Top rated fishing lines for walleye of 2017 | Advice & Reviews

Fishing lines for walleye – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison

If you lack time to go through all the walleye fishing line reviews, for sale but you still want to find the best product out there, we have you covered. After carrying out an extensive research on the subject, we have reached the conclusion that the Power Pro Spectra is the model that you should consider purchasing. This line is especially liked by current users thanks to the fact that it is strong and durable. Moreover, the product has a very thin diameter, the reason why the lures get more action in the water. Another key feature of this model is its increased sensitivity that allows the angler to feel every bite. If the Power Pro Spectra is out of stock, we suggest you try the Stren MagnaThin as it is a solid second option.

Our top choices

We understand that choosing the best walleye fishing line is a difficult undertaking, therefore we have compiled a list of the best goods for you to consider. The following considerations were taken into consideration throughout the selection process: customer feedback, overall brand quality, and the price to value ratio. In order to save time, read on to find the model that is most appropriate for your specific requirements.

Power Pro Spectra

Produced by a well-known name, the Power Pro Spectra is a walleye fishing model that guarantees dependability and sturdiness, two characteristics that are essential while walleye fishing. This model is quite sensible due to the narrow diameter of the line, and as a result, the angler can easily feel every bite that occurs.

Furthermore, you may spool this line immediately from the box, with no additional work on your part. In addition, because the maker strives to meet the demands of all of its customers, this product is equipped with a built-in cutter that you may use while you are away fishing. You will not be required to bring any additional items with you as a result of this functionality.

Another useful aspect of the model is the fact that the packaging is designed in such a way that you may properly store the line when it is not being used. You won’t have to worry about whether or not the quality of the remaining line has been maintained as a result of this.


The narrow diameter of the model ensures that the angler will be provided with a reasonable line length. As a result, no fishing opportunity will be overlooked.

Because of the high number of repeat customers who have purchased the product, it is an indication of the model’s dependability and overall worth.

Some people commented on the fact that this line is more durable than similar models. Others agreed. As a result, by making an investment in it, you can actually save money.

The fact that the line is able to withstand abuse is greatly appreciated by the public. Consequently, you can rely on it to be dependable and not to malfunction in unexpected circumstances.


The product is a little more expensive than similar products on the market. In any case, the purchasers who have purchased the model do not consider this to be a significant disadvantage of the model.

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the line snapping. However, because these types of accidents occurred in such a limited number of instances, they should not be interpreted as a weakness in the product.

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Stren MagnaThin

According to the majority of anglers, the Stren MagnaThin is an additional product that should be considered before putting any orders online. Small diameter is one of the characteristics that make this model particularly appealing, as it reduces water drag, allows for faster sinking, and results in improved lure movement. It has also been observed that this model does not tangle in the same way.

Furthermore, the producer claims that the product’s strong strength-to-diameter ratio allows consumers to reduce the line size by one or two sizes without reducing strength. In the same way, this lie has minimal visibility, which is one of the reasons you can safely use it for walleye fishing.

Another quality that this device is supposed to have is the ability to cast with pinpoint accuracy. You can now experience smooth casts with little to no effort as a result of this innovation. Customers have also stated that the product has a high resistance to knots and rat nests, as well as a low memory, which is particularly noteworthy.


The model is well suited for long-distance casting applications. It has the advantage of having little to no stretch.

Because of its thinness, customers have noted that the line has exceptional knot strength as well as a low line memory, which is a plus.

Many satisfied clients have expressed their delight in discovering that the line is, in fact, just as described. As a result of its features, many people continue to purchase it on a regular basis.

When compared to similar items, the line is believed to sink more quickly and have a better lure action, according to the manufacturer.


There have been reports from users that this line is prone to breaking at any given time. Despite this, the majority of anglers who used the product did not have this problem.

Similar to this, a very limited percentage of anglers have expressed concern that the model is prone to being tangled. However, it is possible that the problem was caused by the manner the product had been stored prior to it being used in the first place.

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Northland Tackle 350 

Finally, but certainly not least, we couldn’t conclude this list without adding the Northland Tackle 350, a model that is specifically built for walleye fishing. This product is great for this form of fishing since it has been designed in such a way that it delivers both strength and flexibility at the same time.

This type is particularly well balanced and sensitive to light bites because it was designed to resist the rigors of real-world fishing conditions. A consequence of this is supposed to be the angler’s increased ability to exert significant control over the rod. Furthermore, this is a line that provides the user with the silky smooth flexibility that is required to catch large walleyes on the fly.

