Professional Review Of Humminbird Helix 9

Professional Review Of Humminbird Helix 9


Main advantage

Given the high price tag that comes with this fish detector, it is only reasonable to expect it to deliver exceptional performance in all areas. The Helix 9 is packed with cutting-edge technology that allow you to experience the underwater world in a way that you have never seen it previously. As a result of their collaborative efforts, the MEGA Side Imaging+ and MEGA Down Imaging+ systems deliver extremely crisp photos of the water bodies you want to explore in your quest for fish to catch.

With this boat, you can explore up to 200 feet on both sides and up to 200 feet below the surface of the water. You may also explore up to 200 feet below the surface of the water. Another thing that you will be delighted to know is that the sonar frequency is three times higher than the usual frequency of 455 kHz, which results in the greater outcomes that have been discussed above.

When you use a fish finder to locate schools of fish that are moving beneath your boat, the images that you may see may not always be crystal clear, depending on the conditions. It is fairly easy to confuse algae and other things for fish, which is why low-cost models may not be able to send you in the direction of the most densely populated area of fish with high accuracy.

With the Helix 9, you will have incredible precision, and you will be able to see the fish moving in the water without being easily mislead because of the quality of the image supplied by the device. The Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar is capable of locating fish schools while also making it easy for you to distinguish them from the bottom of the water body and other structures in the water.

Its capacity to see the underwater environment in two different modes is another feature that distinguishes this fish finder’s great performance from the competition. One is referred to as Wide Mode, and its primary function is to provide the greatest amount of coverage while sacrificing some of the finer details. There is also another mode called Narrow Mode, which is designed to provide you with the greatest amount of detail in a tiny region of the image.

In addition, the sonar is packed with a slew of capabilities that improve its performance while also justifying its hefty price tag. Despite the fact that you may be intimidated by the price of this fish detector, you may also be fully aware that such performance would not be possible without significant investments in imaging technology and high-quality components in general. In a nutshell, this fish finder is unbeatable when it comes to performance.

Main disadvantage

You would expect a fish finder of this kind to come with all of the necessary attachments, and perhaps even something a little more. A number of necessary extras are included in the package, including the appropriate mounting hardware, a power cable, a gimbal mounting bracket, and a unit cover.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the transducer does not include a trolling motor mount, which can only be interpreted as an oversight on behalf of the manufacturer. It is possible that you will not have all of the mounting options available at the time of purchase, and this will reduce the overall value of the product.


Main features explained

The power of CHIRP imaging

While we have already discussed the strong performance of this model, now is an appropriate time to go into greater detail regarding the CHIRP function of the vehicle. As an add-on to military GPS systems, this particular imaging technique was developed, which provides some insight into how its performance was anticipated from the beginning. As time went on, it began to appear on high-end fish finders such as this one.

For fishermen, the most major advantage of this technology is that it provides exceptional image clarity, which is critical for determining whether or not they can spot schools of fish without mistaking them for other underwater objects. Using bouncing waves to bombard an area, the technology can distinguish between objects moving underwater that are different in strength. This helps to distinguish between objects moving underwater that are different in strength.

Other imaging methods can only employ a single sort of pulse, which results in a murky image on the fish finder’s display when used in conjunction with other imaging technologies. By using CHIRP, you will receive the most accurate readings possible from a machine of this type. It has never been easier to locate fish schools, and it is admirable that the Helix 9 is equipped with this functionality.

We previously noted that CHIRP was mostly employed in military GPS systems, thus it is a good thing that this fish finder also includes GPS technology. As a result, it will be easy for you to navigate your way about, and you won’t have to be concerned about getting lost when exploring new territory. In addition to telling you how fast you are traveling, the GPS feature will be appreciated by you.

Other excellent navigation features

Any angler understands the importance of navigation functions in a unit that combines the power of GPS with high-quality picture capabilities. Even though they are well-suited for their intended purpose, which is to explain the sea world and the environment around you in a form that is simple to grasp, they cannot be used in place of other useful navigational tools such as charts and maps.

This fish detector is equipped with the Humminbird Basemap, which is a map of the seafloor. This platform will be quite beneficial to you as a source of charts because it is really comprehensive. Everything provided by the site is based on NOAA data, and it includes charts for both inland and offshore regions for the bodies of water you wish to explore with the help of such a powerful navigation device.

When you hear the stats, you’ll be even more amazed than you already are. No fewer than 10,000 lakes are represented on this platform, and together with depth contours, the unit also gives information on the location of various docks and marina, buoys and hazards, as well as highways, hotels and camping areas. According to what you’ve seen thus far, your fish finder is capable of much more than simply finding fish schools.

You may be able to access chart bases from other manufacturers if you decide to upgrade your equipment in the future. For example, your Helix 9 can function flawlessly with SmartStrike, LakeMaster, and Navionics, without the need for any additional software.

The AutoChart Live is another great tool to take advantage of. When using this tool for water bodies, you can track the depth contours of a water body and have them shown in the form of an overlay map. There is even the option to construct your own maps to play with.

Exceptional clarity with the SwitchFire feature

As a result of the numerous advantages provided by the sonar system placed on this unit, it is prudent to examine one of the features that distinguishes this system from the competition. In addition to CHIRP, all Helix fish finders now include the DualBeam SwitchFire, which is a useful added function. Aside from having a catchy name, you should be aware that this function is responsible for making it simple for you to go from a broad to a narrow view in order to analyze important elements more thoroughly.

If it weren’t for the SwitchFire, even the best CHIRP performance anyone has ever seen would not have been nearly as good as it is. In order to differentiate itself from competitors, the manufacturer of this fish finder developed its unique Time Variable Gain function and labeled it as such. The photographs will not become hazy or unreadable as a result of using this method. Previously unnoticed details will now be brought to light thanks to this functionality.

Not only will you be able to determine whether or not the items swimming in the water are fish, but you will also be able to determine whether or not they are large enough to catch. This is a particularly useful feature because many fishing places have severe rules about the amount of fish that can be caught and taken home with you.

In order to achieve a crisper image with a higher frequency than the broad look (which utilizes 83 kHz), the feature changes the frequency to 200 kHz. It is possible to quickly determine the ideal areas to cast your line by switching between them on a regular basis, increasing your chances of catching something.

The superior control display

Aside from the superb sonar and navigation features, one aspect of this item that you will appreciate is the control display on the front. With a 9-inch TFT display in 16-bit colors and a resolution of 1024600, this model offers a high level of visual appeal. With this fish finder, you will have the best display available on the market, and you will be able to inspect the readings in superb image quality.

This type is equipped with LED backlighting, which is useful when there is insufficient light, or even when there is too much light, to facilitate reading. You’ll love the viewing clarity provided by the 85-degree viewing angle, and you’ll have no doubt that you’re holding a high-quality item in your hands. If you happen to accidentally spill any water on the screen, it will not be a problem because the IPX7 waterproof rating ensures that it will not be damaged.

Please keep in mind that while there is no touchscreen on the Helix 9, it does come with a simple to use keypad for controlling the device. Only the keypad can be used for navigating through all of the menus, selecting apps, and accessing other features. However, you will get the feel of it quite fast, so it will not be a problem.

Many individuals like how user-friendly the UI is. Furthermore, because it is Bluetooth-compatible, you can connect your phone to your fish finder and take advantage of the notifications that will be sent directly to your phone from the device. The phone will remain safely in your pocket, protected from water and any potential harm that may result as a result of the incident.