Professional Review Of Lowrance Hook 5

Professional Review Of Lowrance Hook 5


Main advantage

One of the key features that this model comes with is the multi-window display that allows you to collect data from more than one screen at a time. The unit comes with extra space on the device so that it gives up to eight distinct layouts the customer can pick from. One of the possible options is a three-panel split screen.

What this means is that it basically allows the user to have numerous data screens, all in one, on a high-resolution color data display. As a plus, this improved Lowrance model also boasts a modern menu system that is user-friendly and easy to manage. With all this new and enhanced technology, there is little left to the user’s imagination, and loads that displays directly on the screen.

The HDI high-resolution screen will accurately depict most of the underwater features, allowing the fisherman a terrific experience experiencing the underwater world. This unit definitely makes the difference from a standard gadget that offers less specific facts and information.

In addition to all that, the HDI (Hybrid Dual Imaging) technology it has offers the option of overlaying the screen display, so that you receive the most realistic depiction of the water depths you are sailing in. This technique combines both DownScan and the CHIRP technology to deliver the greatest possible image of the underwater world.

Main disadvantage

Despite the fact that this unit has more advantages than disadvantages, there are certain disadvantages that should be discussed here. The short power cord is a minor drawback that can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you need to use the gadget while it is being powered from a different location than you are accustomed to. This, however, is only a little setback.

The user’s manual, which many people who have acquired the item have expressed dissatisfaction with, is the unit’s most significant flaw. It appears that the user’s handbook does not have extremely specific and well stated step-by-step methods for the vast majority of the device’s operating system, as evidenced by the following: This might be a significant setback, especially given the fact that this is a highly complicated item with numerous functions.

Watching online tutorials and gathering as much detailed information as possible from alternative sources before using the unit for the first time is highly recommended in order to avoid an unpleasant situation such as only using the unit’s basic functions or, even worse, being unable to properly use it when you are in the most dire need.

Knowing what to expect and being one step ahead of the game is essential when dealing with a device that contains so many extremely beneficial features that necessitate the completion of specific actions and procedures in order to reap the full benefits of those characteristics.


Main features explained


A five-inch square display distinguishes it from some of the older Lowrance units, which had round displays instead of square ones. This implies that you will have more area to display crucial data, which is extremely significant when you need to pay attention to the smallest of details in order to achieve the best possible result. Additionally, the display on this unit has a higher quality, which means that it displays cleaner images.

In comparison to other fish finders, this one does not produce photographs that are grainy in appearance. The information will be received in a pleasant and understandable manner, making it simple to read and follow the information presented by the unit, even if more than one person is following the data displayed by the unit simultaneously. When using the device, the user can view up to three panels at the same time.

Another pleasant and practical aspect of this unit’s display is its 16-bit color TFT range, which is available in a variety of sizes. This feature, combined with the LED backlight, which has eleven different degrees of brightness, makes this unit’s display simple to read even in direct sunlight or if it accidentally gets wet. Although the item is waterproof, you should use caution when using it in or near seawater.

Sonar capabilities

Several sonar features, including as DownScan and CHIRP, are included in this Lowrance model that are considered to be industry-standard capabilities. Historically, this type of technology was only available to the United States military for a long period of time before becoming widely available in mass-produced gadgets like this one. The accuracy that this system provides is really high, and it provides a fantastic fishing experience.

The way CHIRP technology in such a device works is by delivering a specific quantity of energy to a column of water and monitoring the response to that energy delivery. The device itself transmits slow sonar pulses into the water column, which are used to transfer the energy into the water column. The efficiency of this type of technology is one of the reasons why the United States military has employed it for such a long time.

DownScan technology is employed in order to obtain a clear picture of what is taking place underwater. The best approach to achieve this is to position the device directly above the water surface, with the results providing clear photos of only the area directly below the device and not the surrounding areas as a result. The SideScan technology would be required in order to obtain data from the device’s sides and corners.

GPS and trackback

When using the “trackback” tool, it is possible to go back in time and preview the fishing hot spots from prior fishing trips while organizing a fresh and interesting fishing trip. A built-in GPS system, which gives maps of more than three thousand water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, and creeks, makes this possible only in conjunction with a smartphone with GPS.

The maps can also be customized and enlarged with the use of an online map program, which allows users to create bespoke maps for their fishing expeditions and then share them with others. Furthermore, it is easier to look back at your favorite hot spots because the location history includes information on the structure, transition, fish targets, and pinpointed locations of these intriguing sites as well as the structure, transition, and fish targets.

As an added bonus to this device’s capabilities, the highly accurate built-in GPS is extremely fast in identifying the precise location, and the base map it comes with also includes most coastal contours, making it quite exciting to venture out on the coastline knowing that there is a very slim chance of getting lost in the process.

The device also has a built-in technology that filters out random signals from other boats, similar devices, and other undesired interruptions in order to offer you with an accurate signal, information, and location of the area in which you are sailing, among other things..