Furthermore, because this line is transparent, you can use it without being concerned that the fish will be able to see you. As a result, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your fishing experience knowing that your equipment is completely dependable.


Six pounds and 350 yards later, the model had passed a series of tests and been determined to be powerful enough for the purpose at hand.

Because this line is a monofilament, you will be able to appreciate its versatility if you choose to use it instead of another.

The product is clear, and as a result, it merges well with the water, creating a pleasing effect. As a result, the line is extremely difficult for the fish to detect while being visible to the angler.

The model has a reasonable price for the high level of quality it provides.


The lack of a large number of evaluations for the product makes it impossible to determine whether or not the product has any hidden flaws. Nonetheless, the lack of product reviews should not be interpreted as a flaw in the product.

When fishing for walleyes, anglers typically use a fluorocarbon line as a leader rather than a monofilament line.

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Buying guide

Finding the best walleye fishing line is not a simple endeavor, especially for those who are new to the sport of fishing. Here are some pointers to help you out. For this reason, and because we are well aware of the difficulties that can arise while looking for a good walleye fishing line, we have put together a list of characteristics that one should look for in a model of this nature. As a result, do your research and get a model that is ideal for this style of fishing.


The fact that walleyes can grow to be fairly large is something most walleye anglers are well aware of if they are in the business of walleye fishing. Consequently, we recommend that you choose a model of line that is strong enough to ensure that you do not lose any fish throughout your fishing excursion.

Additionally, it would be a good idea for you to go online and read what current users have to say about the product you’re considering purchasing. During this process, keep an eye out for information indicating whether or not the model you are considering is prone to snapping quickly.


Another important consideration while buying for products in this area is the line’s susceptibility to temperature changes. In this case, we recommend that you choose a model with a small diameter to save on space.

According to professional reviews, a thin line is more likely to provide you with an increased level of sensitivity. As a result, by selecting line with a small diameter, you will be able to feel every bite.

Line visibility

Another issue that needs to be addressed right away is the visibility of the line in the first place. To put it another way, it is recommended that you take the time before ordering a product to ensure that the line you are interested in is visible to the fish or is not.

Purchasing a line that is transparent is an excellent technique to go about this. Thus, you’ll be able to relax knowing that, no matter what color the water happens to be, the line will blend seamlessly when submerged.

Ability to cast

The use of a line that allows the fisherman to cast the line in a smooth manner is critical while fishing for walleyes in a lake.

Reading the web comments that have been left about the product is a highly practical means of determining whether or not the model you like best is capable of doing so. Furthermore, you will be able to observe how trustworthy or unreliable the line has shown to be when it has been utilized by others.

Power Pro Spectra (B003IGVIHM)Stren MagnaThin (B00LDYJGB6)Northland Tackle 350 (B005F085YS)
The goodWith a good price to value ratio and great online reviews, the Power Pro Spectra is a model everybody looking for a strong and durable line should definitely consider. Due to the fact that this is a three end braided construction, the product is said to have near-zero stretch and be very sensible.Another favorite among fishermen, the Stren MagnaThin is another model that you should check out before placing any orders. With a small diameter, this product supplies the angler with less water drag and improved lure action. Moreover, the model is said to sink faster than similar products, a feature many look for in such an item.If you are looking for a model that comes at a great price, the Northland Tackle 350 should be your go to model. This 6-pound fishing line is said to be sturdy enough for you to never lose a fish again. Moreover, the transparency of the product ensures that the line won’t be noticed by any fish. So, go ahead and give it a try!
The badA handful of buyers pointed to the fact that the model is more expensive than similar alternatives. However, given its features, not many were discouraged by its price.A number of users said that the model snaps easily. Still, the number of those who have experienced this issue is very small and, thus, should not be seen as a major drawback.Because the model doesn’t have a lot of online reviews, it is hard to tell what are, if any, the main drawbacks of the line. Anyhow, this aspect should not affect your decision to buy it.
The bottom lineAll in all, if you don’t mind making an investment in order to buy high-quality line, this model might be just what you’ve been searching for.Consequently, if you are in the market for a good product that comes at an affordable price, you should have this line in mind, as it is a great alternative.Last but not least, this model is also worth having in mind by all those looking for a fishing line for walleye, as its features recommend it for the job.