3 Best Ice Fishing Flashers (Must Read Reviews)

3 Best Ice Fishing Flashers (Must Read Reviews)

Best Flashers for Ice Fishing. Comparison & Buying Guide

Finding the best ice fishing flasher out there is definitely a topic you want to dedicate yourself to since this small detail can help turn your winter fishing trip from a complete disaster into a resounding success. If you don’t have the time to research this matter, you can count on us to deliver the essential information, since we’ve read a lot of ice flasher reviews to catch up on this subject. Our findings show that the first product to consider is the Vexilar Genz Pack, for its useful qualities. Despite its apparently difficult to read display, especially if you’re an amateur, the controls are rather easy to read and fast to master. The battery compartment has been redesigned and is now easier to access and semi-enclosed. The super bright display will deliver all the information you need. If this product happens to be unavailable, we suggest you check out the MarCum LX-9 as an excellent second choice.

3 Best Ice Fishing Flashers (Reviews) in 2021

If you can’t seem to make up your mind, we’ll showcase a few of our top picks below, in order to give you some options to choose from.

1. Vexilar GP1812 FL-18 Genz Pack 12 Degree Ice-Ducer

3 Best Ice Fishing Flashers (Must Read Reviews)

This ice flasher from Vexilar has received a plethora of great customer reviews, making it a product that is well worth considering. Rather than having to worry about putting it together on your own based on vague directions, and then having to lose valuable time doing so, it is supplied entirely completed and ready to take on a fishing excursion. To ensure that you understand how to correctly utilize this item, an instructional film is also provided.

Be prepared to be astounded by its capabilities, as you will be able to zoom in on the last six feet of water while simultaneously watching the entire water column, all thanks to the split screen feature on the monitor. It has five depth scales that go all the way down to 200 feet and a built-in shallow water mode that allows you to fish in waters as shallow as 15 feet. This flexible model will be an excellent addition to your fishing gear.

Designed to fit onto a five-gallon bucket, the Ice-Ducer is simple to transport and use, and its base is built to withstand the test of time. In addition to a built-in transducer holder mechanism that accommodates every size of Ice-Ducer, the revised model makes it easy to remove the battery.

In addition, the LED technology employed by this Vexilar device has shown to be trustworthy, emitting different colors depending on whether the targeted fish is weak, medium, or strong in nature.


The six depth ratings offered by the Vexilar model make it possible to obtain data from both shallow and deep waters using the same instrumentation and equipment.

A feature that you might not find in some other devices is the ability to modify the brightness of the display. You will be able to save a significant amount of battery life as a result of this detail.

In this case, you will not have to purchase the battery and chargers separately, as they are included in the bundle!

It appears that the transducer that comes pre-installed in the device is of high quality, at least according to the feedback that the item has received in this regard.

When compared to other devices in the same line, the Vexilar is significantly more cost-effective, which may be less relevant to some anglers.


This unit is a more classic ice fishing flasher, which means that you will not be able to utilize a camera to visualize your captures, as you would be able to do with certain other versions.

Buy from for ($399.99)

2. MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar/Camera System LCD Dual Beam

3 Best Ice Fishing Flashers (Must Read Reviews)

The most eye-catching feature of the Digital Sonar is its panoramic 8-inch split screen, which allows you to simultaneously observe in sonar and live action modes, making ice fishing much easier and more enjoyable.

Another characteristic that demonstrates the advancement of MarCum technology is the inclusion of a built-in digital video recorder. Anglers can more precisely estimate the success of their expeditions and monitor fish more effectively if they compare the sonar signals and the underwater film.

An integrated switchable dual beam transducer is also included in the system, in addition to the high-resolution color camera and other components. The LX-9, which is equipped with numerous user-friendly features, has earned a plethora of favorable consumer feedback. Its characteristics make it a product that should be taken into consideration.

Four color palettes are available for the display, and there are numerous categories of useful data available on the user-defined dashboard, allowing you to create a customized combination of digital depth (depth of field), battery voltage (range), gain (gain adjustment), interference rejection (interference rejection), and target adjustment (target adjust).

The Digital Sonar LX-9 allows you to isolate crucial characteristics on the targets and, as a result, develop a few patterns that will assist you in fishing more efficiently for specific species once you have determined their regular routine. The long-lasting battery will ensure that your fishing adventure is a complete success.


The fact that this machine is equipped with an 8-inch display makes it deserving of your consideration, and that is because it displays all you need to know.

