▷ 3 Best Landing Nets (Must Read Reviews)

▷ 3 Best Landing Nets (Must Read Reviews)

Landing nets – Buying Guide, Review and Comparisons

There are so many varieties of fishing supplies to choose from that finding the right tool for your needs might often prove to be a chore. Fishing nets are no exception. Luckily for those of you who would rather spend their time catching fish than comparing stats, we’ve churned through all of the best landing net reviews online and found the model best suited for most circumstances: The Fiblink Folding Aluminum Fishing Net. Both amateurs and experts alike appreciated the versatility offered by its long extending handle, which is surprisingly sturdy and lightweight despite consisting of three separate sections for easy folding. We’ve also taken the more ecologically minded into account: Wakeman’s 80-FSH5003 model is specifically designed for catch and releases fishing, although in most other areas comes short of the Fiblink model.

3 Best Landing Nets (Reviews) in 2020

1. Fiblink Folding Aluminum Fishing Landing Net Fish

What makes the Fiblink fishing net so appealing is the incredible versatility provided by its three-section extended handle, especially considering that this feature has no detrimental impact on the net’s toughness and weight.

It is widely regarded as the best landing net handle available on the market, and it comes in three distinct lengths: 44 to 60 inches, 45 to 80 inches, and a monstrous 59 to 118 inches (*total length of item). It is available in three different lengths. While 118 inches is sufficient for tasks such as lobstering, the 45 to 80-inch variant appears to be the most popular among customers because it is the most practical in all situations.

While its compact size when folded makes it very easy to manage within the confines of a boat, when fully extended, its handle will provide more than adequate reach for fishing off the beaten path. The landing net is a true jack of all trades, and while it may not be the ideal landing net for kayak fishing, it is certainly up to the task.

Made of extra-corrosion-resistant hard anodized aluminum, the handle and hoop provide a robust and long-lasting foundation for any project. Its dependability is demonstrated by the tiny amount of complaints that can be found when combing through customer evaluations and ratings.

Because the 53-inch diameter triangle hoop provides for a 17-18-inch aperture at its tip, it is large enough to accommodate large fish without adding much weight to the end of a long handle.


There are no obvious disadvantages to the three-section extended handle, which provides extraordinary reach and adaptability.

It is available in three different handle lengths to meet the needs of every customer (most clients seem to prefer the medium one).

It is as ideal for fishing on land as it is for fishing from small watercraft such as a kayak.

Because of its small weight and moderate hoop size, it is quite maneuverable.

Because it is buoyant (doesn’t sink when dropped), it earns higher marks in the reliability category.


While a jack of all trades, he is only a master at… a few of them. When it comes to lobstering and swift stream fishing, customers have noted that the light weight and dense grid mesh of the net make it only “workable.”

As a result of the toughness of its nylon mesh, it is inappropriate for catch and release fishing since it may harm struggling fish.

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2. Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Landing Net

If you want to spend a relaxing day attracting fish without having to worry about negatively influencing the local wildlife, this is the product for you!

It has a reasonably large basket, with a maximum opening of 20 inches at the standard depth of 17 inches, and a comparatively large maximum openness of 20 inches. Together with the degree of rigidity provided by the huge gridded mesh, this ensures that the basket keeps its shape even while handling fish of considerable size. This will make it much easier for you to dispose of the information contained within it in whatever manner you see fit. The soft, plastic-rubber mesh stretches with the fish’s body and does not catch on scales, gills, or your own hook, ensuring that the live content is not hurt and can be returned to the water in a safe and timely manner.

While these specific features come at a cost in terms of weight and maximum reach, the Wakeman net is dependable, buoyant, and durable, and it gets some points in handling because of its large basket. It is also very inexpensive when compared to the materials used in its manufacture.


Designed specifically to make catch and release fishing more convenient. In the event that you are a fan of the practice, this should be the net for you.

It is because of the soft and elastic nature of the soft rubber meshing that the fish is subjected to less physical stress.

Its wide open design is intended to reduce entanglements, allowing you to simply release your catch back into the wild (or into your icebox!) with a simple flip of the net.

For a rubber net, this is a remarkable bargain.

An all-around satisfactory product for the majority of applications. It’s strong and tough, and it’s relatively easy to work with.


The handle’s overall reach is relatively modest, despite the fact that it can be extended for greater adaptability and portability.

This is a substantial piece of equipment. With a weight of approximately four pounds, it may be difficult to use with one hand (but hey! After all, that nice rubber mesh has to come with a price tag attached to it.

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3. KastKing MadBite Improved Fishing Net, 20 inch Hoop Size

MadBit is unquestionably forward-thinking and receptive to incorporating the latest technological breakthroughs into the fishing supply business model. There were a lot of these that were included into the final design of our highlighted product. First and foremost, its fine-grid mesh has been treated with a special coating that makes it both water repellent and gentle on the fish’s skin and body. This implies that the mesh does not soak, allowing it to be lighter during usage and less likely to catch on hooks, fish scales, or gills. It also means that the mesh does not absorb water.

