▷ 3 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes (Must Read Reviews)

Are you on the lookout for the best fishing tackle box, but you don’t know where to start? This short paragraph may just as well be your introduction to the topic. After perusing the information available on this category of fishing gear, including, but not limited to, customer reviews, expert comments, and social media activity, we concluded that the Plano 2-Tray 620206 is the first model to consider. The 2-tray design makes this particular tackle box easy to use, offering quick access to different compartments. The 14 to 25 compartments per tray ensure that you will be able to organize well all your lures, baits, hooks, and other fishing gear. The collapsible handle is useful, as you will be able to store away the box when not in use. Should the Plano 2-Tray 620206 be out of stock, we strongly recommend the Plano 3-Tray 620306 as a reliable second choice.

5 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes (Reviews) in 2021

When looking for a good fishing tackle box, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the broad range of options available. We are here to help you by offering you a short selection of models that are currently popular with anglers and score high in sales numbers, as well.

1. Plano 2 Tray Tackle Box W/Dual Top Access

The Plano 2-Tray 620206 tackle box has everything you might want in a tackle box and more. It features various sections, is easy to access, and is also simple to store when not in use. Many of the fishing tackle box reviews state unequivocally that this specific model is head and shoulders above the competition in every way. See if we can figure out what has earned this tackle box so much acclaim together.

The two trays, which are mounted on a cantilever system, make it simple to keep track of all your hooks, lures, and baits in one place. 14 to 25 compartments are available, providing you with more than enough space to put anything you need inside the bag. It is important to remember that this is not a pompous case, and it will not command a premium price.

It is all a young angler’s heart wishes in terms of fishing. It is made of high-quality materials, is long-lasting, and has a visually appealing design that draws attention to itself. The storage rooms on the top are easily accessible, and the storage areas on the bottom may accommodate larger objects.

Because the handle can be collapsed, you will have no trouble finding a spot to put the box when you need to put it away. The brass latch serves to keep all of the fishing materials contained within the box, preventing them from becoming dispersed throughout the house.


A decent tackle box should feature a number of useful sections that are accessible from numerous directions. This is the situation with this particular item, which is well regarded by a large number of anglers.

The two trays, which are mounted on a cantilever system, allow you to effortlessly organize all of your lures, baits, and hooks in one convenient location.

With this type, you have between 14 and 25 compartments available. This means that you will have plenty of space for all of the fishing equipment that you will need.

This model not only offers a large amount of storage space for your fishing necessities, but it also has a stylish style that will attract the attention of others who are in the vicinity. Furthermore, it is quite long-lasting.

You can keep the goods you use the most on the top and the larger objects at the bottom of the shelf.


Several consumers have complained that the lower tray’s slots are long and narrow, and hence are not particularly helpful.

2. Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access

The Plano 3-Tray 620306 may be the ideal choice for any angler who needs to maintain their gear organized and in good condition. A total of 22 to 34 compartments are available in the three trays, ensuring that you have enough space for all of the hook, lure, and bait you intend to use on your next fishing trip.

On the upper level, there are two storage rooms, which are useful for objects that need to be picked up fast. Once you have this tackle box by your side, you will find that you will not require any additional storage space for your tiny fishing equipment. This tackle box will appeal to young fisherman in particular, who will find it a convenient way to store their supplies.

This is a traditional design that has been tried and tested by many purchasers throughout the course of time. As a result, the corporation continues to manufacture new things in this line since it has a high level of confidence in it. As a result, the interior of the box is clearly visible for easy access, which is one of the main selling advantages of this particular model’s cantilever design.

The handle is both strong and collapsible, allowing for convenient storage. You may be confident that the brass lock will securely hold all of the goods inside, keeping them safe and secure. This is a huge bonus for folks who enjoy being well-organized in their daily lives.


If you are the type of angler who likes to keep things organized, this gear is a great choice for you.

You will receive three trays with 22 to 34 compartments each, which will allow you to organize all of your baits, lures, and hooks in one place.

The box also features two storage compartments, which are particularly convenient when you need to swiftly grab a variety of little fishing accessories.

This item has a classic, cantilever design that allows you to easily access your fishing gear every time you go fishing with your friends.

Furthermore, the handle is collapsible for easy storage and is highly strong for when you need to transport the box about.


Because the perches for the tray are small, it is possible that the contents in the box will not line up properly, causing the box to tip backwards. As a result, positioning it on a surface that is not perfectly flat can be difficult.

Additionally, some customers have commented that the trays appear to be weak, yet none of them have reported any trays breaking.

3. Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box- 55 Piece

When it comes to fishing equipment, some individuals want more than simply a tackle box to put their catch in. They prefer that the box be fully stocked with all of the necessary goods. The Wakeman Fishing Single Tray 80-FSH5016 meets and beyond their expectations, as it serves as both a tackle box and a complete fishing kit with all of the necessary items.

