6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Must Read Reviews)

6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Must Read Reviews)

Marine tower speakers – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison

If you’re looking for the best marine tower speakers to satisfy most needs but aren’t all too keen on reading another couple thousand words on the subject then the following short paragraph should offer you all the information you want. After going through dozens and dozens of marine speaker reviews, product comparison and customer reports we found the Rockville RWB65B to outshine the competition by offering a surprising level of sound performance at an affordable price. It’s built to withstand the corrosive marine air as well as shock with a hard plastic casing and steel reinforced nylon mounting brackets. You’ll also get plenty of volume to drown out the environmental noise with 250 Watts of maximum power per speaker for a total of 500 W. If the Rockville product isn’t available then we would suggest the BOSS Audio MRWT40 as a viable alternative.

6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Reviews) in 2021

1. Rockford Fosgate PM282W-B – Punch Marine

6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Must Read Reviews)

If you’re looking for good features and sound quality but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-end model, this Rockville model should be able to meet your requirements. There are two coaxial speakers in the package, which are intended to be put on the tower bar of a boat or all-terrain vehicle.

Thanks to steel-reinforced adjustable nylon brackets and a relatively light weight of approximately 11 pounds per piece, it should maintain its position even during unexpected stops and bumps. It is either nylon, hard plastic or neodymium (for the 1-inch tweet) that is used on the exposed parts, and all of these materials are corrosion resistant to endure the saline air while also giving enough UV protection.

Additionally, splashes of water should not be a problem because the case is tightly fitted to provide adequate protection for the electronics inside.

With a diameter of approximately 6.5 inches, the speaker will not interfere with your listening experience, and the affordable price will allow you to arrange two or more pairs on the bar for an ear-shattering experience.

Two of them are capable of handling 500 Watts of power when the volume is set up to its maximum, which will come in handy when trying to drown out the sounds of the wind, waves, or motor.

The most frequently mentioned disadvantage is that they are difficult to adapt to certain types of towers; nevertheless, this is nothing that cannot be remedied with a little bit of manual labor.

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2. Boss Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker 

6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Must Read Reviews)

These speakers are simple to install, lightweight, and reasonably priced. They produce acceptable sound quality and a reasonable amount of volume for both land and water applications. Its adjustable clamps are made of die-cast aluminum, which provides excellent protection against the environment as well as high tensile strength. Because of the climate in which they will be working, a UV coating was applied to protect them from the sun’s rays as was predicted.

Furthermore, with a weight of just under 6 lb., they won’t put much strain on the brackets when subjected to regular vibrations and unexpected movements, allowing them to remain firmly attached to the bar even after the electronic components have reached the end of their useful life.

Despite the fact that one component has a maximum power of 200W and the pair has a total power of 400W, the sound sensitivity (which measures how many decibels are produced per watt) is relatively good, especially considering the price, at 94 db.

However, finding an amplifier to pair with them will likely be difficult due to the relatively low impedance of only 4 Ohms, which will only allow it to connect to tiny output amplifiers. In order to communicate well while wakeboarding, you need practice your hand signals. Otherwise, tiny boats should be able to communicate effectively.

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3. Pair Polk Audio DB692 450 Watt Marine Boat Wakeboard Tower 

6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Must Read Reviews)

The most frequently expressed satisfaction with this product has to do with how simple it is to install. The mounting clamps are well-suited for practically all roll bars, and high-impact plastic inserts are included to lock them firmly in place in the event of a misalignment. Because the wire has been completely internalized and the tweet does not protrude, they should take no more than a few minutes to correctly install.

Polk, a well-known manufacturer, offered the quality that one would expect, with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum being used for the clamps, which provides them with excellent strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, among other characteristics. Their water and dirt resistance is rated IP65, which implies they should be able to withstand conditions such as those seen in high humidity and high corrosion maritime environments.

The specifications are also nothing to scoff at, with a total of 450 W of peak power and 150 W of continuous power to drown out the outside noise while you’re trying to listen to music or communicate with other ships.

Dynamic Balance technology was employed to ensure that the tweeter’s balance between the mid- and high-frequency ranges was excellent. As a result, the sound of percussion instruments will not feel like nails against your eardrums, and you will not have the sense that you are listening to a radio broadcast from World War II will occur.

