▷ 3 Best Large Tackle Boxes (Must Read Reviews)

Large Tackle Boxes – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison

Are you looking for the best large tackle box but you don’t know how to go about things? If so, the following short paragraph should give you all the information that you need. After analyzing what the market has to offer by reading the large tackle box reviews that have garnered the best customer ratings we have concluded that the Plano Big Game System is the model that you should bear in mind. With a capacity that can hold 40 baits up to 12 inches long, this option offers all the space that you need to store even the largest fishing equipment. The racks can be removed and accommodate stowaway utility boxes which will allow you to further organize your fishing tackle. To make things even better, the box is constructed out of high-impact plastic which gives it increased durability. If the Plano Big Game System is not available, we recommend you consider the Plano 7771.

3 Best Large Tackle Boxes (Reviews) in 2021

If you’ve done your research but you still can’t find the perfect alternative available for sale today, then you should maybe take the time to look at our selection of top-rated products. These models have been selected carefully by taking into account the quality, durability, and value for money that they offer.

1. Plano Big Game System Tackle Box

Plano Big Game System has a big storage capacity that can accommodate up to 40 spoons and baits up to 12 inches in length, so you will have ample place to store all of your fishing tackle needs. Stowaway utility boxes may be stored on the removable racks, allowing you to maximize the amount of available space in your home or office. When it comes to anglers who want to extend their collection, this is the option that will most likely result in an improvement in their performance.

The Plano Big Game System is constructed entirely of high-impact plastic, which is extremely sturdy and can withstand a lot of abuse. You will be able to carry this tackle box with you at all times and in any location because you will no longer have to worry about being slowed down by extreme weather conditions or a difficult terrain to navigate.

With the wormproof construction, you will be able to store your worms in this box without fear of their being eaten. Traditional tackle boxes are made of a type of plastic that reacts with the chemicals used in the production of plastic worms, causing the tray to melt or become permanently disfigured. This is completely out of the question with this option because the special material is designed to combat this and to let you to keep all that you need in it while still being lightweight and durable.


This box has a large storage capacity, allowing you to store baits up to 12 inches in length or even 40 spoons, ensuring that you have enough room for all of your fishing equipment in one place.

Because the box is equipped with removable racks, you can customize and expand the available space to meet your specific requirements.

Furthermore, you may be pleased to know that the box is constructed entirely of high-impact plastic, which can endure even the most rigorous handling.

With the worm-proof construction, the user can store his or her bait safely within this unit, and the fact that it is lightweight and portable means that it will prove to be a very dependable fishing companion.


Some of those who have purchased it have complained that the package is excessively large; thus, double-check the measurements stated in the product description.

When it’s fully loaded, it may be more difficult to move around if the weight is really heavy, so plan accordingly.

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2. Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System

Fishing tackle boxes like the Plano 7771 are ideal for fishermen who want a tackle box that will help them to organize their tools and equipment in a logical and easy to remember manner. You have five large storage areas to choose from, including a bulk storage area that can hold up to four stowaway utility boxes in total. In order to keep all your fishing equipment organized for the many various sorts of fishing that you enjoy, you can utilize them to construct a variety of different fishing setups.

This device also contains a spinnerbait compartment, which is a unique and useful feature that cannot be found in most other models and makes it stand out from the crowd. Features like these are what distinguish the Plano 7771 as a superior alternative; it was created by anglers for anglers, and this is evident when you see how each compartment has been meticulously constructed to make the lives of fisherman easier.

Furthermore, this selection provides one of the greatest values available in this price range and size range, which makes it an even better choice. Due to the fact that it is created entirely of high-quality materials, you won’t have to be concerned about the durability of this alternative. When you need to move or store this incredible product, the collapsible handle will make it much simpler.


Because of the five storage areas, you will be able to organize all of your fishing equipment in a logical manner so that you can find anything quickly.

Because of the design of the four stowaway compartments, you may create a variety of fishing setups to suit the various types of fishing trips that you intend to go on.

