Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

Hog Hunting Lights – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison

These few sentences will provide you with some insight into how to obtain the best hog hunting light in 2020, if you aren’t sure where to begin. According to our research, which was based on customer reviews, sales figures, and social media comments, the Kill Light XLR250 is the number one item you should consider purchasing. This tactical flashlight is simple to install on the scope of your weapon, allowing you to target your prey with the greatest amount of efficiency. In order to accommodate different lighting conditions, the brightness level can be adjusted to three different levels depending on the situation. The flashlight’s body is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it both durable and lightweight while also allowing it to operate in harsh environments without difficulty. Alternatively, if the Kill Light XLR250 is out of stock, the Orion Predator H30, which is almost as good, is the next best alternative.

Comparison tableBest Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

1.Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250 Gun Mounted Hunting Light, Green, Triple Mode, On/Off Switch2.ORION H30-G Green Predator Premium 273 Yards Rechargeable Hog Hunting Light with Scope Mount, Rail Mount, Barrel Mount, Remote Pressure Switch & Charger Kit

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

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5 Best Hog Hunting Lights (Reviews) in 2021

Do you need a good hog hunting light, but you’re not sure where to begin looking for one? In this section, you will find a short list of models that are currently held in high regard by hunters of all skill levels. No matter which model you choose, you will not be disappointed.

1. Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250 Gun Mounted Hunting 

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

When it comes to putting together a hunting system that is best suited for stalking prey at night, a flashlight is the first thing that comes to mind. Even better, one that can be mounted on your hunting scope for maximum usability and visibility is a good option to consider. This particular model will appeal to the nocturnal hunter in you, and it will provide you with the means to never miss another opportunity to take a shot.

Aluminum is used to construct the flashlight, which makes it extremely durable. Hunting conditions are notoriously difficult to predict, so investing in a tactical flashlight with an impact-resistant casing is always a good idea in these situations. Using a true color LED ensures that the beam of light you project will be clean and focused, allowing you to see clearly in any situation.

When it comes to visibility, the flashlight is capable of illuminating areas up to 250 yards away from you, with the ability to extend that distance up to 500 yards when necessary. Because the device operates on rechargeable batteries, you can rest assured that you are making a wise investment because you will not be required to spend additional money on batteries.

The model is equipped with three different brightness settings. In addition to the scope mount and the barrel mount kit, it is sold as part of a package deal with other accessories. There is also a car adapter included, which allows you to recharge your tactical flashlight using the battery in your vehicle’s engine.


You will be able to illuminate a 250-yard area in front of you, with the ability to expand that area to 500 yards if necessary.

There are three different brightness levels to choose from, allowing you to customize the illumination as you see fit while on the go.

As a result of the inclusion of both a scope mount and a barrel mount, this light provides increased versatility for any hunter and their hunting equipment of preference.

Due to the fact that it works with rechargeable batteries, it will allow you to save money in the long run; additionally, because it comes with a car adapter, it can be recharged from your vehicle’s battery.

While hunting in the dark, it makes use of true color LED technology to ensure that you get a clear focused beam for the best visibility possible.


This means that you should set up your shooting configuration before going out into the field because the rifle mount switch is quite loud.


2. Orion H30-G Green Predator Premium 273 Yards Rechargeable 

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

It is ideal for use when hunting varmints at night with this hunting light. The Orion Predator H30 will increase your chances of success whether you are hunting coyotes, hogs, or any other wild animals. A hunting binocular with a rangefinder may be useful during the day, but a tactical light, such as this one, can be extremely useful during the night.

This model is particularly useful when hunting hogs because it is capable of projecting a focused beam of light that can be seen from a distance of 273 yards away. The green beam is delivered by the most recent generation of LED lights, which were specifically chosen by the manufacturer for use on this device.

Depending on the brightness level, a single battery charge can last for several hours; at the lowest brightness setting, which is 6 lumens, the battery can last for up to 120 hours, while at the highest brightness setting, which is 300 lumens, the battery can work for up to 4 hours nonstop.

When you purchase this product, you will receive exactly what you paid for as well as an additional bonus. The manufacturer includes a rail mount kit, as well as a scope mounting kit and a barrel mounting kit. The flashlight is made to be waterproof and shock resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.


The concentrated light beam produced by this model can illuminate a target up to 273 yards in front of you, allowing you to quickly identify and take down varmints in the field.

The model uses green light, which is the most effective color for hog hunting; it should be noted that the manufacturer is using the most up-to-date generation of LED technology in the production of the model.

Different brightness levels provide you with a wide range of options, and you will be pleased to know that on lower brightness levels, the batteries can last for an extended period of time, even up to 120 hours on a 6-lumen setting.

