What Fishing Reels Are Made in the USA?

What Fishing Reels Are Made in the USA?

Many people feel that American-made products have a high level of quality and are reliable, and this is why many people prefer to purchase these products. Similar to reels, larger spinning reels are covered in an article.

You will discover that there are a lot of fishing reels made in the US by people who enjoy fishing. You can find everything, including automatic reels, from fly reels to ice fishing reels, as long as you look for it. Find out which brands and manufacturers produce fishing reels in the USA by clicking on the following links.

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Ross Reels

Since opening their shop in southern Colorado in the early 1980s, the owners of Ross Reels have dedicated their time and effort to designing fishing reels. To put it another way, that is why the brand became one of the world’s most elite fly fishing companies. All of the company’s products are manufactured, engineered, assembled, and serviced in one location.

In order to show what a hard-working company can do, a proud “made in the USA” seal must be applied. Anodized aluminum reels produced by these guys have uncompromising quality. They trust their products to be long-lasting, so they offer a lifetime warranty.

Nautilus Reels

They claim that their reels are the best-made, and they may very well be correct. Nautilus Reels has an extensive history, and thus has learned everything there is to know about reels. While the roots of the company can be traced to the USA, it originated in Norway in 1832.

In the beginning, the company specialized in the production of metal mechanical parts, but somewhere along the line, it decided to focus on fishing reels. Due to all of the historical precedence, this company has an advantage in the area of excellence, because the products that are made are of good quality, but it also gives the company the ability to pioneer new, innovative ideas.

Penn Fishing

Otto Henze founded this company in 1932 and has since designed a number of reel models with a contemporary appearance. As part of the brand’s modern production process, it uses a modern production process, which is widely considered to be among the most trusted reel makers. Penn fishing gear is used by millions of anglers from all around the world every day.

In order to pursue his vision, the founder of the company started out by manufacturing the best fishing gear, and thus those working for the company are convinced that his goals are worthwhile. In order to continue the founder’s dream, they must do their best. Many models of reels for saltwater fishing are produced for the company. This machine has simple reels for saltwater, as well as spinning reels for both freshwater and saltwater.

Each reel has a sealed system that prevents grit and saltwater from interfering with the reel’s operation. These are saltwater reels, which are designed to attract the biggest fish. Sharks and sailfish can be attracted to the Penn Torque models.

Aluminum spinning reels can also be found here: Penn Reels carries a wide variety of items, each of which is made in the United States. The reels are resistant to damage and corrosion due to the saltwater. The reel you select can be personalized to your liking.


Avet is yet another American-based company that produces high-quality components and features both marine grade aluminum and a case-hardened finish to give the reels the strongest possible attributes. In addition, the reels have stainless steel stock, and that is why they are stronger and corrosion-resistant. These will serve you well and provide you with a great fishing experience.

Anodizing the aluminum components helps to protect against corrosion, and the finished surfaces are eye-catching, which adds to the appeal of these reels. The Avet factory in Chatsworth, California is where the reels are designed, produced, and assembled. Every other part of the product is made in-house, but the bearings are sourced from Los Angeles.

Aspen Fly Reels

A small family business makes use of machines to produce some of the most interesting fly reels under the brand name Barrel Service Company. It has about forty employees, most of whom are machinists, but other positions include operators and support staff. Everyone works in the same building.

What really defines an Aspen fly reel is its unadorned simplicity. By utilizing these methods, the workers are better able to create more efficient and sturdy reels. This light weight also contributes to the reel’s utility for fly fishing. A difficult and long season calls for purchasing fishing reels from this company.

The simple yet strong design allows these reels to work in various environments, including severe weather and hard handling.


Offered by professional technicians in Montrose, Colorado, Abel reels are built with top-notch materials. Many collectors keep these reels on their shelves as trophies because they are resilient, able to endure years of abuse.

There are lots of anglers who are big fans of Abel fly reels because they know the company has consistently made quality fishing gear in the United States. These reels are among the best-made in the country, due to the superior materials and meticulous workmanship.

Abel reels are suitable for fishing for both recreational and professional use. The brand is an all-purpose one that can meet your reel needs.

Best Fishing Reels Made in USA: 2021

Golden Scout Ind.

Due to its location in Ash Grove, Missouri, you might not expect a fishing operation to be based there, but Golden Scout industrial has actually been producing distinct fishing reels for decades. When Arkansas finally left the Great Depression, the story of the company began.

When John White Jr. first had the idea for an auto fisher in the 1940s, the company he worked for was most proud of this product. White patented the auto fisher’s technology, which made him the leading reel producer in Arkansas during that time period.

However, in the ’60s, there was a competitor that went by the name of the Mechanical Fisher. Following a number of years, the two firms merged to form Golden Scout and, as of 2017, their corporate base of operations is Ash Grove.

While the reels produced by the company allow fishers to set the hook and maintain a tight line whenever a fish pulls, they differ from simple fishing poles in that they also allow the fishers to adjust the size of the hook.

This novel idea allows the angler to do several reels at once, while also allowing him or her to leave the camp to pursue another activity. This helps to reduce the amount of fish and bait that is lost. To ensure the integrity of the reels, they have a galvanized steel body and a stainless steel spring, both of which are made in the USA. Getting a box of automatic reels means you’ll have plenty of them to reel in whatever you want.