Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

Arrow Rests – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison

If time is of the essence for you and you are unable to read through the purchasing guide and product descriptions contained within this article, this brief paragraph should suffice to meet your needs. Our research included looking at ratings and reviews on expert review sites for archery equipment as well as actual owner feedback to determine the best bow arrow rest. Customer preferences indicate that the Quality Archery QURHDX-HDX is the best bow for sale because of its stainless steel construction, which ensures superior durability and corrosion resistance over a long period of time, allowing you to enjoy many seasons of use. This arrow rest is a top-of-the-line model with a sleek design and the added versatility to accommodate a wide range of today’s bows and satisfy even the most discerning archer. The sleek, curved capture bar provides the primary element of flexibility, while the Advanced Vibration Technology, in conjunction with the Lock Down Technology and Velocity Drop-Away Technology, ensures smooth shooting, dependable stability, and excellent accuracy during video recording. Because the Quality Archery Products QURHDX-HDX is frequently out of stock due to high demand, you should consider purchasing the Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest, which is the second best option.

Comparison Table

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

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5 Best Arrow Rests (Reviews) in 2021

1. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

Quality Archery Products are available at competitive prices. It is impossible to be disappointed with the QURHDX-HDX arrow rest, which is the top of the line model that never fails to impress. It features a sleek design as well as increased versatility to accommodate the most recent bows. In addition to other features, it includes the high-end features of the brand’s HD model as well. This is the ideal arrow rest for archers who are looking for nothing less than the best in their equipment.

Even more versatility is provided by the sleek, curved capture bar. There are a variety of other bows that can be fitted with the arrow rest because of this. A variety of technologies are included with this model as well. These technologies include the Velocity Drop-Away Technology, the Lock Down Technology, and the Advanced Vibration Technology, among others. All of those cutting-edge technologies work well together to ensure a smooth and efficient shooting experience for everyone involved.

The Velocity Drop-Away Technology allows the rest to fall only when the bow is fired, preventing the rest from falling at other times. It is a patented system that has been engineered for durability and dependability in order to keep the arrow completely contained. This arrow rest also has a mounting block design that makes it more compatible than the previous model that it replaced.

The amplitude of the peak force is kept to a bare minimum thanks to the advanced vibration control system. The durable molded rubber creates a field that is both quiet and comfortable. Even after the component has been clamped to the buss cable, adjusting the timing cord to the proper length can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.


Its curved capture bar allows you to accommodate a wide variety of bows, making it an extremely versatile model.

It is possible to increase accuracy by using the Velocity Drop-Away feature, which allows the rest to drop just as the bow is fired.

Hunters will also appreciate the Advanced Vibration technology that has been implemented on this model; the molded rubber component ensures that peak amplitude will not become a problem, and there will be no noise to be concerned about.

By clamping the timing cord down on the bus cable, you will be able to fine-tune the timing cord to achieve the most impressive results possible.

The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty on this product.


Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that no felt is provided to wrap the remainder.

Other minor complaints are related to the difficulties encountered when attempting to fine-tune the arrow rest’s position.


2. Quality Archery Designs 4035421-SSI QAD Ultra Rest HDX

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

A popular bow accessory from a well-known manufacturer of bow accessories, the Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest QURHDXCO is yet another best-seller. An extreme edge is provided by this cutting-edge arrow rest, which is something that any diehard hunter will appreciate. It features a contemporary design and sleek styling that makes it easily compatible with the majority of bow models currently on the market, allowing for maximum versatility.

In addition, this arrow rest features the exclusive Harmonic Dampener Technology, which makes use of an injection-molded rubber thumbwheel designed to quiet down the peak vibration amplitude, which results in a significant reduction in vibration amplitude to an absolute bare minimum. The cam/brake feature, which was designed exclusively for this launcher, cancels out bounce back from the arrow rest while also assisting in increasing spring tension for a faster drop away of the launcher.

