▷ 3 Best Ice Fishing Tip Ups (Must Read Reviews)

If you don’t have the time to go through many tip-ups reviews but still want some suggestions for a good product, then our short guide should provide just that. Considering the amount of positive feedback it received from both casual and expert anglers we find that the Frabill 1680 is the tip up most likely to satisfy your demands. Folks who used it found it durable and easy to maintain, “strong enough to last you a lifetime”, to quote one of the reports. The orange flag is easy to see against the ice, and the dual trip mechanism will give you more of a tell whenever a fish bites. The tapered rail design of the plank makes it faster to place over the fishing hole. If the 1680 is unavailable, it’s close cousin, the Frabill 1664 will make for a good alternative.

3 Best Ice Fishing Tip Ups (Reviews) in 2021

Finding the best ice fishing tip from the numerous options available for purchase might be a difficult task. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed down the field to a select few of the highest-scoring goods from among the many we’ve examined for you to consider.

1. Frabill Arctic Fire Tip Up

With more than a century of experience in the manufacturing of fishing gear, Frabill has no reason to jeopardize its good reputation by offering a product that is less than viable. Many customers have praised the Frabill 1680 for its sturdiness and functionality, and the Frabill 1680 is a further confirmation of this general law of trade.

This exceptionally lightweight piece should not be disqualified because its base is made of synthetic material rather than steel or wood, as it is strong enough to hold even the largest catch while also maintaining its properties under the constant influence of sunlight, humidity, and cold weather, with oxidation being the last thing to worry about when using it.

Beyond the fact that it is a lightweight option, the cut-out construction will make the entire item easy to handle and transport. Having the ability to hold numerous units in one hand shouldn’t be overlooked, especially considering that fishermen rarely utilize only one tip-up each fishing session.

The mechanism is additionally pre-lubricated for use in sub-zero temperatures, and the metal parts are thin enough to resist flexing in high winds. The color orange was chosen for the flag because it will be extremely visible even in dense fog and thick snow.

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2. Frabill 646647-SSI Classic Wood Tip-Up 1664

For the purists out there who enjoy a good old hardwood design and are ready to pay a few extra dollars for it, this one is for you! Derived from thick wood, the base has been fully equipped to give it a lovely gloss as well as excellent all-weather resilience.

Hard core wood is naturally robust and flexible, so it should be able to withstand even the heaviest of northern fish. At 1.8 lb per unit, you won’t have any trouble stacking a bunch of these under your arm and transporting them to far-flung fishing sites, as well.

This design has an ultra-glide design to reduce friction and make maintenance and cleaning easier. The spool shaft is completely detachable for easier maintenance and cleaning. It has already been lubricated with Frabill’s unique sub-zero solution, so you won’t have to waste any time getting it ready to go. Re-oiling will be simpler in the future thanks to the shaft in shaft configuration.

Likewise, it has multiple trip settings for improved functionality, and the flag is a brilliant orange color that is easy to see from a couple of hundred yards away in bad weather, as does the slightly cheaper 1680. Because of the thin flag shaft’s ability to cut neatly through the air, the wind should not be a significant issue.

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3. Celsius Plastic Tip-Up

On the white winter background, this elegantly styled Celsius model is completely orange, from the spool to the tip of the flag, making it exceedingly easy to distinguish from the rest of the crowd.

It also has some really handy characteristics, such as the fact that the spool tension can be adjusted completely, allowing you to use it with any type of fish, no matter how small.

While the cross-shaped base provides a large surface area when deployed, making it more stable and less likely to be tilted in high winds, its arms may be quickly withdrawn without the use of any tools because they are joined to the main shaft by butterfly nuts (which are included).

The body is nearly entirely made of synthetic materials, which helps to reduce the overall weight while only slightly reducing the resistance to sun and cold when compared to steel construction. Because you will be able to carry more tip-ups in a single trip, you will be able to visit your favorite fishing areas more frequently.

Because of its surprisingly low price, this product is ideal for purchasing in bulk, and because it takes up as much room as a small bundle of twigs when disassembled, it will not take up much space in your trunk either.

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Guide to Purchasing

Because the real functionality of the tip-up is determined by what you put at the end of the line rather than the item itself, selecting a decent ice fishing tip-up should be rather straightforward, provided that the buyer is clear on the specific application for which the tip-up will be used. The number of ice fishing holes you want to “rig” at one time, the weather you’ll be anticipating, or the amount of service you want from your equipment should all be taken into consideration, along with a few other variables.


The performance of all fishing tip-ups will be nearly identical regardless of price, although more expensive units should be expected to last you for a longer period of time and to be a little easier to deal with.

In the hopes of increasing their chances of hooking up, some anglers try to flood the ice-covered surface of the lake with tip-ups, in the expectation that having more lures under the ice will dramatically increase their odds of catching a fish. If this is more your style, then you should absolutely look at cheaper and lighter models. However, if you only operate from 2 or 3 locations at a time, the increased durability may be worth the extra money spent on a more costly machine.


Wood and steel are often used as building materials, and when properly treated, they can withstand extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, and snow, while also providing excellent tensile strength and dimensional stability.

Needless to add, you should look for steel that has strong corrosion resistance capabilities, or simply settle for wood if the manufacturer you are contemplating appears to be shady, as a large number of Chinese-made products do not truly use the sort of metal that is mentioned on the packaging.

Because of breakthroughs in chemistry, plastic can be produced to withstand cold and sunlight to a reasonable degree, while corrosion will never become an issue. Plastic is also substantially lighter than metal, making it a viable option if portability is a major concern.

Portability and convenience are important considerations.

Because few people use a single tip up, their weight and size will become important considerations when you consider that you will be transporting a number of them about on the ice or in the trunk of your car among a slew of other equipment and supplies.

You should search for compact units that are easy to bundle or at the very least can be quickly disassembled so that no pieces protrude from the unit’s body.

A final point to mention is that the flag should be simple to see in low-visibility winter conditions. Opticians believe that the color orange is the most conducive to this, so avoid using the color yellow, which is employed by some manufacturers, if possible.