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4. Boss Audio Systems MRWT8B 700 Watt Per Pair

6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Must Read Reviews)

If you’re looking for a lot of power, this Boss Audio 700 Watts pair will not disappoint. The 350 W per unit with an 8″ diameter speaker also comes with a significant amount of weight, around 12.5 lb, which necessitates the use of very strong cast aluminum clamps to hold it firmly attached to the wakeboard tower.

The sensitivity is also rather good, with 96 db of sensitivity being specified for each Watt of electrical output. All of this loudness will not degrade the sound quality, however, because the speakers are equipped with a built-in two-way crossover technology that provides adequate fidelity across a wide range of frequencies.

Massive should preferably be durable, and the MRWT8B delivers on both counts, thanks to a polyurethane cone that provides significantly better resilience than any of the traditional materials and a Santoprene surround that is both durable and vibration sensitive, similar to rubber but with the flexibility of plastic.

A UV resistant layer has also been applied to it, and specific arrangements have been made to ensure that it is resistant to the sea environment, such as wrapping the lead wire in a water repellant material.

At only 4 Ohms, the impedance is extremely low; therefore, it is possible that you will need to purchase an amplifier specifically for it; nevertheless, the high overall output more than makes up for this.

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5. Pair Rockford Fosgate RM0652B 6.5″ 100 Watt Marine Boat

2) Rockford Fosgate Prime RM0652B 6.5" 100W Marine/Boat Earbuds+(2) Earbuds  - Rockville Audio

This Rockford product is little yet sturdy, and it is designed to meet the needs of customers who aren’t concerned with the largest volume of their products. Because it only produces 100 W each unit when used in a pair, it won’t drown out your own thoughts, and its sound may be difficult to differentiate when the boat is operating at full speed, but if you just want to listen to some music while resting on the lake, this may be the perfect solution.

It will, of course, withstand splashes of water and ultraviolet rays, but it is also completely marinized, which means that pieces will not rust when exposed to fog and salty sea air. The mounting clamps are made of 6061 aerospace grade aluminum for increased durability, and the high impact plastic inserts that come with the pair should allow them to fit most roll bars with ease thanks to their rounded corners.

The unit’s simple design, which includes totally internalized wiring and terminals, will make it easy to place it on any bar due to its simplicity.

A drawback that can be easily identified is the 4 Ohms impedance, which is rather normal for products of this nature but is particularly bothersome when considering the relatively modest maximum power output of this Rockford. Well, or at least this would have been a significant disadvantage in the past, but recently, amplifiers have progressed to the point where they require only a minimal amount of resistance from the speaker system.

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6. Mcm Custom Audio 60-10021 Marine Speakers

6 Best Marine Tower Speakers (Must Read Reviews)

In the event that cost reduction is your primary objective, then these MCMs should be adequate. As a result of the numerous excellent comments they’ve received on the value they provide on retail websites, you can be confident that you won’t be disappointed in your decision to go with them rather than a pricing model.

Because they have a 1″ titanium dome tweeter, they should last you for a long enough period of time to prove their usefulness. They have almost the same functionality as everything else in the class (which essentially means sound comes out of them).

They don’t appear to have any other distinguishing characteristics that could be described as “fancy,” and both the casing and the claps appear to be made of plastic. Even while the latter have been reported to carry their weight well enough in the wake of a bouncing boat or Jeep, some who have looked at them have expressed skepticism about their ability to withstand mechanical forces acting in any direction other than straight ahead.

As a result, it is highly recommended that you only mount them in the manner specified on the box and refrain from getting creative by clamping the speakers to vertical bars for a greater surround experience or anything like. Otherwise, they’re simple to mount sideways at any angle permitted by the tower or torsion bar, as long as they’re pointing downward.

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Buying guide

Finding the best wakeboard tower speakers available may appear to be a difficult endeavor at first glance, given the large number of different varieties available, each of which can differ greatly in terms of construction, specs, and pricing, among other factors. However, with a little background knowledge on the subject, and without having to delve too deeply into the technical aspects of the subject, anyone can make an informed decision about which of the items on the market best meets his or her needs. Listed below are some of the considerations for the discriminating buyer. 1.

