▷ 3 Best Ice Fishing Jigs (Must Read Reviews)

Ice fishing jigs – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison

If you’re interested in buying a set of good ice fishing jigs but aren’t very keen to go through all the many reviews available, then this short guide should fill you in without taking too much of your time. After considering the feedback, they received from both expert and casual anglers alike we concluded that the Celsius EC5C-5A set of 16 panfish jigs could very well be the product that will serve you best. At a very affordable price, you’ll be getting a surprisingly wide selection of mostly Mormyshka style jigs of either traditional and exotic shapes, mounted on hooks of various sizes, that can be used to lure fish both independently or in highly effective combos, together with live bait.  If you want all the materials for an effective combination in one package, then look no further than the Celsius CE-FF-KIT.

3 Best Ice Fishing Jigs (Reviews) in 2020

It’s unquestionably difficult to choose the best ice fishing jig for your needs from among the plethora of options available, especially given the fact that there’s little way to determine their effectiveness other than by reading reports from people who’ve tried them out or ice fishing jig reviews from experts. We’ve done just that and selected a number of the highest-scoring items from among those currently on the market.

1. Celsius Ice Panfish Jig Assortment

This Celsius product contains a diverse collection of jigs in a variety of forms and sizes, the most of which are reminiscent of the Mormyshka and the balanced types. While primarily designed for panfish, the ones placed on larger hooks may prove to be large enough to be utilized in conjunction with live bait to catch medium-sized predatory fish as well as larger ones.

Of course, there are a plethora of different combinations that can be created solely by using your creativity, as this set is diverse enough to accommodate any kind of panfish. Protrusions on the sides of jigs and more or less unique shapes can assist you in simulating a variety of movement styles that are more or less tempting to a prospective snagging fish.

It will come as no surprise to those who prefer to keep things simple to find that the 16 jigs included in this package are attractive to fish on their own due to their brilliant colors and shine. If any of them are exposed to light, they may even glow, attracting the notice of your target even from a long distance away.

Despite the fact that they were generally considered to be durable, there has been some concern about the paint chipping off at times. However, it appears that this is an isolated incident.

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2. Celsius Ice Fishing Feeding Flash Jig Kit

This Celsius package includes a broad assortment of Feeding Flash Minnow jigs and swirl-tail grub trailers that may be used in a multitude of combinations depending on the species of fish that the angler is attempting to catch.

The minnows are available in three primary colors: white, neon green, and silver with tints of yellow and black. They are designed to perfectly replicate a variety of feeding fish that are tempting to a variety of predators, primarily mid-sized ones.

Because of their slightly bent shape, which is similar to that of a spoon, they should be able to accurately mimic the movements of little fish if they are kept constantly moving by an experienced angler. When employing these types of lures, it is recommended that you move the line in a circular motion as much as possible, as long as the fishing hole permits it.

The kit also includes a variety of brilliantly colored grub-shaped lures that may be attached to the jig in order to attract the attention of fish from a great distance. These are available in three colors: transparent neon green, white, and yellow. Each color comes with six of each color in case you lose some of them to shy, snap-and-flee species that are particularly common.

The hooks are large enough to hold most predatory fish, and they are painted a reddish tint to ensure that the metal sheen does not scare away any of the more cautious species.

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3. Eagle Claw ICSHJ Tube Ice Jig

These teardrop-shaped jigs are extremely attractive to the eye, and they could easily pass for decorative items if they weren’t attached to razor-sharp stainless steel hooks. Fish, like tiny children and astronomers, are particularly attracted to sparkling items, and their interest will definitely be piqued by these exquisitely painted jigs, which also emit a perceptible frosty light to pique their interest.

For the aforementioned frosty glow effect, you’ll get three main colors with a lot of gradient and sparkle put in to give the impression of a pack of five. These are colored blue, neon green, and red to ensure that they are easily seen from a distance. If used in conjunction with bait to attract the fish even more after it gets close, they will work even better, but they can also be used on their own.

These jigs, in contrast to many other identical goods on the market, are manufactured in the United States by a family-owned business in Denver, Colorado. Consequently, if you have any reservations about purchasing goods created in a sweatshop or a factory with suicide nets in China or Southeast Asia, you should have no reason to be concerned with this purchase.

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Guide to Purchasing

Despite the fact that fishing jigs are useful in a variety of situations, they are not always included in the best ice fishing equipment. They have the ability to act as a bait for smaller kinds of fish on their own. They can be used in conjunction with more attractive bait to either imprint the correct type of line movement or attract the attention of the fish when the bait would otherwise be inaccessible to the fish. Finally, when used in conjunction with fast-moving live bait, they can serve as a lead weight at the end of your line. What factors should you take into consideration when purchasing for a jig?

What are the different types and what do they do well?

There are five primary varieties of jig, but we will just cover the three most frequent ones in this article to keep things concise.

As its name implies, the Mormyshka has a teardrop form, and it’s an excellent general-purpose jig that works well even on small fishes. It is not necessary to use a bait, but it is normally suggested to do so.

A balanced jig is used by experienced anglers for catching larger game that is known to feed on other species of fish. They are typically vividly colored reproductions of real-life feed species, and they function best when used in conjunction with a heavy-duty rod.

Spoons are typically used to catch fish of medium to large size and necessitate a moderate level of ability on the part of the angler. Although they do not require bait, it is recommended that they be used in conjunction with a colored hook to evoke a bit more interest from the fish.

The use of color is particularly essential.

Due to the fact that snow normally covers the frozen surface of the lake, the water beneath the ice can become quite dark. That is why it is critical to practice your line movements and to utilize lures that are more visible to the fish than usual.

It is common practice to utilize bright colors and glittering reflections to draw attention to ice fishing baits, with some manufacturers going so far as to use phosphorescent paint, which glows in the dark by catching ambient light from the outside world.

With bait, it is less required that the lure closely resembles the shape and color of potential prey; rather, it is sufficient that the lure be easily distinguishable from a distance.


Because it’s impossible to anticipate every probable situation, the ideal ice jig kit should have a diverse selection of lures in a variety of sizes and colors in order to broaden your potential game as much as possible.

Fish aren’t all drawn to the same type of bait, and if you’re having trouble catching them with one type of bait, you may need to switch to a different type altogether.