This model is equipped with a variety of mounts, including a scope mount, a rifle mount, and a barrel mount, allowing you to create any configuration you desire with it.

It should be noted that this flashlight is shock resistant as well as water resistant.


Removing the flashlight from a scope will necessitate the use of additional tools, which can be inconvenient if you are trying to complete the task while out in the field.


3. Orion M30C 377 Yards 700 Lumen Red Long Range LED Hog 


Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)


When varmint hunting, you must ensure that you have excellent visibility in order to be successful. Due to the fact that these animals are nocturnal, you should carry a tactical flashlight with you at all times. With a maximum power of 700 lumens, this model is brighter than you might expect from a product in this price range. This model can be mounted on a rail, scope, or barrel, and it can be used with any firearm.

You will have no trouble identifying varmint in the dark thanks to the red light emitted by the flashlight. Because of its high power output, this flashlight has the ability to illuminate areas up to 377 yards away. The model’s brightness can be adjusted to three different levels, allowing you to scout the area, spot the prey you want to hunt, and aim with the greatest amount of precision possible.

You’ll appreciate having the rifle mounting kit that comes with your purchase because you’ll most likely want to be able to keep both hands on your gun while hunting down hogs and other varmint animals. In addition, you will receive a rechargeable battery kit that includes two sets of batteries as well as a smart charger that allows you to recharge your flashlight using the battery in your vehicle.

The model is available in two colors: red and green, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The light that is delivered is extremely powerful, and it will assist you in quickly eliminating pesky varmints.


With a maximum brightness level of 700 lumens, this low-cost light for hog hunting provides excellent value for the money spent.

As a result of the powerful light, you can illuminate areas up to 377 yards, which is quite convenient when approaching varmints without the wild animals becoming aware of your presence.

With your purchase, you will receive a rifle mount, which will allow you to hold your weapon with both hands while the flashlight illuminates the areas where you suspect the varmint is hiding.

Another extra that is available in conjunction with the flashlight is a rechargeable battery set, which includes a vehicle charger, allowing you to recharge your flashlight whenever you need to at any time.

There are two light colors to choose from: green and red. Both of these light colors are effective at detecting varmints in the dark.


When you mount this flashlight on your rifle, the large front lens may become a problem due to its size. Some purchasers have reported that the flashlight ends up rubbing against their weapon after purchase.


4. Comunite Portable Green Light 501B XM-L T6

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

The green light produced by this flashlight has a high power output of up to 600 lumens, so you can rest assured that you will not become disoriented in the middle of the night while attempting to take down hogs or other wild animals in your area. The LED’s high power is complemented by its long life span; this light can operate continuously for 100,000 hours without failing.

You’ll appreciate how well-equipped this flashlight is for hunting. Its construction ensures that you will be able to use it in the most adverse conditions without experiencing any problems. Suspension and rain will have no effect on the body because it is slip resistant and waterproof.

Because of its high portability, this model is ideal for any and all of your hunting excursions. The body is constructed of 6061T aluminum, which ensures that it is both strong and light in comparison to other materials. Remember to pack a pair of hunting boots for cold weather if the forecast calls for stormy weather, as well as this excellent flashlight, and you’ll be all set for your hunting expedition!

The green flashlight is equipped with a rechargeable battery as well as a charger, ensuring that you will never be without adequate illumination when out hunting. A gun mount is also included, so you can use this hunting light in a quick and convenient manner.


In the dark, you can be confident that the varmint will have no chance against you because of the 600 lumens of maximum light output provided by this model.

As a result of its waterproof and shock-resistant design, you can take this flashlight on hunting trips in any weather condition.

Because the flashlight’s body is made of aluminum, it is both lightweight and portable; when you mount the flashlight on your weapon, you will not have to strain your hands to support the additional weight of the flashlight.

You will receive a rechargeable battery as well as a charger, which will allow you to save money in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase additional batteries.

When hunting in the dark, the green light will make it much easier to spot hogs.


Be aware that this is a low-cost entry-level model and that it will not be able to replace the need for a tactical light for military and law enforcement purposes.


5. Ulako Green Light 300 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable 

Best Hog Hunting Lights (Must Read Reviews)

This hunting light is ideal for assisting you when you are out hunting for varmints, such as hogs and coyotes, among other things. Depending on what you need it for, you can choose between two different settings: one that works like a spotlight and another that provides the same benefits as a floodlight, depending on your needs.

This light stands out from the rest of the lights for hunting for sale because of a few features that it provides to the user. For example, it has the capability of illuminating areas up to 300 yards away from you and can be mounted on a rifle with incredible ease and speed.

The overall construction of this hunting light speaks volumes about its high quality and long-lasting performance. Because of the flashlight’s durable aluminum alloy body, it is also equipped with O-rings, which ensure that the device is impervious to shocks and water when used in extreme conditions.