Main types of speakers

There are three typical variations to pick from, each distinguished by the way they are constructed. Single marine speakers are available for purchase as individual pieces, and the best of them are designed to cover a wide range of sound frequencies with a single tweeter or woofer. If you don’t mind the unidirectional sound, they can deliver good value for money in terms of sound quality.

Coaxial marine speakers As the name implies, they are sold in pairs and are typically positioned next to one another. Having them converge at an angle that the wakeboard bars allow will, of course, increase the strain on the connecting clamps in choppy conditions, as they are meant to perform best when the speakers are set vertically towards the direction of movement. It goes without saying that their primary benefit over the alternatives is the multi-directional sound they produce.

Component marine speakers Because they have a separate tweeter (for mids and treble) and woofer (for bass) assembly, they are believed to have the best sound quality, but most other types only have a single membrane, they are the most expensive. As a result, they are more difficult to install since special arrangements must be made for the woofer, and they are also flimsier as a result of the added complexity and weight, which will put additional strain on the clamp.

Cost considerations

When shopping for marine speakers, it’s crucial to understand exactly what factors determine the price of the speakers you want to purchase. The sound quality of any audio equipment, as with any other, is an important consideration. Take into consideration the setting you will be using the headphones in before investing in an expensive pair that has been praised for its crystal clear reproduction.

The motor humming, wind blowing, and waves crashing can make for a very noisy atmosphere aboard a boat, and all that crystal clear sound quality will be muddled by the environment, becoming indistinguishable from the sound that is often produced by a low-cost device.

So, unless you’re some kind of audiophile who only buys $50 cables or only fishes in calm waters, it’s probably a better use of your money to invest in something that receives more accolades for its durability.


Ideally, you’ll want weatherproof marine speakers so that your hundred-dollar investment is protected in the event of a boat capsize. The water resistance against the splashes that would unavoidably reach the casing will perform admirably outside of that severe scenario, though.

Furthermore, the best maritime speakers should be impervious to moisture and salty air, if at all possible. This is accomplished by using corrosion-resistant materials such as anodized aluminum, nylon, or even mold-injected plastic for the exposed areas of the structure.

For higher-end models, the case is composed of aluminum, however other types of plastic or nylon can be used in place of aluminum for a substantially cheaper cost and with a little less impact resistance. Because they must withstand the greatest amount of stress, connecting clamps are nearly typically made of aluminum of varied degrees of quality or steel surrounded by a corrosion-resistant substance, depending on the application (rubber or nylon)

Ease of installation

Besides significantly contributing to waterproofing, internalized wiring will make the speakers far easier to install because you won’t have to bother too much with positioning the lead cable. A clean design, with no protruding parts, is considered to contribute to this as well.

The clamps should always be properly articulated to adapt to roll bars of various sizes and some manufacturers also supply plastic or rubber inserts to better fit them on small diameter rods.

Performance and amplification

Lowder is always preferable, especially in bad weather situation, where accurately communicating with other boats might prove vital. How much volume the speaker can put out is generally dictated by its maximum wattage, and to a slightly lesser extent by sound sensitivity.

This is measured in decibels per Watt of power but commonly expressed in decibels alone. Sensitivities of 96-98 db are common with good marine speakers and higher ranges come at a higher cost for little in actual discernible effect.

You might want to increase volume and sound quality by pairing the speakers with an amplifier. Compatibility with such a device is indicated by the impedance specification, which denotes in Ohms the electrical resistance the speaker puts out to the amp. Somewhat counter-intuitive, the higher this figure is, the wider a range of compatibility the speaker will have.

Guide to Purchasing

Several aspects must be taken into consideration while buying for the best water-resistant marine speakers. For example, you should be aware that marine speakers are distinct from other types of speakers in that they are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Never attempt to replace them with conventional speakers, as these will become destroyed very rapidly in this situation.


When you look at the specifications for marine speakers, one of the first things you’ll notice is how large they are. Many of the speakers currently available on the market are 6.5 inches in diameter, however there are some types available that are only 4 inches in diameter. Depending on what you require and how much space you have available, you should be able to select the appropriate speaker size.

