Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Best Scabbard Backpacks. Comparison & Buying Guide

If you’re short on time but determined to find the best scabbard backpack, this brief paragraph will point you in the direction of the product that you require. Following a thorough investigation in which we looked at numerous reviews, surveys, and specialized reports, we’ve come to the conclusion that the NcStar VISM Tactical Rifle Scabbard is the model you should consider purchasing. It can be carried over the shoulder, in the hand using the carry handle, or mounted to MOLLE compatible gear thanks to the model’s versatile design. It is large enough to accommodate the majority of rifles and carbines, as well as their scopes and optics (if applicable). There is plenty of padding around the entire scabbard, which will aid in keeping your gun safe while in transit. If our first model is temporarily out of stock, we recommend that you take the time to consider the NcSTAR VISM as an alternative.

Comparison table

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)


Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

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10 Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Reviews) in 2021

If, after conducting your research, you are still having difficulty identifying a suitable scabbard backpack, our list of the best-rated goods is here to assist you. These goods have received a lot of positive feedback, and we’ve chosen just the ones that have a multi-purpose design in order to provide you with the best value for your money.

1. NcStar VISM Tactical Rifle Scabbard 

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

The primary goal of this type is to provide hunters with a simple, comfortable, and safe way to carry and protect their rifles while out in the field. Because of the thick layer of padding all around the scabbard, the rifle will not be damaged by scrapes or other minor incidents.

Because the device is designed to suit most rifles and carbines, including those with a carry handle or optics connected to receiver rails, you won’t have any problems getting your firearm inside the unit. Although the scabbard is 9.5″ wide, its length may be adjusted between 22″ and 29″.

This variant also provides the wearer with the flexibility to carry the unit in the manner that is most comfortable for him or her. To transport it over long distances, you may wear it over your shoulder; to transport it over short distances, you can use the carry handle; and to attach it to suitable gear, you can use the six D-ring spots.


You can remove the retention strap, which features a quick-release buckle, to gain quick access to your weapon without having to waste any time at all.

The webbing on both sides of the scabbard is equipped with four detachable PALS straps, which are designed to allow for ambidextrous use of the weapon.

This type is available in four distinct colors that are both fashionable and functional, allowing you to select the one that will look the best on you while still blending in with the surrounding environment.

This means that the scabbard will comfortably fit hunters of different sizes and ages because the strap is adjustable.


However, while the unit can accommodate the majority of rifles and their scope, any attachments that protrude from the sides, such as lights, would need to be forced into the box.

There is only one main compartment, and there are no pockets for storing additional equipment or belongings.


2. NC Star VISM Tactical Shotgun Scabbard

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

The NcSTAR shotgun holder is intended to provide a comfortable, simple, and secure solution to carry your hunting shotgun over your shoulder while out hunting. This way, you’ll be able to keep your gun within reach at all times, and if a target comes into your line of sight, you’ll be able to draw your shotgun without having to remove your bag from your shoulders.

On both sides of the body, the unit is outfitted with MOLLE webbing, and it has four removable PAL straps that will allow for ambidextrous use as well as a variety of mounting configuration options. The NcSTAR option is also quite comfortable, and you will find yourself forgetting that you are even wearing a backpack on a regular basis. The adjustable strap will also make it easier than ever to get the perfect fit for you.

The six metal D-rings are strategically arranged to allow you to attach the cushioned shoulder sling to the padded shoulder strap. This will provide you with a variety of carrying choices as well as a versatile mounting system. The retention strap may be adjusted, and if you ever need to remove the backpack quickly, you can do so by releasing the quick release buckle on the backpack.

The scabbard is extensible to four locations, allowing for varying barrel lengths to be accommodated, ensuring that this item can accommodate a variety of firearms.


3. Eberlestock Phantom Pack

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Because of its highly sturdy structure, vast storage capacity, and versatility, the Eberlestock G3 Phantom is a premium alternative that stands out from the crowd. It boasts a 1000 denier nylon structure that is intended to be extremely durable, and it even includes a G1RC rain cover that can be pulled out to assure the safety of the contents in humid circumstances.

Regarding storage, if you want a solution that can fit both your rifle and any additional equipment that you might require, this choice is definitely worth taking into consideration. In addition to the main compartment, the contents of the bag are lined with a variety of tuck-pockets. It is also capable of transporting two 3-liter hydration kits.

If you ever wish to use this backpack for hiking, camping, or fishing, a fold-down shelf can be utilized to separate the main compartment into two compartments, which is quite convenient. The quantity of storage space it provides will be more than adequate for storing your heavy-duty fishing waders as well as any other fishing or trekking supplies you may have.

