Top rated tackle bags for fishing of 2017 | Advice & Reviews

Tackle bags for bass fishing – Review & Comparison

If you are only here for a quick suggestion on a good tackle bag for bass fishing, then the following paragraph should provide you with the information needed. Among the products available for sale, we found that the Flambeau 6175TB attracted the most positive feedback from professional and amateur fishermen alike. Especially appreciated was its good size, which allows it to hold up to four large tackle boxes that come together with this product. It’s made out of water resistant vinyl with a polyester lining and can hold well to all environmental conditions, assuring you will get a lot of use from it. It also has a couple of interesting novelty features that are well suited for the bass angler’s needs — a line spool purse in the side pocket and markings for dimensions on the shoulder strap so that you might easier assess the size of your catch. If portability is a main concern, then the Barkley BATBSFW might just be what you’re looking for.

Our top choices

With so much on offer out there, it can prove difficult to find the best fishing tackle bag for your needs. After consulting dozens and dozens of tackle bag reviews, we found that the following products tend to come out on top in regards to meeting the specific necessities of the bass angler.

Flambeau 6175TB

It will take a large number of different types of lures, as well as an efficient system for sorting and organizing them, to be a successful bass angler. The Flambeau meets this requirement by giving a large amount of storage space, which is sufficient to accommodate the four 5007 tuff trainers that can be included with the bag. These are themselves pretty large, and they include a glass lid, which makes it simpler to spot specific lures in the box.

A smaller tray from the 1-4000 series can be stored within the front rubberized saddle-pouch, and two zippered side pockets can be used to store a variety of additional items. Besides that, it contains an additional container for extra line and a waterproof pocket for your phone and other important goods. Two outside mesh pockets are located on either side of the bag for easy access.

As a result of its vinyl outer layer, the item is fairly water resistant, and it also holds up well against ultraviolet rays. Customers have praised it for being durable and well-constructed, and the D rings near the bottom of the bag add an added layer of survivability by ensuring that the bag remains securely fastened to the boat even while the boat is tilting violently at high speeds.

Additionally, inch markings are included on the cushioned strap, which we thought was a great addition. This feature is especially useful for anglers who want to take quick measures of their catch without needing to attach it to a scale.

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Barkley’s decision to prioritize mobility and ease over carrying capacity appears to have been a conscious one. This nifty small gadget, however, can still accommodate two 9″ x 4,75″ x 1,25″ lure trays, among other stuff, making it perfect for even the most austere of bass fishermens.

Despite the fact that it is still small enough to be carried on a bicycle, it includes three mesh pockets for easy access to line pliers, as well as an additional front bag with a hook-and-loop closing. Many satisfied customers have reported that it can accommodate a surprising amount of goods if you make a thorough selection of the lures you want to bring with you on your trip.

One reviewer claims to have packed a helmet, sunscreen, insect spray, gloves, needle-nose pliers, an energy bar, a pack of smokes, a ziplock bag containing the phone and paperwork, and a bottle of water in addition to one of the bait trays that came with the product.

Despite the fact that nylon is often considered to be extremely water resistant, this product only provides mediocre water resistance due to the zippers’ ability to enable fluids to soak through. In light of the fact that these take up three-quarters of the main compartment, allowing for a large hole, it would be wise to protect all of your valuables before utilizing this backpack from a kayak.

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CLC Wild River WT3505

The great number of additional functions that this product appears to provide to bass anglers appears to be its primary selling point. It has a simple plier holder that can be removed and fastened to the belt, which is really useful when angling for large fish, as we all know how crucial it is to have quick access to this equipment. It also comes with a retractable still cable lanyard, which may be used to keep clippers and other tiny equipment safe while not in use.

It, like the majority of CLC products, is equipped with an LED light to make night fishing a little less difficult. This can be moved about while still connected to its own cable to illuminate whatever location you require illumination in.

Aside from that, it has enough room for four #3700 trays (the manufacturer specifies five, although users believe this figure to be overly optimistic in actuality), as well as two big side pockets that also include mesh bag inserts.

Despite the fact that the removable strap is devoid of padding, it may be readily changed to fit comfortably around either the waist or the shoulder. Because of the location of the plier holder (which, by the way, is quite easy to reach from a waist position), this unit does not have a decent handle.

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Guide to Purchasing

Because most fishing equipment are designed to meet a variety of different, and often opposing, user requirements, the best tackle bag for bass fishing may as well not exist. However, there are a few characteristics to consider in order to make a successful purchase.


When it comes to bass fishing, most anglers prefer to have an ample supply of several types of bait on hand. To be placed in the carrying bag, all of the baits must fit into a tray that has been designed to hold them. There are topwater baits, jerk baits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and soft plastic baits.

It is possible to neatly store all of the lures you will need in a 3700 utility box, which is required to be carried by all bass tackle bags, but restricting yourself to to the essentials is never as much fun as experimenting with different lures and different techniques.

That’s why, when it comes to bass fishing, we believe that when it comes to portability against size, the scales tend to tip in favor of the latter, which means that bigger is generally preferable unless you have a particular need or respect for bags that are easier to transport.

You’ll also need a pair of line clippers and a pair of needle nose pliers, the latter of which is particularly useful for removing tough hooks from huge fish. When you add in a small sharpening stone to keep them sharp and other sharp objects in good operating condition, it becomes clear that you’ll need plenty of side pockets.


Specialized pockets, such as those for pliers or objects that you don’t want to get wet, are always useful, but mesh sections and zip lock bags can sometimes provide functionality that is similar to that of specialized pockets. Meshes appear to be highly valued, as seen by the fact that practically all of the goods we’ve looked at are equipped with them.

In terms of water protection, zippered pockets are usually sufficient. This is especially true because the zippers that are prone to leaking are typically located high on the body, allowing them to provide a dry space even if the bag is placed on something wet, such as the hull of a kayak, rather than low on the body.


The nylon and polyester tackle bags that are typically used for fishing have good tear resistance and, even if they are not specially treated, can perform an adequate job of keeping water out of the bags. If you are concerned about water repellent treatment for nylon, look for a D next to the material’s alphanumeric identification (type) on the label. If this is an extremely significant issue for you, check for it.

Additionally, UV resistance is advantageous since sunlight not only causes discoloration but also significantly modifies the material’s characteristics, making it more brittle and susceptible to flaking and tearing.