Best Barronett Hunting Blinds (Must Read Reviews)

Best Barronett Hunting Blinds (Must Read Reviews)

The following buying guide may be just what you’re looking for if you’re still looking for the best Barronett hunting blind in the year 2021. After conducting a thorough analysis of the market, we have determined that the Big Cat 350 Hub is the unit in which you should consider investing. Despite its large footprint, this device is only 80 inches tall and has a footprint of 70 x 70 inches, which is large enough for a hunter to feel comfortable in. Furthermore, it is claimed that this product has the capacity to accommodate no fewer than three hunters at a time. As a result of this feature, you and your best friends will be able to hunt and explore the unknown together in the future. If the previously described model is out of stock, feel free to look into the Big Mike Hunting, which is a highly regarded item that you may find to be suitable for your requirements as well as the previously described model.

3 Best Barronett Hunting Blinds (Reviews) in 2021

In order to assist you in selecting the best hunting blind by Barronet from the plethora of similar units that are available for purchase, we have compiled a list of products that experienced hunters frequently recommend. So go ahead and educate yourself before making a decision!

1. Barronett Big Cat Backwoods

It is worth your consideration to purchase the Big Cat 350 Hub if you are looking for a product that is tall enough to accommodate a solid and stable bow stand. In particular, this device is worth your consideration because it is 80″ tall at its center, allowing it to be used when shooting while standing.

As an added bonus, the item has a footprint of 70″ x 70″ that is large enough for you to easily fit your equipment inside without difficulty. Furthermore, due to its generous dimensions, the hunt can comfortably accommodate three people while still providing them with plenty of elbow room.

When not in use, the device can be folded and transported/stored with relative ease. In fact, the unit is only 19 lbs in weight. As a result, it shouldn’t be too difficult to transport when out hunting with you. Another significant advantage of the model is that it is equipped with large windows that allow users to get a good view of their immediate surroundings.

Furthermore, the windows of the blind are noise-free, so the game will not be scared away by the sound of you opening them, as it would be otherwise. Also noteworthy is the fact that this product was constructed entirely of metal hubs and solid fiberglass poles. As a result, this model is quite sturdy and is unlikely to be damaged easily in use.


2. Barronett Big Mike Ground Hunting Blind

The Big Mike Hunting is yet another device that you might want to consider as a good investment. With a five-tub design that is simple to set up and take down, this unit also includes a shoot through mesh that can help you get good shots while remaining under cover of the unit.

Furthermore, the model, according to the manufacturer, has a flexible window configuration that can be customized. Because of this, the user has the ability to open the blind’s windows both horizontally and vertically, which is one of the reasons why many people believe the model is appropriate for use when bow hunting. This device has a total of six trapezoid windows, as well as two highly efficient peek windows.

The material used in the construction of this device is durable, waterproof, and appears to be tightly woven together in order to provide the user with adequate protection from the elements. This model is also quite large in terms of physical dimensions. The product’s height is 80″ and its footprint is 59′′x 59′′, which makes it even more impressive. The device weighs a total of 19 lb., making it small and portable enough to be carried in your backpack while out on the hunt.

Durable design and sturdy fiberglass poles are two other features of the unit that you may find useful in addition to their obvious functionality.


3. Barronett Blinds BM01BB Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind

One more product that might catch your eye is the BM01BB model, which is available in black. This unit is also quite large, measuring 75″ from hub to hub from front to back. This allows those who are using it plenty of elbow room when shooting, which is one of the reasons you are more likely to find it suitable for bow hunting than other types of hunting. Furthermore, the device is large enough to accommodate two hunters and their equipment.

Even when fully packed, the model weighs only 19 lbs., making it light and portable enough to be transported effortlessly between hunting locations. According to previous purchasers, the device can also be equipped with a small propane space heater, which will keep you warm during the colder months of November and December, according to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, it is critical that you are aware that the product has large windows, which allow its buyers to use a high-quality hunting scope while viewing the product. Additionally, the product is praised for including a bag that is equipped with a convenient carrying strap for transporting it. As a result, it will be a piece of cake to transport!

Finally, it should be mentioned that the only disadvantage that some users have pointed out is that the model is constructed using Velcro straps. As a result, if you decide to open the windows while the prey is close by, it may become a little too noisy, which may scare away the game.


Buying Guide

Barronett Blinds reviews are available online, but if you don’t have the time to read them but still want to know what features are important to look for when shopping for this line of products, the following list of aspects can be of great assistance. Continue reading to learn about the must-have characteristics that should not be overlooked.


In a similar vein to when purchasing a trail camera, portability should be one of the first considerations when selecting the best hunting blind by Barronett for your needs. As you are aware, hunting entails a great deal of movement. Consequently, it is essential that you select an apparatus that is light in weight as well as easy to transport.

Based on these considerations, we advise you to purchase a unit that is no heavier than 20 lbs. in weight and that comes with a carrying bag as standard equipment. And even more so, if you plan to go hunting with a companion, you shouldn’t have any problems sharing the responsibility of transporting the device.


The product’s size should also be taken into consideration, which is equally important. As a result, when making your decision, don’t forget to consider the model’s dimensions, as this can assist you in determining whether or not a device is appropriate for your needs.

For example, if you intend to go hunting with a friend, you should order a product that is large enough to accommodate both of you and your buddy’s hunting equipment. Although the model should provide you with sufficient elbow room, you should not feel uncomfortable because of a lack of available space while you are shooting.

Furthermore, if you intend to go hunting during the colder months, make certain that the product you choose is compatible with a small heater. You can rest assured that you will not be subjected to any discomfort as a result of the extreme temperatures.

Options not included in the base price

In conclusion, if the unit that you have chosen does not include shoot through mesh, it may be a good idea to invest in an additional hunting face mask, which will help you to remain hidden from prey during your hunt. Your chances of success will significantly increase as a result of this strategy.

Furthermore, before placing any orders, make sure that the unit that you are interested in can provide you with adequate protection from the weather conditions. If the device that you have chosen is not waterproof, you will need to purchase hunting rain gear in addition to the device itself.