Customers also appreciate this option because of the level of comfort it provides. Despite the fact that it is fully loaded with equipment, food, and clothing, it never feels like you are carrying a significant amount of weight. When you’re out hunting, camping, or seeking for a new fishing spot, this is a feature that will help you stay more productive for longer periods of time.


4. Condor Shotgun Scabbard Olive Drab

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

When you first discover about this scabbard, the first thing that will convince you that it is a wonderful choice is the fact that it has a diverse design. Whether you want to carry it on your shoulder or use it for modular mounting, this model is suited for any occasion and can be configured to meet your needs.

It is, however, the sheer number and high quality of features that distinguish this shotgun scabbard as a top choice for hunters. To give an example, the webbing on the sides is equipped with attachment straps, allowing you to position the scabbard in such a way that it is usable with either hand. The shoulder sling can be attached to the D-ring sites, which number four in total. This allows for optimal comfort.

A retention strap with a side-release buckle is included in the design, and the greatest part is that it is simple to take off and put back on again. Your shotgun needs the best possible protection, and that is exactly what this scabbard offers.

There is enough of cushioning to ensure that your shotgun does not suffer any scratches or damage while you’re on the move, and the drainage grommet helps to keep the scabbard free of moisture, which may be a serious problem for your weapon. The scabbard measures 29 inches in length, which is something you might be interested in knowing.


5. Silfrae Tactical Rifle Scabbard Bag 

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

This tactical rifle scabbard has a lightweight, compact design that makes it extremely portable while still being large enough to accommodate most rifles and shotguns. It is designed to be carried on the shoulder owing to its comfortable padded strap, but it may also be carried using the four D-ring placements for a variety of carrying alternatives.

You will have no trouble manipulating the bag in the field, and it will not get in the way of you scoring a kill because of its size, which is approximately 29″ in length and 7″ in width. If anything, this option will allow you to always have your gun within reach, as the quick-release buckle will allow you to get your hands on the rifle as soon as you need to do so.

You can carry the scabbard with you on all of your outdoor adventures without having to worry about it getting destroyed along the way because the materials are extremely robust.


The shoulder strap is cushioned, allowing you to carry the scabbard for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable or having to continually modify your position.

People of different shapes and sizes may wear this model since the shoulder strap can be simply adjusted while on the road, ensuring that you always have the best fit possible.

You may take your rifle out into the most inhospitable situations without having to worry about it getting damaged because the scabbard’s walls are lined with comfortable cushioning.

The four D-ring spots provide you the flexibility to choose how you want to attach the padded shoulder sling since they allow you to choose from a variety of carry alternatives.


Because of the open-ended form of the scabbard, there is a possibility of the gun falling out of the holster.

It does not have any more ammo pouches, but the good news is that you can add additional pockets by attaching them to the D-rings.


6. VooDoo Tactical Men’s Shotgun Scabbard 

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

This scabbard is intended to hold normal shotguns, so if that is the type of weapon you intend to carry and protect with the help of this item, you will find it to be a good fit for your requirements. There is, however, something about this scabbard that distinguishes it from the rest of the pack.

It is not only useful for hauling a shotgun, but it also comes with a machete sheath, allowing you to enter a risky zone with all of the required weapons and equipment. This sheath is an added feature, making this scabbard a better choice than other similar products available on the market.

The length of the machete sheath is 18 inches, which should give you an indication of how much space you have in your scabbard for other items. If you intend to go hunting and will be confronted with a large number of dense shrubs, the machete will prove to be really useful.

The quick-draw design is a fantastic reason to purchase this scabbard rather than another similar model. You can either carry it over your shoulder with the nylon strap that comes with it, or you can attach it to your rucksack using the Velcro strap that comes with it. With the help of the molle straps on the sides, you may make it suitable for either left- or right-handed shooters.


7. Savior Equipment Premium Rifle Scabbard 

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Designed to protect your weapon from all sides, this model is made of 600D PVC and features a strong internal lining that is designed to provide 360-degree coverage. The product has been tested to ensure that it can withstand severe use while also protecting your handgun from damage. It has ample room to hold your weapon as well as any attachments you may want to use.

To the outside of the scabbard, there are rows of double-stitched MOLLE webbings, which will let you to attach other attachments or expand the storage area by adding additional pockets. Furthermore, the backpack is available in two sizes: regular and big, which means that this model can accommodate the needs of a wide range of hunting enthusiasts.

Because the scabbard is designed with a quick-release system, you’ll always be prepared for action once you’ve strapped it to your back. Simply releasing the buckle will allow you to gain immediate access to your gun once it has been engaged.