As you would when purchasing a fishing jacket, the first thing you should consider is the size of the speakers you intend to purchase. Perhaps you already have a mounting location for them on your yacht, and you can use that to put your new speakers as well. Alternatively, you may be trying on your first pair of shoes and want to make sure they are comfortable.

If this is the case, look for speakers that are not only the appropriate size, but also come with an easy-to-install design. An instruction manual as well as all of the relevant hardware should be included with your purchase to make things easier to manage.

IP rating and weather resistance are important considerations.

In addition to the IP rating, all of the reviews on waterproof marine speakers urge that you pay attention to the size of the speaker. Although marine speakers are built to withstand high humidity, this does not imply that they are completely waterproof in all circumstances. A distinction exists between versions that are completely waterproof and models that are simply water-resistant.

Some models have such outstanding performance that they can withstand being submerged in water; nevertheless, you can expect to pay a premium for such capabilities. The IP rating indicates the several sorts of resistance that are available, such as resistance to water and dirt. Your speakers should be rust resistant as well, since this will ensure that they are long-lasting in a variety of conditions.

The most popular models are those that are resistant to all weather conditions. You should pay close attention to the value that the manufacturer provides for the money. Several models are equipped with a tough shell that protects the sensitive mechanisms inside from damage caused by the elements. After a few trips in the car, you’ll want to invest in a pair of speakers that will not become worn out.

Achieving an IP rating of 66 or 76 is what you should be attempting to achieve. Reviews of waterproof marine speakers that have been submitted by users and experts alike have overwhelmingly endorsed units with an IP rating of 30.The quality of the sound

Let’s not forget that we’re still talking about a pair of speakers in this situation. A good deal cannot be had if you do not consider the sound quality that is delivered for the price that you are paying. Whether you’re shopping for a landing net or a new pair of speakers, the price-performance ratio should be in your advantage while making your purchase.

If you want to achieve higher sound performance in a marine environment, you should invest in better power management. When purchasing high-quality speakers, the first thing to keep in mind is that the power provided to the speakers must be converted efficiently into sound. This is the most important consideration when looking for high-quality speakers. For example, you will have to pay close attention to the power rating.

If you under-power your speakers, you will not be doing yourself any favors. When this occurs, you will hear a distorted sound and have a poor level of performance. An insufficient power handle might cause damage to the speakers, which is the most efficient method to squander money.

You’ll note that manufacturers use the term “peak power” to describe their products. The greater the peak power, the greater the amount of power that will be converted into sound, resulting in greater sound volume and quality. However, if you are still not sure that this feature indicates something significant about the speakers’ ability to generate good sound quality, you should also look at the Root Mean Square value.

This number is the maximum amount of power that a set of speakers can take on a consistent basis. Don’t forget that, in order to achieve higher sound quality, you should also rely on the sensitivity rating that has been provided. What kind of sound is produced by the amount of electricity received? This is what the sensitivity rating can tell you about the subject matter.

It is measured in decibels (dB) and indicates the amount of sound strength that may be expected from your speakers. Even if you are looking for maritime speakers, and they are portable and hence not very strong, you should not ignore the importance of sound quality and value in your purchase. It is recommended that you look for models that have a sensitivity rating of 100 dB or greater.

If your speakers have a lower wattage rating, you might want to think about investing in an amplifier for your system. Due to the fact that this will require additional expenditure, you may not be enthusiastic about incurring such a financial burden. You should simply choose a device that has an increased sensitivity rating in order to ensure that you get good sound quality right out of the box.

What are the many varieties of maritime speakers available?

There are many different types of marine speakers available, so you should choose the one that best suits your needs. You should consider looking at the different sorts of marine speakers available among the first things you do when shopping for such an item, just as you would when selecting a fishing shirt based on a variety of qualities.

Dual cone versions are affordable, but their sound quality is just acceptable at most. Dual cone models are not recommended. The output source is comprised of two cones, one of which is larger than the other; each of the cones operates at a distinct frequency, allowing for accurate sound reproduction.

Coaxial models employ numerous drivers that operate at different frequencies. There is a woofer positioned in the center of the speaker system. A model of this caliber can be purchased for a reasonable price. You may also choose for component speakers that are capable of handling low frequencies without difficulty.