listed below:

1. Topwater Fishing

A popular use for monofilament fishing lines is during topwater fishing. Its buoyancy is neutral, and hence, a monoline neither sinks nor floats on the water.

This makes them ideal for targeting topwater fishes. It also has impressive strength and shock-resisting power. It can endure fast targets, sudden shocks and resist aggressive movement. It will trap the target and keep it in place.

2. Casting Distance

When we need a fishing line to work on a longer casting distance, a monofilament fishing line can be a good choice. It goes the distance on the water well and is known for resisting any extra movement.

You can compare a mono fishing line to a fluorocarbon line. In fact, a little benefit that a monoline has over a fluorocarbon line is greater abrasion-resistance. It works better than a braided line in terms of casting distance too.

If you are looking for a line that avoids maximum abrasion and can be cast to a distance, you should go for a mono line. However, the performance can differ from brand to brand.

3. Affordability

A mono fishing line is extremely affordable when compared to the others. If you spent your budget already on other premium fishing gear and have very little to spare on the fishing line, your go-to option should be a mono line. Nylon monofilament is a cheap but effective product, and it does the job as well as an expensive fluorocarbon or braided line.

4. Maximum Strength

A monofilament line might appear frail but can hold great strength. It is a little elastic in nature and hence, a good choice when it comes to shock-resisting fishing lines. If you still don’t fully trust the strength of monolines, you can buy copolymer fishing lines that have more strength than a regular mono fishing line.

Best Mono Fishing Lines – Conclusion

This was all about monofilament fishing lines. Finding the best mono fishing line can be a challenge when there are so many options to choose from. However, when you know what exactly you need, narrowing your options down to your preference can be easier.

After going through this comprehensive guide, we hope that you now have a better idea about what to look for in a monofilament fishing line. List down your preferences and expectations, match them with those mentioned in this guide and choose the best from the mentioned products above.

FAQs on Mono Fishing Lines 

Q1. How Long Will Mono Fishing Line Last?

A monofilament fishing line is not as durable as a braided or fluorocarbon line but has its own benefits over them. The lifeline of a monofilament fishing line is still not bad. On average, a monoline lasts anywhere between two to three years. The lifespan also depends on certain factors like weather, storage, and usage.

Q2. What Is Monofilament Fishing Line Good For?

A monofilament fishing line can be used for multiple purposes and in multiple situations. It can be used as a filler line for backing fishing reels along with other types of fishing lines.

On the other hand, it can also be used to fish topwater lures as it is neutrally buoyant in nature. A mono fishing line neither sinks nor entirely floats on the surface of the water and hence, can be a great tool in targeting big or fast-moving fishes.

Q3. What Is The Best Monofilament Fishing Line For Saltwater Fishing?

A mono fishing line might not be the best choice for saltwater fishing, but certain brands make monolines that work well within saltwater. A copolymer monofilament line with a mix of fluorocarbons in it will be more suitable for fishing in saltwater, as it is more sturdy.

Q4. Does The Color Of A Monofilament Fishing Line Matter?

Yes, the color of a fishing line matters. A vibrant, fluorescent fishing line will help night anglers. On the other hand, a clear fishing line that blends with the water will attract more targets. The color of the mono fishing line determines its visibility underwater, which is important when it comes to luring the targets.

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