Best Hunting Rangefinders under 200 (Must Read Reviews)

Hunting Rangefinders under 200 – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison

If you spend a lot of your free time hunting and you need to update your equipment with the best hunting rangefinder under 200 dollars that is currently available for purchase, you might find this paragraph to be of assistance. After carefully examining the specifications of some of the most highly regarded products in this category, as well as numerous reviews of hunting rangefinders under $200, we have come to the conclusion that the Nikon 8397 ACULON is the first product to be considered for purchasing. A 20mm objective lens and a 6x magnification are included in the ultra-compact body of this rangefinder, which also features intuitive operation and a 20mm objective lens. The unit is not only simple and comfortable to use, but it is also quick, providing you with an accurate reading from as close as 6 yards all the way out to 550 yards in a short amount of time. In addition, the item is rainproof and water-resistant. In the event that you are unable to locate this product, the Simmons 801600 is a reliable alternative.

Comparison table

Nikon ACULON AL11 Black Refurb (Renewed)

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder; Volt & Venture Models

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Cam_202208

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5 Best Hunting Rangefinders under 200 (Reviews) in 2021

There are a variety of tools and devices available to hunters these days to ensure that they have a successful hunt. Among them are hunting GPS units for getting to your hunting destination and a high-quality hunting scope for getting an accurate aiming point on your game. You might want to look at our reviews for more information on some of the best-rated models in this category if you’re looking for a good hunting rangefinder for less than $200.

1. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

Nikon ACULON AL11 Black Refurb (Renewed)

You might find this Nikon hunting range finder to be a good fit if you’re looking for ultra-portability and accurate measurements from your new range finder for hunting. With precise measurements, intuitive operation, and a compact design, this unit is well worth considering if you want to improve your overall gaming experience.

Due to the fact that it weighs only 4.4 ounces and measures 3.6”x2.9”x1.5”, this rangefinder redefines portability with its commitment to providing world-class performance in a small, lightweight package. By providing a single button for operation, the product allows you to concentrate on your target rather than on figuring out how the device works.

The 8397 ACULON is equipped with a 20mm objective lens that provides a magnification of 6x. It also has a long eye relief and multilayer-coated optics, which will allow the user to see more light because of the higher light transmittance. When combined with the unit’s ability to minimize light loss caused by reflection, this results in a clearer and more natural view.

Another feature that distinguishes this model is the speed with which it measures and the accuracy with which it does so. Designed to provide an accurate reading from 6 to 550 yards immediately after you press the button, it does so without the need for calibration. In order to ensure that you can use it even when the weather conditions are not the most pleasant, the rangefinder has been designed to be water-resistant and rainproof.


This rangefinder, which has an ultra-compact body, will enhance your experience by providing accurate measurements as soon as you press the button on the device.

Featuring a 20mm objective lens, a long eye relief, multilayer-coated optics, and a 6x magnification, this model stands out from the crowd. That is, because any light loss caused by reflection is minimized, you will have a natural and clear view of the surrounding area.

The rangefinder provides accurate readings from as close as 6 yards out to a maximum distance of 550 yards. The item was programmed in Distant Target Priority Mode, which allows you to see the range of the target that is the furthest away from you in the group of targets that are being measured at the same time.

Due to its small size (3.6”x2.9”x1.5”) and light weight (4.4 ounces), adding it to your hunting equipment won’t take up much valuable space. Plus, using it for extended sessions won’t get your hands tired.


Although some customers appreciate the compact body, some say the item is too small for average hands.


2. Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder Black

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder; Volt & Venture ModelsAnother option to consider when shopping for a new rangefinder is the Simmons 801600 Volt 600, which is available in black or white. The product was created to provide the hunter with accurate measurements and ease of use, and as a result, it is equipped with specifications that have received positive feedback from those who have used it.

This model, which features an in-view LCD display, provides the precise distance to your target from 10 to 600 yards away, and it only takes one push of a button to take advantage of all of its features. Furthermore, the bright, crystal-clear optics, as well as the 4x magnification, will provide you with a clear view of your intended target.

Because hunting sessions can last for hours at a time, the unit is designed with an efficient, compact vertical layout to ensure that using it will not interfere with your comfort. With dimensions of 3.9 4.7 2.8 inches and the fact that it is weather resistant, you can easily incorporate it into your hunting rain gear.