For many seasons of service, this model is equipped with patented machined aluminum components that ensure strength and durability. The internal silicone bumpers provide support while not interfering with the accuracy and power of the bow’s shooting performance. Because of the laser-cut felt, there is no need to be concerned about noise reduction.

This model, which comes in a lovely Mossy Oak Infinity pattern, is intended for right-handed shooters and is constructed of steel. Using the timing cord, you can easily adjust the cord or clamp lock to your liking. Construction of this arrow rest is made of stainless steel, Delrin, and precision CNC aluminum components, which ensures that it will be durable.


If you are looking for versatility, this arrow rest is exactly what you are looking for, as its sleek and modern design will allow you to use it with any bow you choose.

On this model, one of the most useful features is the Harmonic Dampener Technology, which reduces the peak amplitude while also making the arrow rest quiet, allowing you to shoot with the greatest amount of precision.

Because of the brake installed on the arrow rest, it won’t bounce back after you fire, and the drop will be quicker as a result.

This particular product is built to last, thanks to the fact that all of its components are made of machined aluminum, ensuring a long service life.

Felt will help to reduce noise and will provide you with a more enjoyable overall experience.


Others have stated that the felt provided could have been of higher quality, and some have stated that it came off during the first use, which is something to keep in mind when making your purchase.


3. Wingeler Medium

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

The Wingeler Medium arrow rest is a CNC-machined aluminum accessory that will last for many seasons to come thanks to its long-lasting design and construction. All of the machined marks have been removed in order to create a more efficient and clean design that supports the need for the arrow to fly as quickly and accurately as possible.

The composite-encased brush capture ensures that the performance is consistent from one application to the next. Designed for both right and left-handed archers, this model is fully adjustable. It has markings for the windage and elevation to make it easier to use and to improve accuracy while in use. This arrow rest performs admirably in terms of reducing friction between the arrow and the bow string, as intended.

With fewer moving components than a drop-away rest, the complete containment design helps to keep the arrow in place and reduces the likelihood of any parts breaking. Because of the friction created by this unit, it is not intended to cause significant damage to the arrow fletching. When shooting, it will not make any concessions in terms of speed or accuracy.

This whisker biscuit arrow rest is a cost-effective way to keep the arrow in place while the bow is moved or drawn. It prevents the arrow from falling off or moving when the bow is moved or drawn. It also ensures center shot alignment, which is critical for consistent shooting accuracy. With increased contact between the arrow and the target, you can achieve tighter arrow groups.


The machined aluminum construction ensures that this arrow rest will last for years to come, making it a wise investment for your future bow hunting excursions.

In addition, it should be noted that this model is intended to be used with the same ease and accuracy by archers who are both right and left handed.

In addition, you’ll notice that there are marks for windage and elevation, which will allow you to adjust the arrow rest for improved accuracy.

Because of the clever design, you will be pleased to see how little friction occurs between the bow and the arrow rest when you use it. Using this product, you will have no trouble making your arrow fly without difficulty.

It has a complete containment design, which means it will provide you with greater accuracy than a drop away model will.


Remember that if you plan to use this model with aluminum arrows, you should be aware that the arrow thickness may result in a very tight fit.


4. NAP Apache Arrow Rest

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

In order to facilitate adjustments, the New Archery Apache 60-969 does not require the use of any wrenches or other tools, which results in a smooth and super-quick operation. In addition to providing virtually whisper-quiet operation regardless of shooting conditions, this drop-away arrow rest also provides exceptional 360-degree sound dampening capability.

As a result of the laser graduations, field fine-tuning has become a piece of cake. Despite its all-metal construction, this drop-away rest is capable of withstanding a wide range of weather conditions, whether it is used in the rain or the sun. It is built in such a way that the rest of the structure drops off the arrow’s flight path very quickly after it has been launched by the projectile’s launcher.

A few inches have passed before this occurs most of the time with an arrow. As long as the arrow rest is properly configured, contact with the vanes or fletchings is kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring that even the smallest movements are not amplified upon release. Longer ranges do not result in a decrease in accuracy. When the vanes come into contact with such elements that only affect the flight of the arrow, there are no whiskers that can be worn out.