The flashlight is available in the color green, which is considered to be particularly effective for nighttime hunting. Additionally, you will receive other necessary extras, such as a quick release mount, rechargeable battery, and a charger in addition to the item itself. In addition, the remote pressure switch is extremely convenient. This flashlight can be mounted on your rifle or on your scope with relative simplicity.


This light can be used in two different modes, depending on your requirements: as a spotlight or as a floodlight, respectively.

When fully charged, the flashlight has enough power to illuminate a distance of up to 300 yards from your position.

One of its most important advantages is the solid construction; the body is made of aluminum, making it both lightweight and durable. Another advantage is the low price.

Because of the O-ring seals on this flashlight, water will not be able to enter the device, allowing you to use it even in inclement weather, which is something to keep in mind when planning your next hunting trip.

With your purchase, you will also receive a quick release mount as well as a charger for the rechargeable battery, ensuring that you never have to be without your light due to a lack of battery charge.


Although some buyers reported receiving no instructions with their purchases, they did not find it difficult to figure out how the product worked and did not consider this a significant enough reason to deduct a star from their ratings.


Buying guide

A number of considerations must be made when shopping for a hunting light, including the amount of light produced and how portable the light will be. However, if you want to do justice to the hunting equipment that you are willing to bring along, you should consider the impact that the type of prey you are after will have on your selection of various pieces of clothing and equipment.

Having read numerous hog hunting lights reviews, we gained a better understanding of what it takes to have a reliable flashlight for tracking down such varmints, and we are happy to share our findings with you.

Green light

You may be tempted to believe that any type of light will suffice when dealing with hogs, but this is not necessarily the case, as explained below. Of course, no one can prevent you from attempting it, but the less-than-optimal results that you will likely obtain may not be satisfactory in the end.

The first thing you should keep in mind when shopping for a hunting light that is primarily intended for hog hunting is that you do not want to experience the usual frustration that comes with allowing prey to escape through your fingers.

Because these animals are known to be unable to see the color green, the color of your light should be that of the color green. If you use a white hunting flashlight, the hogs will be able to detect the illumination coming from the flashlight and will flee before you have a chance to take aim and shoot them.

You will notice that many of the hunting lights available on the market that are designed for varmint hunting, including hog hunting, are green in color. It is also important to consider the quality of the LED lights used, as you will not want to waste your money on a substandard product that will not be able to deliver what was promised.


Speaking of quality, here is another tip you can use to get the most out of your hog hunting flashlight shopping experience: shop for a flashlight that is made specifically for hog hunting. Choose one that has a range of at least 250-300 yards and can illuminate a large area. You will notice that the power output the light is capable of delivering is inversely proportional to the distance it is capable of covering.

Lumens are used to measure the power output of this type of lighting system. The more lumens a hunting light can produce, the better, but for varmint hunting, you may not need to be able to see for long distances. Aim for a model that has enough power to travel long distances, as demonstrated earlier, but avoid going overboard, or you may find yourself spending more money than you intended.

A wide selection is indicative of high-quality and reliable performance. Remember that you must keep a reasonable distance between yourself and your prey in order to avoid being detected, as well as to be able to aim and shoot with the greatest precision. When looking for a hunting GPS, you should look for quality, and when looking for a hunting light, you should look for quality, as well.


When hunting, you must make certain that you will be able to take down the prey with the greatest amount of efficiency possible. Precision and accuracy are more important than anything else when dealing with varmints, and this is especially true when dealing with small game. People want to get rid of varmints not so much for the sake of hunting as a recreational activity as they do out of a sense of necessity to get rid of pesky creatures from the area.

As a result, it is highly recommended that you choose a model that can be attached to your firearm. Different mounting options are available, including rail mounting systems, barrel mounting systems, and scope mounting systems. The best recommendation that can be made is to purchase a model that includes such kits as standard equipment.

Even a reasonably priced hunting light can become prohibitively expensive if you are required to purchase additional accessories and kits. Fortunately, some manufacturers provide such conveniences at a price that is more than reasonable. Choose a model that includes such kits as part of the purchase price, and you will not have to worry about compatibility issues or anything else.

Rechargeable batteries

Do you want your hunting light to be as portable as it possibly can be? Then you should look for a model that has rechargeable batteries built into it. There are a few things to consider in this situation. In order to ensure that your light comes with a charger, for example, you must check the packaging.

You can rest assured that you will be well prepared for hunting at night if you do it this way. Check your equipment, make sure you have the right type of clothing, such as a tactical vest, and don’t forget to bring a suitable hunting light for taking down pigs. You can rest assured that no varmint will stand a chance against you if you follow these instructions.