The double-stitched hook & loop MOLLE webbing let you to attach all of the equipment you’ll need for your journey to one place.

When navigating tough terrain, you can rest assured that your rifle will remain tight thanks to a removable and adjustable buckle at the end of the scabbard that prevents the weapon from being accidentally pulled out.

With this model, you have a variety of carrying alternatives. You can use the shoulder strap, the carrying handle, or the various D-ring mounts, which allow you to create different strap configurations as needed.

Because of the high-density padding, the 600D internal lining is extremely robust and built to withstand the repeated use of the handguards and other attachments.


It is important to note that the interior of the scabbard is robust but not extremely flexible, which means that some rifle models may fit a little awkwardly.

The MOLLE webbing is not attached to the main body, but rather to a separate strip that tends to bulge downwards under the weight of the accessories you choose to wear with it.


8. Condor Shotgun Scabbard Coyote Brown

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Rothco products are known for their great quality and durability, so when purchasing one, you can be confident that you are getting a product that will not let you down. This organization is well-known for serving a diverse clientele with products that come into the categories of tactical, outdoor, survival, and military applications.

Depending on your weapon, the specifications for this scabbard will tell you whether it is a good choice or not. The length is 29.5 inches, and the entrance is 6 inches in width and height. That also means that you will be able to draw your firearm swiftly if the situation calls for it.

Because the canvas is 600D polyester, you can expect it to withstand a great deal of wear and tear without breaking down. It features a half-inch of padding on the inside to prevent your weapon from getting dents and scratches from being carried around in it.

The fact that it comes with four movable molle straps and loops, as well as a shoulder strap that can be adjusted to make it more comfortable for the user, will also appeal to you. There is also a retention strap included, which adds to the overall convenience of this product. Aside from that, the two drainage holes ensure that humidity will not be an issue as well.


9. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Molle Shotgun Scabbard

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

This holder contains everything you could possibly want in a scabbard to ensure that your shotgun is transported in the finest circumstances imaginable. The webbing base is equipped with molle straps on both sides, allowing you to wear this scabbard whether you are a right- or left-handed user, to begin with

The inside of the scabbard is lined with a thick piece of material to protect your shotgun from any potential damage it may sustain. It is important to know that the weapon you are carrying is protected from scratches, dents, and other concerns when you are out hunting. The conditions you must face will determine how well your weapon is protected.

The shoulder strap that comes with the weapon makes it simple to transport your weapon around. It is useful to know that you may remove the strap if you simply want to store the shotgun in your luggage and carry it about with you everywhere you go.

To give you an idea of what this scabbard can be used for, it is sufficient to know that it is compatible with Remington 870 shotguns as well as any other standard shotgun available on the market. Regarding durability, this model is built to last a long time because to its 600 Denier canvas construction, which repels water and is extremely strong. The inside of the case is lined with PVC material, which helps to keep moisture out and your weapon from corroding.


10. Explorer 3 Rifles Weapon Case OD Green 

Best Rifle Scabbard Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

When it comes to this style, it is more like a bag that can hold many weapons, as opposed to your typical scabbard design. The use of a twin gun case is ideal if you need to take more than one rifle hunting or if you travel with a group of friends and it is more convenient to keep all of the weapons in one location.

It has the capacity to hold three rifles and four handguns at the same time. You can even use it to transport shotguns without encountering any difficulties. Not only that, but there’s more. In addition to carrying your weapons in this manner, how about keeping some ammunition in the same location as your weapons. You will learn that there are a variety of storage options available for storing magazines, accessories, and ammo boxes, among other things.

You are free to choose how you want to wear this case. With a handle, it will be simple to hold it in your hand when walking around. If you prefer to carry it over your shoulder, a shoulder strap is included with your purchase, so you can do so if you so like.

Another option is to carry it in a backpack, which is something that you will undoubtedly find to be more convenient than any other. As a result of having so much storage room for ammunition and guns, you will never be forced to part with a favorite firearm and leave it at home while you go hunting.


Buying guide

These days, it can be tough to choose a good scabbard backpack because, unless you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can easily become disoriented in the sea of choices available. Due to the fact that manufacturers are attempting to differentiate themselves from the competition, the client may be left feeling confused and indecisive about which model to select. (Bows, hunting knives, and a GPS for hunters are some of the goods you should keep in your backpack.)

Investing time and effort in proper research can pay off handsomely in terms of identifying the characteristics that you require and those that can be ignored. For your convenience, we’ve put together the buyer’s guide below, which takes into account what customers had to say in their scabbard backpacks reviews as well as information from specialized research and surveys.