It also ensures that the life of the fletchings is not diminished as a result of the drop-away configuration. As long as the arrow is not enclosed or otherwise prevented from flying freely and being released, there will be no loss of speed.

Apache 60-969 is a brand new archery bow (B004X2WVD0)


You will get perfect results when practicing your bow shooting skills with this model, which is a drop away model.

The New Archery Apache 60-969’s 360-degree noise dampening feature will allow you to take your aim in complete silence, making it a dependable companion in the wilderness.

The laser graduations will allow you to fine-tune your arrow trajectory, resulting in more accurate results in your target.

Because there is little friction between the arrow and the vanes, even if you shoot from long distances, you will not experience any vibration.

The free release design ensures that your arrows will travel as far as possible with the least amount of effort.


Some customers have complained that there is no clamp for the down cable.

In order to prevent the pull string from slipping, you will need to tie a tight knot around it.


5. NAP QuikTune 800 Arrow Rest 

Best Arrow Rests (Must Read Reviews)

With the NAP QuikTune 800 arrow rest, you can shoot with confidence because it keeps the arrow stable before it is released. Under normal hunting ranges and with standard hunting weight arrows, the prong-style launch design ensures that there is no interference with the arrow flight when it is released from the launcher. When properly configured, this arrow rest ensures that the vanes or fletchings come into contact with the arrow only when necessary.

This model is a cost-effective product that provides top-notch craftsmanship, performance, and dependability at an affordable price. It is simple to set up and does not cause any frustration. It also boasts a launcher action that is as smooth as silk and allows for simple tuning. You will be impressed with how well it performs in a variety of weather conditions, rain or shine.

It is available in both left and right-handed configurations for this arrow rest. A consistent launch with minimal arrow contact is ensured, as is the ability to make minor adjustments. Fine-tuning for the center shot, as well as vertical alignment, can be accomplished with relative ease while minimizing contact with the shaft. When the bow is drawn or moved, this device is intended to prevent the arrow from falling off or changing its position on the arrow rest.

It is also intended to be quiet when the bow is raised and moved, as well as when it is drawn and released from the rest. This ensures that the target will not be spooked during your hunting operation, which is beneficial. This is a versatile tool that can be used with a wide range of bows and projectiles, making it extremely versatile.


The model is equipped with a prong launch design, which reduces friction between the vanes and the fletchings to an absolute minimum.

Because the launcher action is smooth, it can be very convenient for users who want to be able to shoot without having to make any additional preparations.

This model is available in both left-handed and right-handed configurations, so you can find one that works for you.

Vertical alignment can be accomplished with relative ease, which means that fine-tuning your aim will be within your grasp without too much difficulty.

You will appreciate how quiet the operation of this arrow rest is; if you use it while hunting, you will find that this is a useful feature to have on hand.


There are no separate vertical and horizontal adjustments, a feature that you might expect to see in a model of higher quality; for the price, however, this model does the job, and that is all that matters.


Buying Guide

When shooting with a recurve or compound bow, it’s important to remember how important an arrow rest can be. After all is said and done, there is a world of difference between an ordinary arrow rest and an exceptional one. How do you tell the difference between the two?

Choose a product from the best arrow rest reviews that has the design that you like the look of.

It used to be that a shoot-through or prong-style arrow rest was the preferred choice among archers because of its straightforward, dependable, and simple design. Today, however, this is no longer the case. This type of arrow rest is comprised of two prongs that are spaced apart from one another. The spacing is adjusted to approximately two-thirds the diameter of the arrow. As a result, the prong-style arrow rest is suitable for the majority of applications.

The pronged cradle is where the arrow is designed to rest, right in the middle of the gap that separates the prongs on either side. Most of the time, the prongs are spring-loaded. A tilting of the prongs occurs during the execution of the shot, providing additional clearance while the arrow passes through.