Sinkers and spoons, as well as several types of hooks (regular, snelled, and jigs) are available. Baits and plastic lures are also included in the kit’s contents. Small pieces of fishing equipment are used on a regular basis by anglers, and keeping them organized is essential.

As a beginner or young angler, you might think of this as a starter bundle. Because you’ll have everything you need to begin fishing in a more than casual manner, you’ll be able to start developing your talents straight away after you’ve acquired the necessary equipment.

However, even though the box has a simple look, it has enough of space inside for keeping all of the basics. There is only a single tray inside, so don’t anticipate a lot of compartmentalization or organization. Nonetheless, due to the large number of pieces already included, you will have a general notion of what goes where. You can also use the box to store a few small but useful tools in it.


If you are the type of person who prefers to get all of the necessary instruments in a single purchase, this tackle box, which comes fully equipped with everything you require, should be considered.

Snelled, jig-style, and normal hooks are all included, as are spoons and sinkers, all of which are included in this package. In addition to them, you will be able to purchase baits and plastic lures.

In addition to including all of these little fishing necessities, the box is constructed in such a way that everything is kept safe and tidy.

Furthermore, this is a good option for young and novice anglers who may not be familiar with the specific gear that they will need to be successful.

This box may also be used to hold a variety of other helpful equipment, which is a significant advantage over alternative storage options.


You shouldn’t expect a particularly complex compartmentation system inside the box because there is just one tray inside the box, which may not be to the liking of all consumers.

4. Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box – 2 Tray

Another 2-tray design to consider is the Ready 2 Fish R2FK-TBVP-2A, which is available in both black and white. The nice revelation is that this model is more than simply a box with adequate compartmentalization; it is also a working model. Its compartments are stocked with 136 pieces of important fishing equipment, such as hooks, bait, and lures, among other things.

There’s a good reason why this model is dubbed “Ready 2 Fish”: it’s designed to catch fish. Once you have this piece of fishing equipment, you will find yourself spending less money on further fishing equipment. It’s comforting to know that the maker considered every possibility and came up with a design that will appeal to the casual and novice angler who has limited free time.

This set has all of the jigs, sinkers, and several types of hooks that you will require. Once you’ve caught a fish, one of the tools included will assist you in extracting the hook from the fish’s mouth, which has proven to be really useful to the anglers who have already tried this model.

Another excellent feature of this particular model is that it is both robust and lightweight at the same time. You won’t have to be concerned about the package becoming too heavy to handle. It is also an outstanding value for money, given that it offers so many things in one package.


This box, in addition to being well-organized, contains 136 pieces of vital fishing tools, such as lures, baits, and hooks.

As the name implies, this product is ready to be used for fishing. You won’t have to waste any more time or money on other types of fishing equipment.

Because it includes all of the necessary tools, this kit is a fantastic choice for novices who may not be sure which tools are the most important to have on hand when starting off.

Knowing that all of the necessary sinkers, jigs, and hooks are included in a single kit is extremely convenient, and the likelihood of forgetting something essential is substantially decreased.

To top it all off, this tackle box is not only lightweight, but it is also quite durable.


According to a few customers who are seasoned fisherman, this kit is suitable for beginners but not for experienced fishers because there are additional essential instruments that should be included.

5. Plano Large 3 Tray Tackle Box

The Plano Large 3 Tray 613306 is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. In addition to the three trays that are provided, the bottom of the box provides space for larger goods. When you go fishing for larger species, it is beneficial to have all of the essential equipment, which implies that everything you will use will be more substantial.

This is precisely what this box was designed for. Despite the vast storage capacity, even the most experienced angler will be able to accommodate all of the equipment required for catching larger species. When in search of prize fish, this may prove to be very useful information to have.

According to the manufacturer, this model is the only one you’ll ever need in your collection. This tackle box has plenty of space for everything you need to transport about with you. Because it is constructed of molded plastic, you can expect it to be quite sturdy and capable of withstanding a great deal of wear and tear.

If you require additional space for your bulkier fishing equipment, there is nothing easier than removing the dividers to create the necessary space for whatever you require. Small touches like this one help to make the Plano Large 3 Tray 613306 an outstanding choice for the vast majority of anglers who use it.


This model is designed for serious anglers. There are three trays accessible for use, as well as a bottom box that can be used to store larger objects.

If you enjoy fishing for large game species, a unit like this can be really beneficial because it allows you to store and transport all of the equipment you might need for such activities in one place.

If you know how to organize your belongings, this box will contain all of the tackle you will need to take on your fishing expeditions with you.

Because it is constructed of high-quality materials, the box is incredibly strong and long-lasting. You will be able to take advantage of this instrument for a long period of time.