As a result, not only is the laser rangefinder simple to use, but it is also lightweight and portable. The accuracy of +/- 1 yard and the range performance of 600 yards make it ideal for both gun and bow hunting applications. With a 9-Volt battery powering the device, it can deliver measurements in both meters and yards.


This unit is dedicated to elevating your hunting experience to the next level by providing simple operation and rapid range estimation.

The bright, clear optics, the 4x magnification, and the in-view LCD display all work together to provide you with clear images of your target. The unit is well suited for use at both dawn and dusk.

Because of its 600-yard ranging capability and +/- 1-yard accuracy, the rangefinder can be used for both gun and bow hunting with equal effectiveness.

You can take precise measurements quickly and easily because the unit only requires the push of a button to complete its task. Meters and yards are the units of measurement provided.

Because it is compact, you can use it for an extended period of time without your hands becoming fatigued from holding it. In addition to being weather-resistant, it is also compact, measuring only 3.95 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches.


According to several customers, the unit was unable to read anything farther than 300 yards away.


3. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector Cam_202208 In hunting, there are no second chances, or at least that is what Bushnell had in mind when he designed this rangefinder. The unit comes with specifications that will help you eliminate any guesswork from your shots while also keeping you stealthy when you’re out hunting, thanks to its camo design that will complement your hunting camo clothing.

The Realtree Xtra is designed to improve your hunting performance by providing a 600-yard ranging performance and +/- 1-yard accuracy, among other things. Furthermore, it will accomplish this without necessitating excessive effort on your part. As soon as you press the button, it will begin to deliver accurate measurements.

This microscope’s in-view LCD display, 4x magnification, and crystal-clear optics will ensure that everything you see is clear and precise. Only one step closer to your next trophy can be gained by doing so. Furthermore, the product is not only quick and accurate, but it is also lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport and use.

Despite its small size, the item has a vertical and compact design, measuring only 3 by 5 by 5.5 inches. It has a weather-resistant housing, which makes it ideal for use in all weather conditions, including rain and snow. In addition, the materials used ensure long-term durability.


The features included with this model will assist you in locating your target more quickly, easily, and accurately. Furthermore, because of its camouflage design, it will do so while assisting you in blending in.

Because of the 4x magnification, crystal-clear optics, and in-view LCD display, you will be able to determine the exact distance to a target from 10 to 600 yards and thus spot it quickly and accurately.

Convenience for the hunter was a primary consideration in the design of the unit. As a result, it has a vertical design that is compact and has a single button for operation. You will be able to concentrate on your target rather than on figuring out how the device operates.

The weather-resistant construction will allow you to continue your hunting activities even when the weather conditions are less than ideal.


At least one customer has complained that the lighting is inadequate, and that it is difficult to read the numbers in low light conditions.


4. Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder Bowhunting and Gun Hunting

Halo XL450 Range Finder, 450 Yard laser range finder for rifle and bow hunting , blackThis rangefinder from Halo provides you with several advantages, including improved focus, more precise readings, and ease of use. This model should not be overlooked when looking for a high-quality hunting rangefinder because it has specifications that will make you feel confident in every shot you take and a durable construction that will last for years.

The XL450-7 features a 6x magnification and a 450-yard ranging performance, making it an excellent choice for both bow and rifle hunting applications. This game’s artificial intelligence technology takes into account the slope, and its specifications will allow you to range a large animal out to 350 yards and a tree line out to 450 yards with relative ease. The Scan mode, on the other hand, ensures that the range remains constant.

Because it is compact, weighs 7 ounces, and measures 8.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches, you can use it for extended hunting sessions and even when the weather conditions are less than ideal. Furthermore, it is long-lasting and water-resistant. The unit is powered by a CR2 battery, which is included in the package with the unit.

With readings in both meters and yards, the rangefinder has been praised by many of the customers who have tried it for providing accurate readings while also being simple to operate.


This rangefinder, which boasts specifications that will provide you with accurate readings and a better focus, is an essential tool if you want to have successful hunting sessions.

Your hunting experience will be enhanced by the 450-yard range and the 6x magnification, which will allow you to get a better understanding of the distance to your target as well as an accurate view of it.

This product has a range of 350 yards for a large animal and 450 yards for a tree line with no problem. This makes it an excellent choice for both bow and rifle hunting. Furthermore, the scan mode ensures that the range remains constant.

The product is powered by a CR2 battery (included), which provides at least one year of operation. Because it is only 7 ounces in weight, it is lightweight and convenient to use.