When it comes to learning the battery voltage or digital depth, this device’s interface will give you with that information and much more.

Furthermore, the LX-9 is equipped with a camera that can be used underwater, allowing you to have a greater understanding of what’s going on in the environment.

Some consumers have stated that the photos they received from this gadget are crisp and clear, leaving little space for error or ambiguity in their interpretation.

This device allows you to record anything is happening in the water without being restricted.


It has been noted by some anglers that the battery life of this device is just about four hours, which makes it unsuitable for days when you want to fish for as long as possible.

Not the most economical device that has ever been created, but it is certainly not the most expensive.

Buy from for ($1230.41)

3. Marcum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System/Fishfinder – LX-7

3 Best Ice Fishing Flashers (Must Read Reviews)

While the LX-7 shares many of the same attributes as the LX-9, which we’ve already discussed, it also has a few additional features that distinguish it as a worthwhile alternative to the LX-9.

The live underwater images are displayed on the entire 8-inch LCD panel. In the role of a viewer, you have the ability to personalize the information that is displayed, making it simple for you to see trends in targets and thus boost your chances of catching them.

Because the LX-7 allows for optimal distance between nearby systems, it is simple to avoid interfering signals. On-screen dashboards similar to those found on the LX-9 system are also accessible here, allowing you to personalize the information presented on your screen from a wide range of settings such as digital depth, battery voltage, range and gain among other things.

This device, which employs Sonar Footprint technology to display areas at any depth with a high level of clarity, can be used with transducer angles of either 8 or 20 degrees to provide an immensely dynamic fishing experience.

The LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System, like all other MarCum products, is shipped fully constructed, and the package includes a variety of essential extras such as rechargeable batteries, battery changers, and padded soft bags.


The LX-7’s display is one of the most compelling reasons to consider purchasing it. With the ability to modify the color, backlighting, as well as brightness, you will be able to produce photos that are sharp and clear. –

Furthermore, the LX-7 is capable of providing you with the information you require in a timely manner, allowing you to make your move and catch the fish as quickly and conveniently as possible.

You will be able to learn how to use the flasher in the shortest amount of time feasible thanks to the user-friendly dashboard.

Furthermore, the software that the gadget relies on to perform its functions can be updated, and you’ll be able to do so with the LX-7’s USB connection, which is a convenient feature.


Several customers have expressed concern about the battery connectors, and it appears that you may need to tighten them before using the model for the first time, according to the complaints.

Buy from for ($726.05)

Guide to Purchasing

It is tough for both beginners and professionals to go ice fishing, and without the correct equipment, it may be a near-impossible undertaking. In the event that you’re unsure about the traits you should look for in an excellent ice fishing flasher, or if you just don’t have the time or patience to conduct the necessary study, you may take the easy route by reading through our guide.

We recognize that making such a significant decision in such a short period of time must be tough for someone who is not accustomed to shopping for fishing equipment. Because an ice flasher can have a significant impact on the success of your fishing excursion, it is critical that you get one that will provide you with years of reliable service.

Display that is tailored to your needs

A great number of models do essentially the same functions, but how do you know which ones to select to give it a more professional appearance? It’s reasonable to say that, in addition to providing you with basic information on underwater operations, your ice flasher should be able to highlight patterns of targeted fish and assist you in increasing your chances of capturing them by making effective use of the smart technology available.

For example, having a user-customizable display that allows you to select which of the many aspects recorded will be exhibited and hence taken into consideration when constructing a pattern is one method of accomplishing this. If you’re not confident in your ability to make educated guesses based on data, use a model that has default parameters that are clearly laid out to assist less experienced users in making their decisions.

The quality of the transducer

As the transducer is responsible for delivering almost all of the vital information you work with when using an ice flasher, it is critical that you select a high-quality transducer for your application. It is responsible for determining the sonar waves that are shown, which makes it easier to spot targets even at considerable depths.

A model with a transducer-holder mechanism that fits a variety of sizes is particularly advantageous, in case you need to improvise and replace the transducer later on.

Screens that are divided

A larger screen will make it possible to use a feature that is incredibly useful: the split screen display. The split screen, which provides information in both sonar mode and live underwater mode, will boost your chances of understanding the motions of the target and, as a result, will help you catch more fish more accurately and efficiently.

We acknowledge that finding the finest flasher for ice fishing might be tough among the many various items available for purchase, but if you follow our recommendations, you will significantly enhance your chances. So that we can be of assistance, we’ve reviewed a number of the products that we believe are worthy of your consideration.