This box can be used for a variety of other equipment as well, thanks to the several sections that are accessible.


As a result of the accordion-style shape of the three upper trays, the one on top has a high likelihood of becoming bent over time. Handling it should be done with extreme caution.

Guide to Purchasing

Whether you are looking for a cheap fishing tackle box or a more expensive model, there are certain things that you need to take into account. We want to help you pick the right tackle box for all your fishing supplies so that you know exactly where all your hooks, sinkers, baits, and lures are. See below the most important aspects to consider when you are shopping for this type of fishing item.


Should you purchase a soft tackle box or a hard tackle box?

One of the biggest debates in regards to tackle boxes among fishermen and women is whether you should get a soft model or a hard one. There are advantages and drawbacks for both types and, by knowing a little bit about each one, you will be able to tell which is best for you.

Hard boxes are usually preferred, but it serves to learn some essential aspects about soft tackle boxes as well. As you may well expect, hard models are more durable; if you’re looking to make a sound investment that will serve you for many years down the road, you will do better with such a model.

Soft models may be easier to store away, but you must bear in mind that they are not as durable as the hard boxes you can find for sale on the market. There is another thing that soft boxes do not have, and that is that they do not come with fold-out trays.

It is easy to keep things organized in a soft box, and this design offers quick access. But hard boxes also do an excellent job by providing excellent compartmentalization. You can use the trays for organizing fishing supplies depending on the criteria you see fit.

If you want a tackle box that is waterproof, you have more chances of getting one if you go for a hard model. Some soft boxes are protected by silicone seals, but they are not as water resistant as their hard counterparts. Regardless of fishing conditions, you will be able to carry your fishing supplies and keep them dry, if you opt for a hard tackle box.

As a general rule, hard tackle boxes tend to offer more space. Of course, if you’re a casual fisherman and you don’t mind having little space at your disposal, you can safely go for a soft tackle box. The latter tends to be on the inexpensive side, and that may be an important consideration for you.


If there is one thing you should be after when you’re looking for a tackle box, that should be compartmentalization. As long as you manage to keep things well organized, you will be able to access them quickly, and you will find the tackle box useful and not just a means for carrying all the small fishing gear around.

Models with two trays or three trays are readily available on the market. Depending on your needs, you can opt for one model or another. However, if your arsenal of jigs, hooks, spoons, and baits, is not that diverse, even a model with a single tray can come in handy.

Another thing you may want to consider is a large bottom for storing larger items and tools. If all these considerations are complied with, you will have a top-notch tackle box that will truly help you to keep things in order.

Consider the following characteristics:

Certain things count more than others when talking about extra features. For instance, your hard box should have a comfortable handle. The chances are that you will have to move the box around quite a great deal, and such conveniences are not to be overlooked.

Also, the handle should be collapsible, so you can store the box away when no longer in use. Don’t forget about waterproof seals that will come in handy when the weather is unusually rainy, or you spend a lot of time fishing.

While these may sound like small aspects, they can contribute to the success of your fishing trip. Choose a tackle box that will serve you well, and enjoy the benefits it offers.



Tackle boxes are primarily made from two materials. Hard boxes are made from molded plastic, and they tend to be more durable, while soft boxes are made from nylon. These materials can be very durable, and they also repel water, so they are good choices for wet environments.

If you’re looking to purchase the best small tackle box available for sale but you don’t have time to waste, the following short paragraph should give you all the information that you need. After doing a proper research by looking at the best small tackle box reviews, consumer reports, surveys and other resources, we have concluded that the Plano 3500-22 is the model you should bear in mind. This option offers a storing space that can be easily divided to accommodate a variety of lure sizes which makes it ideal for people that love to organize their items. With a length that is little over 9 inches, you get a product that is highly portable. As a plus, the secure latching system will keep your item securely in place. If the Plano 3500-22 is unavailable, we recommend you consider the South Bend WG-TB88-P as your second-best alternative.

3 Best Small Tackle Boxes (Reviews) in 2021

If after looking at the models available on the market you are still unable to find a cheap small tackle box, perhaps taking a quick glance at our selection of critically acclaimed models will help you in that regard. These models are the ones that have garnered the best small tackle box reviews and customer satisfaction.

1. Plano 3500-22 Double-Sided Tackle Box

What makes the Plano 3500-22 stand out is the fact that it manages to offer outstanding quality, both in terms of functionality and durability at a small price that is hard to beat. This option uses a clear box design which makes it ideal for people that want to have all their fishing tackle at hand and visible so that they don’t have to waste time searching for that lure that you need fast.

If you’re thinking that the clear box design means that your purchase is in any way less durable than other opaque alternatives, you can stop worrying. The plastic that the Plano 3500-22 uses is of the highest-quality which allows it to withstand successfully to a varied array of conditions. The Plano option is ready to accompany you pretty much anywhere and be your silent and constant companion to your outdoor adventures.

