▷ 3 Best Ice Fishing Lures (Must Read Reviews)

Lures for ice fishing – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison

Are you unexpectedly finding yourself in a situation where you have to pick out good ice fishing lures without knowing much about them? If this is the case, you probably don’t want to waste your time reading all those ice fishing lures reviews, however helpful they might be.  You’ve come to the right place since we’ve done the work for you and are eager to bring forward our top picks. Our research has shown that the first product you should consider is the Rapala ULRPR04HS Ultra Light, its particular features making it a great choice. First of all, its distinctively loud rattle will make sure you don’t miss the big moment, just in case you accidentally miss the hard vibrating action meant to warn you. Its design makes it unique, the tall skinny body shape and bright colors making it irresistible to the prey. If for some reason this product isn’t available, we recommend you to try the VMC Corporation TGS316YP Tingler Spoon as an excellent alternative.

3 Best Ice Fishing Lures (Reviews) in 2021

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of the best items that have been suggested by both amateurs and pros to offer you a starting point for your search for the perfect product. Check out these reviews to learn more about ice fishing lures and how to choose the finest ones for your needs.

1. Rapala ULRPR04HS Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap Lure

The Rapala Ultra Light is highly recommended by those who have used it and considers it to be one of the best options you could make when it comes to fishing lures. It possesses many of the necessary traits and has been praised by those who have used it.

First and foremost, it’s unique design has been carefully considered in order to attract prey, which is precisely what you would expect. It is actually its textured scales and 3D holographic eyeballs that give it a lifelike appearance, rather than the fact that it has a lipless, deep belly profile that perfectly replicates the appearance of the traditional meal.

This item is available in a variety of bright, contrasting hues that have been specially chosen to attract the viewer’s attention. The fast-piercing nickel hooks that are attached are constructed of high-quality metal, which ensures that they will not break if a heavier capture is made.

Because this model is equipped with a sophisticated warning system, you won’t have to be concerned about missing the critical moment when you need to reach for the fishing pole and pull the lure out. When it senses prey, it immediately begins a vigorous vibrating motion, which is accompanied by a loud rattling to ensure that you pay attention.

This lure is simple to use, but it excels in more difficult situations, such as when you have to draw your catch through large obstructions, making it an excellent choice for ice fishing.

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2. VMC TGS316YP Tingler Spoon

The Tingler Spoon is yet another lure that attempts to resemble the appearance of baitfish in order to attract fish, and it is certainly a choice worth considering, especially owing to the shape of the lure itself.

Featuring only one hook

Instead of two colors, as was the case with the previous product we examined, this particular lure is based on the attempt to reproduce the markings of the baitfish, slightly boosting and exaggerating them in order to be more convincing.

The V-shaped design, which does not display the entire body, just shows the head and raises it with a huge holographic eye, brilliant colors, and a wide spectrum of holographic attractors to accomplish its goal. Because the texture is so similar to that of a live fish, it is difficult for prey to distinguish between the two species.

This lure exaggerates the movement caused by a dying baitfish by creating a wide wobbling action, which is intended to mislead and provoke the prey.

Additionally, the Tingler Spoon, which is equipped with glow-in-the-dark technology, makes an excellent ice fishing tool due to the fact that it will be easily detected as a shining object beneath a thick ice cover. The glow can remain for up to fifteen minutes, allowing you to enjoy it for a longer period of time while underwater.

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3. Clam 9525 Psycho Shad, 2.8-Ounce Firetiger

Finalist is a fishing lure that is specifically created for ice fishing, and it distinguishes itself from the competition by being a lighter, smaller version of the other types available.

The Psycho Shad is similar in appearance to other designs that have a lipless, flat profile, but it is equipped with two hooks and has a somewhat different effect than other options. Rather than vibrating, it darts horizontally, simulating the natural swimming motion of the fish, making it easier to fish for prey that lives in deeper waters, for example.

In low-light situations such as those found beneath an ice platform, the use of a variety of bright, contrasting colors makes this an immediately distinguishable target.

For the purpose of attracting prey, this lure concentrates on reproducing the movements of the baitfish while also exaggerating them, with its small size and flat shape allowing for an unpredictably erratic fluttering that will instantly attract attention and help you catch more fish in a shorter period of time.

During the retrieval of the prey, these lures conduct a back and forth motion to reduce the likelihood that the target may escape. Because to the high-quality hooks, even the heaviest targets may be dragged out without difficulty. This product, which is coated with long-lasting enamel and constructed of robust materials, is one that can be reused again and time again.

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An overview of the purchasing process

Finding the greatest ice fishing lures can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge about the sport. For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of reliable recommendations that have been endorsed by both pros and amateurs alike.

All it takes is a few minutes to go from being hopelessly lost to knowing exactly what you’re looking for and where to find it by following the instructions in our guide. If you want to make the greatest decision possible, follow our recommendations.

What to look for in terms of patterns and designs

Now, to someone who has never seen a fishing lure before, they may all appear to be identical in appearance. As you can see from the picture, this isn’t true because every angler knows that every shape, color, and design is specifically designed to produce varied effects and attract different species of fish. As an amateur who does not wish to get into great detail about species and other similar specifics, it is safe to stick to a few fundamental criteria when choosing a design for your project.

As a starting point, look for baitfish that have an exact replica of the live baitfish’s shape, as this will be the image that will most likely get the attention of your prey. In order to ensure that it is noticed even in adverse conditions such as beneath a frozen surface, you must choose the brightest colors possible, including phosphorescent colors if possible.

Systems of early warning

For those unfamiliar with fishing, you are unlikely to be aware of this, but you will be in the know shortly. The alarm mechanisms built into fishing lures are designed to notify you when the prey has taken the bait and it is time to remove the lure from the water.

The majority of versions employ vibration to alert you, but a few choices have rattling mechanisms as well, in case you’re not paying attention and the vibration goes missed by the system. Determine which option best corresponds to your normal practices.


If you’re looking to buy a lure, you should look into whether the materials used to make it are durable enough to last a long time, especially considering how severe the environment in which you’ll be utilizing it will be. In particular, when it comes to product descriptions, the metal utilized for the hooks should be a top priority to look for.

In general, these types of products aren’t prohibitively expensive, but we advise you to steer clear of any low-cost ice fishing lure that isn’t created by a reputable company and that doesn’t provide information about the materials’ origins.

Many additional factors must be considered when attempting to compare all of the items currently on the market, but it is safe to say that by following the guidelines we have laid out for you, the likelihood of making an uneducated purchase will be reduced significantly.