The size of your bag is critical since you don’t want to be limited to only having place for your pistol, but you also want to have enough for your other equipment and stuff. If you intend to use your scabbard backpack for a variety of purposes, selecting a model with considerable storage space will allow you to assign it to a variety of functions.

You can use it as a hiking backpack or even as a portable tackle box, depending on your preferences. Other considerations include the size of your firearm and the type of hunting you intend to do. Depending on the type of hunting, a short gun may be required, whereas elk hunting, for example, necessitates the use of a long rifle. We also recommend that you choose models that can accommodate hydration packs, since you will want to keep yourself hydrated at all times when riding.

Adjustability and fit

If you’re looking for a certain fit for your backpack, there are a plethora of possibilities available nowadays. Most manufacturers may even build different gender-specific models in order to ensure that their product can meet the needs of individual users rather than attempting to cater to the needs of the largest possible number of customers at once.

In the same way that the finest quality fishing backpacks provide adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt to provide their clients with a high degree of adaptability, your scabbard backpack should feature the same features. Hunting, like fishing, is a physically demanding hobby, and the equipment you use should be tailored to enhance your enjoyment of the activity.

Check the quality of the fabric

We urge that you take the time to check the product’s quality before making a large investment in it. This can be accomplished by visually scrutinizing the stitching lines on both the exterior and the interior of the bag, as shown below. You should also check to see if the zippers are smooth, as stiff zippers are prone to breaking.

Unavailable products

Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack

The Gunrunner Pack takes great satisfaction in the fact that it is both lightweight and compact in design. Because to its lightweight and robust design, this hunter-oriented backpack will provide you with the most pleasant hunting experience money can buy. In addition to storing your gun, it also includes space for additional pieces of equipment and supplies.

Due to the two compartments for smaller equipment, you will be able to use this unit to store all of your favorite fishing bait as well as other tiny must-have devices such as your trusty marine compass. The integrated scabbard allows you to quickly access your preferred rifle, allowing you to save time. With this unit, your victim will not be able to get away from you when time is of the essence when you are hunting.

There is a large main compartment that can be utilized to store food as well as bulkier equipment and apparel items. In addition, this model is compatible with hydration; however, you will need to purchase the hydration unit separately. The stowable waist belt provides increased stability when the backpack is fully loaded and the load is heavy, and it will keep items secure even when you are moving quickly.

The side webbing is designed to work in conjunction with an A3SB saddle bag, which will allow you to increase your storage capacity by adding up to two 3-liter compartments to your existing storage capacity.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Molle Shotgun Scabbard

For anybody who wants to carry a shotgun in perfect shape, this model is the best choice. If you’re going to be out in the elements, you’ll want to be sure that you can safeguard your firearm against any problems that might arise. In fact, as you can see from the manufacturer’s description, this model is specifically designed for this purpose.

The webbing platform is equipped with molle attachments to provide the greatest amount of ease and comfort. In general, this scabbard has the look and feel of a well-made product, thanks to the padding on the interior walls, which prevents anything from damaging your shotgun while you’re carrying it on your back.

You will like the fact that the model comes with a shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your liking and even removed if you simply intend to use the scabbard for transporting your weapon in good shape while it is being put away.

Because of the selection of materials, you’ll be convinced that this is a fantastic scabbard to take into consideration. The 600 Denier canvas used for the external shell gives it not only a lovely aesthetic, but it also provides a great deal of durability. The interior is lined with PVC to ensure that moisture is not trapped within the space. This scabbard is designed to accommodate the majority of conventional shotgun types.

Breachers Shotgun Scabbard

The majority of people do not require a shotgun holder, and it would be unfortunate if there were no versions available that could accept other sorts of firearms. In this particular instance, you will see that the VooDoo Tactical 20-8916 has been designed with a specific thought. To begin with, this is a model designed for shotguns with short barrels, as the name implies.

Additionally, it can be used with pistol grip shotguns, which means that even if your weapon of choice is not the standard shotgun that everyone is familiar with, you will still have the necessary means to transport your weapon without worrying about humidity and other environmental factors damaging it.

Another thing to keep in mind about this model is that it can handle side saddles of practically any sort with relative ease, which making it far more adaptable than you may have imagined at first glance. Because it is equipped with molle straps on the sides, it may be converted to be used by either hand.

The fact is that this sheath is created to fit the needs of everybody, regardless of whether they are left-handed or right-handed shoulders. Furthermore, you have the option of slinging the scabbard over your shoulder or attaching it to your backpack, depending on your preference.


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