The spring-loaded prongs flip back to their original position as soon as the arrow exits the target area. This makes room for the next shot to be taken. It is necessary for the vane or cock feather to be oriented downward in order to allow the component to shoot through or pass between the prongs of this type of arrow rest. It is for this reason that this type of rest is referred to as a’shoot-through.’

As soon as the rest prongs, nock, and arrow have been properly tuned and aligned, the cock-fletch passes cleanly through the air and undergoes a genuine flight toward the target. Because of the simplicity of the design, this type of arrow rest has become quite popular. The shoot-through rest is reasonably priced, and the cost of additional features such as a micro-adjustment and other refinements increases as the price of the rest increases.

With a canted bow, an inclined shot, or simply a shaky stroke on the draw due to shaky hands, this type of arrow rest may not be the best choice for bow fishing. This is because it can be difficult to keep an arrow on the prongs from draw to shot with this type of arrow rest. It is possible that the arrow will fall from the prongs, spook the fish, or cause the shot to be delayed.

Because the oscillation of the arrow and the slot in the prongs are both vertically inclined, a shoot-through rest with a mechanical release should be used in this situation.

Because a capture or containment rest completely encloses or captures the shaft on a minimum of three sides and then holds it in place until the release, there is no risk of the arrow escaping through it. This is an excellent recurve bow arrow rest due to the fact that it reduces the errors in form that occur during the shooting procedure.

It is also an excellent tool for young or inexperienced archers. Because there is less chance of the arrow falling off, it is much easier to concentrate on one’s shooting form and the precise placement of the arrow in the exact kill zone when using this method. It is possible to use any release technique and type of arrow with containment or a capture rest in place.

This type of rest is not suitable for use as a compound bow arrow rest for hunting purposes because it slows down the speed of the bow and has the potential to damage the fletching of the arrow when it comes into contact with that segment of the arrow. However, with advancements in bristle design in new models, this has become less of a problem in recent years.

When released, a drop-away rest, also known as a fall-away rest, literally falls out of the way or drops out of the way and will have no contact with the arrow. With drastic helical slips becoming a thing of the past, there are no longer any fletching clearance issues to worry about. The improvements are made possible by the longer prongs found on the majority of products, which allow for deep notches that cradle the arrow.

This effectively prevents the arrows from falling off the cliffside. Another feature that some drop-away rest manufacturers have included is a containment arm that sits directly above the cradle to keep the arrow secure until it is released.

Several features are included with the bow hunting arrow rest, all of which contribute to its dependability.

When it comes to competitive archery, you need an arrow rest that can keep up with your level of effort. You want the arrow rest to provide consistent launches while also allowing for the least amount of arrow contact possible. Because the arrow’s contact with the shaft is kept to a bare minimum, the amount of friction between the arrow and the shaft is reduced, resulting in no dragging down of the flight speed.

This also implies that the arrow will fly quickly and accurately to hit the target. This is precisely why many archers prefer a prong-style or a drop-away rest over a traditional rest. Adjustments are simple and fine-tuning for the center shot is possible with these types of rests. They also allow for quick vertical alignment while allowing for very little contact with the shaft, which is advantageous.

This is also the reason why such types of equipment are the best arrow rests for compound bows when used properly.

In order to achieve an easy center shot alignment, the best recurve bow arrow rest is recommended.

If everything is set up correctly, the string’s power path and the nocking point should allow the arrow to fly smoothly along it. In order for there to be no deflection along the path of the string, the rest and nock point must be perfectly aligned.

Finger shooters may encounter difficulties due to the way the string rolls around their fingers when the string is released from a tab or when they are wearing gloves. As a result, the string’s release at the beginning is not perfectly aligned with the center. In order to assist with the necessary customization, look for arrow rests with plunger adjustments.

The use of full-capture rests is not recommended for finger shooters because the arrow does not travel through them in a straight line. A greater amount of contact exists between the shaft and the rest.


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