Because of the water-resistant construction, the hunter can use the rangefinder even in less than ideal weather conditions, such as rain.


The unit might not be ideal for rifle hunting as the focus is very sensitive, according to one buyer.


5. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder with Arc

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder with Arc, Matte BlackAiming to provide users with a clear view of their target, this Bushnell rangefinder is another option that should not be overlooked when looking to upgrade your hunting equipment with a high-quality rangefinder. This unit’s durable and comfortable construction, which is made possible by the use of high-quality materials and high-end specifications, will provide a remarkable level of performance.

The 800-yard range and +/- 1-yard accuracy are two of the reasons why many customers have given this item positive reviews and have praised it for helping them to improve their hunting results. This item, which was created with archers in mind, will provide you with precise distances on reflective targets up to 850 yards and a magnification of 4x on your target.

The intuitive and simple one-touch operation is complemented by a menu that is simple to navigate and understand. It is simple to switch between yards and meters, as well as to turn on and off bow mode. The unit has a field of view of 430 feet from a distance of 1,000 yards and is equipped with a 20mm objective lens and multi-coated optical components.

Because of the large amount of eye relief, it is suitable even for people who wear glasses. The rangefinder is powered by a CR-2 battery, and it will automatically shut down after a few seconds of inactivity if the battery is not replaced.


The unit is simple and comfortable to operate, and it is equipped with specifications that will put you one step closer to enjoying hunting success.

Its field of view is 430 feet from a distance of 1,000 yards, and it provides precise distances on reflective targets up to a range of 850 yards on reflective targets.

There are four times the magnification and a twenty-millimeter objective lens with multi-coated optics, which will provide you with a sharp image without any hassle.

To get accurate measurements, you only need to press the button once or twice. The menu is straightforward and simple to navigate. You have the ability to quickly switch between different modes.

Rubber has been used to protect the housing, allowing you to have a comfortable and secure grip. Because the product is water-resistant, you can still use it even when the weather is less than ideal.


A few customers say that the LCD display is difficult to read in low-light conditions.



Buying Guide

Because of the most recent technological advancements and the wide variety of hunting tools available on today’s market, hunters can significantly improve their experience and raise the level of their performance in the field. Anything and everything that is added to your hunting equipment is important, from the bow arrows you use to the hunting blinds you choose to use.

Rangefinders are also essential because they calculate the distance between you and the target. However, due to the large number of models available on the market, it may be difficult to find the right product for your requirements. Here are the characteristics you should look for in order to identify and purchase the rangefinder that best meets your requirements.

Ranging Performance and Magnification

It’s important to keep in mind the range and magnification capabilities of the model you’re considering purchasing as the first consideration. Because rangefinders have a variable distance range, you must consider the type of hunting you will be doing before purchasing one. The majority of such products have a maximum range of up to 1000 yards in most cases.

Then there are models that can deliver performance out to a distance of up to 1500 yards. They are, however, usually more expensive than other options. When hunting in low-light conditions, however, the distance traveled may be shorter as a result.

You must be aware of the distance between you and your target, but you must also be able to see it clearly. As a result, don’t forget to consider the magnification power of the device you intend to purchase. If you are practicing bow hunting, a 4x magnification will suffice, whereas if you are practicing rifle hunting, you may want to go higher than 7x.

Dimensions and Durability

Hunting sessions can last for several hours at a time if conditions are favorable. The dimensions, design, and weight of the device are all visible at this point in the process. If you want to use a rangefinder, you should look for one that is lightweight and easy to handle. Hunting designs that are vertical and camouflage in nature are preferred by most hunters because they are easy to handle and help them blend in.

Then opt for materials that are waterproof or weather-resistant, which will allow you to continue hunting even in less than ideal weather conditions. Because of the nature of hunting sessions, it is necessary to have durable equipment.

Ease of use, accuracy, and other features

A rangefinder should make your hunting experience more enjoyable and efficient. As a result, simplicity of operation is essential. You must concentrate on your target and the appropriate time to fire, rather than on the operation of the device. Consider a model with a single-button operation to keep things as simple as possible.

As technology advances, manufacturers are able to incorporate ever-increasing features into their products. Another advantage of using a rangefinder that you might be interested in is the angle compensation it provides. Using a laser rangefinder, which calculates the angle between the hunter and the target, is ideal if you’re hunting at extreme angles and want to get a good shot at it.