Its portability is yet another appealing aspect. It can be folded into a small 21-inch package that can be stored almost anyplace in a car or boat, and owing to a simple clip, it can also be linked to a belt for easy transport while walking or running around town. The anodized aluminum handle can be flexibly extended to the length that is most comfortable for you.

It is available in three different hoop sizes, with maximum widths of 16, 20 and 24 inches. All of them are triangular in shape to make them easier to handle, and they are composed of a special extra-strong fiberglass composite for added durability.

More intricacy, on the other hand, equals more weight and more opportunities for things to go wrong.


A fully adjustable telescoping handle allows the user to set the handle to whichever length he or she is most comfortable with at any time.

The light nylon mesh has been treated with a non-absorbent coating, which makes it more difficult to soak and, as a result, simpler to handle when it is lifted out of the water.

It is completely folding, which makes it quite convenient to transport. It can easily accommodate any fishing bag and most tool boxes, and it may also be worn on the belt.

Its unique coating also makes it tangle-free and safe for use in catch-and-release situations.


This alternative, while generally well accepted by users, does not appear to be as reliable as other top-of-the-line products, despite its generally positive reviews. The superb customer service and warranty, on the other hand, more than make up for this shortcoming.

Since there is less buoyancy in the net, the chances of losing it are higher if you drop it in the water.

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Guide to Purchasing

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the question of what is the best landing net, just as there is no one-size-fits-all response to anything else. A net that has garnered positive evaluations for carp fishing may not be as effective for other species such as pike, eel, or shark fishing.

We’ve developed a short list of things to watch out for when purchasing a fishing net in the hopes that it may assist you in making the best choice for your specific requirements.


Long handles are quite handy when fishing from land or when tempting fish that are averse to being lured into boats by lures. It is also important to consider the amount of space available if you are fishing from a boat. Long handles may be inconvenient when operating from a smaller watercraft, so be sure to consider the gunnel height and storage capacity of your boat before purchasing one.

When fishing in rivers or streams, it is normally recommended to choose short handles that are easier to operate, and long handles that provide greater reach when fishing in lakes.

Fortunately, most of the higher-quality fishing nets available on the market today include extensible handles that can be adjusted to meet any situation. Reliability and weight difficulties with telescopic handles were formerly present, but thanks to recent advances in materials technology, these issues have been successfully resolved. There really isn’t a good reason not to use an extended handle, which offers greater versatility while also being more portable. The greater the length of time, the better!

When it comes to materials, anodized aluminum has become something of a standard in the industry. It is recognized to have the best strength-to-weight ratio and to last for an extended period of time. Certain fiberglass composites and wood grains are employed in the production of more deluxe or flashier versions, although the additional cost is rarely justified.

Mesh type is defined as

The most important consideration here is whether you intend to keep your catch or not. Polyester is noted for its strength, lightweight, and inexpensive cost. Nylon is also known for its resistance to hook entanglement and UV discolouration, as well as its resistance to abrasion. This substance is, however, abrasive enough to harm fish scales and gills, rendering it unsuitable for use in catch and release operations.

As well as being gentle on the fish’s body, rubber does not remove the natural slime that some species require in order to thrive. It’s the best option for catch and release, albeit it comes at a higher cost and with more weight.

For fishing in swift streams or rivers, knotless meshes are a good choice because of their light weight and weaving pattern, which makes them ideal for this type of fishing. They are less likely to do damage to the fish, but they are not as durable as nylon nets.

Regarding the size of the mesh grid, small “micro-meshes” work well for all fish, with the exception of the largest.


A trade-off exists between size and controllability when it comes to the diameter of a hoop’s inner circumference. Using a larger-sized “basket” makes it easier to scoop larger fish out of the water. However, because additional bulk translates into more weight at the end of a handle, this will result in a landing net that is less maneuverable and more exhausting to operate in general.

Take caution while selecting a handle, and always keep in mind that the longer the handle, the heavier the hoop and mesh will feel in your hand. It is not always necessary to use the largest hoop because large fish can be handled just as effectively by medium-sized nets with some operator expertise. Consider the fact that many of the most rated products on the market have relatively modest hoops to jump through, and are often accompanied by an astonishing reach.

When it comes to design, triangular hoops are the most popular choice among manufacturers since they provide the highest possible width for the least amount of additional weight. In addition, it is a geometrical form that is intrinsically strong. The use of round hoops is preferable for catch and release fishing since they are less likely to become entangled.

Reputation of a brand

You should avoid purchasing from a manufacturer who does not have enough confidence in his own goods to meet the costs in the event of a breakdown. Generally speaking, most reputable fishing net manufacturers provide a one-year warranty on their products.