One feature that distinguishes this model from others is the spinnerbait compartment, which can make the life of an angler a whole lot simpler.

With materials of the greatest quality, this tackle box can survive severe handling as well, ensuring that you will have a long period of time before you need to purchase another.


Occasionally, the item is sent without the pin that is required for the lid; in these instances, the vendor can provide any assistance that is required.

If the tackle box is fully loaded, it might weigh quite a bit, making it somewhat difficult to move around.

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3. Plano 4 Drawer Tackle Box

The Plano 758 is another deserving addition to our list, and it stands out in particular because of its adaptable design, enormous bulk storage capacity, and exceptionally robust construction. While it might be difficult for experienced fishermen to keep track of all of their fishing equipment in one spot, this alternative manages to provide a solution that allows you to store the entirety of your collection in one location. When you use the four-drawer system, you won’t have any trouble organizing your space in a clever and efficient manner.

You will be able to keep soft plastic fishing lures safely within the tackle box because of the wormproof construction, which eliminates the possibility that they would trigger a chemical reaction and irreversibly harm the trays. Aside from that, the box is highly durable, which allows it to withstand significant impacts. Even if this unit is dropped, it will not sustain significant damage to itself or the equipment inside.

Another feature that distinguishes this option is the fact that its design allows it to be used for a variety of purposes other than fishing. It is true that many consumers have purchased this product to store their own personal collection of objects that have nothing to do with fishing or the fishing industry in general. You may keep anything you want in the sections that are both removable and adjustable.


When it comes to this tackle box, the term “versatility” can be fairly applied because it has a wide bulk storage compartment.

Due to the high-quality materials utilized in its construction, you can rest assured that this Plano model will last the test of time with no issues.

Furthermore, because it has a worm-proof design, you will be able to safely store bait in it, which, as any seasoned angler knows, is always a smart idea when it comes to bait storage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the box will protect the goods within even if it is subjected to significant impacts, so you shouldn’t be concerned about anything when it comes to your equipment.


Some customers have complained that this model is significantly larger than they anticipated, so you may wish to double-check its dimensions before placing your order to avoid disappointment.

When completely stocked, the package is quite substantial, which is something you should be aware of before purchasing.

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Guide to Purchasing

A nice tackle box is not always easy to come by these days, and sorting through all of the available options can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Unfortunately, all of this requires a significant amount of time, which is a resource that not everyone has available. In order to assist you in your endeavor, we have put together a buyer’s guide to assist you in finding the finest product for your needs.

This guide has been created with the input of other customers and expert reviewers in mind, in order to determine the features that would bring the most value to the user. These characteristics will assist you in narrowing down your options so that you can concentrate just on the products that meet your requirements.

Make a system for organizing your fishing equipment and save time.

When seeking to purchase a large tackle box, you should make certain that the model you are considering will be able to assist you in organizing your fishing equipment collection. Whatever your current collection may be, a tackle box is an investment that should last you for years to come. You will almost certainly end up purchasing more equipment in the future, and you will require storage space to house it.

It’s important to manage your time effectively when fishing, and a decent large tackle box may help you do just that. If possible, choose a storage solution that has enough compartments so that you can organize your belongings in a coherent and easily accessible manner. This will save you a great deal of potential headache because you will no longer have to worry where a specific hook or bait is located when you are fishing.

Keep your lures in a safe place.

Even if you are not aware of it, plastic lures are frequently made with chemicals that are toxic when they come into contact with certain types of plastics. As a result, your trays and compartments may be irreparably damaged.

In order to avoid this danger, you should make certain that the goods you wish to purchase is packaged in a wormproof container. This means that a non-reacting plastic formula is utilized, which means that it is not impacted by the chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic lures and worms.

The ability to withstand shock

If you want a box that will last you for a long time, you should try to divert your attention away from traditional materials and toward alternatives that use high-impact plastic. This will enable your choice to withstand drops and shocks without cracking or causing the contents to spill all over your boat’s interior. Although this is a feature that should not be overlooked when shopping for a low-cost large tackle box, it is one that should be considered.