In order to make sure that your precious tools and gear will remain safely in place even when the box is dropped, the Plano 3500-22 features the use of a secure latching system. This system is able to take some beating so that you can stop worrying about your fishing tackle and concentrate on what matters: catching the big fish.


Featuring a clear design, this high-quality tackle box saves a lot of time that the user would otherwise spend looking for the right compartment, and seconds can be precious when fishing.

The plastic used for this box can withstand rough handling, so you shouldn’t think that this alternative is less reliable than opaque models.

Given its small size, you will be able to take this Plano tackle box wherever your fishing trips might take you.

Another aspect worth noting is that the items you place inside the box are going to remain safe even if the box is accidentally dropped, thanks to the secure latching system it comes with.


According to some users, the box was, in fact, smaller than expected, so you should check the measurements before buying it.

In one case, the box was delivered with a broken hinge, but this is something that customer support can help with.

2. South Bend Worm Gear Tackle Box

If you’re an amateur angler and want to buy a tackle box that can provide you with the complete fishing experience, the South Bend WG-TB88-P is the option you should consider. This affordable choice comes equipped with all the tools that an amateur fisher might need. The kit that you get with this purchase includes a hook disgorger, non-lead split-shots, multi-colored floats, stringer, brass swivels and an assortment of hooks.

Portability is another key feature that the South Bend WG-TB88-P prides itself on. You will be able to carry this lightweight alternative with you at all times. When it comes to storing it, this option takes little space you won’t have problems finding a space for it. The heavy-duty plastic utilized in the construction of this box ensures that it will be able to handle itself even in extreme conditions

The starter kit that the South Bend WG-TB88-P comes equipped with makes it ideal to be bought as a gift. Whether for your kid, a friend or family members, this option promises to offer a straightforward way for newcomers to experience the joy of fishing without having to go through the trouble of buying separately all the fishing tackle that they need.


This product is more than just a tackle box, it’s actually a complete kit that can be highly useful if you are still new to fishing and you want to have everything you need in one place.

The package includes non-lead split-shots, hook disgorger, multi-colored floats, brass swivels, as well as a stringer and an assortment of hooks.

This tackle box comes takes up little space and it’s a highly portable alternative, so you won’t have any difficulties using it wherever you will need to.

The WG-TB88-P model might also be a very nice gift for someone passionate about fishing, so you may want to keep this in mind.


Some of those who have already purchased this item state that it’s rather small, so this is something you should know.

If you need instructions on how to use the box, you might need to contact the seller for details, since in some cases there were none included.

3. Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box

The Wakeman Fishing Single Tray puts a lot of emphasis on easy organization, featuring a lid with built-in storage compartment that allows for a quick and easy access to your most-used fishing gear. You will be able to save time which when fishing, where every second matters, you will have better chances of securing that big catch. The single tray inside can be removed to give access to an additional compartment below.

The portable design and the comfortable handle will make it so that anglers of every age will have no problems in transporting this lightweight tackle box. The Wakeman Fishing Single Tray also uses multiple latches that are designed to keep the contents of your box secure in every situation. The use of durable and lightweight materials will make the transport and storage an effortless task.

As a plus, the Wakeman Fishing Single Tray has another card up its sleeve, it comes equipped with a kit that contains the fishing gear that any beginner would need to start fishing. It includes a set of standard jig head, snelled hooks, spoon crankbait and plastic fishing lures, vertical pole gloat, assorted sinker and line weight, and so much more.


If you are looking for a box that allows you to easily organize the various fishing gear you will need to use, this Wakeman model is the answer, given its lid with a built-in storage compartment.

This lid compartment also has transparent covers which means that you won’t waste precious seconds trying to figure out where a certain item is.

Given the durable handle, you won’t have any trouble carrying this box, while the multiple latches included in the design keep all the items inside secure.

The product also comes with a kit for beginners that anyone who is still new to fishing will surely appreciate.


The included tackle cannot necessarily be used for trying to catch large fish, so this is something you may want to know.

The box seemed a bit small to some users, but in most of the cases, those who have given it a try were very pleased with its size

Buying guide

If you’ve come here you’re probably still looking for a good small tackle box and trust us, we know just how difficult finding the right product can be. You need to consider the many features that each option offers and then decide which are the ones that you truly need. This can be a lengthy and tedious process that takes the fun out of what would otherwise be a fun experience

Thankfully we have done all the hard work for you so that you can focus on what matters and find the option that meets your rigorous requirements. If you want to learn more about how to find the perfect product, take a quick look at our buyer’s guide below

Keep your fishing tackle safe

If you’re considering buying a tackle box you are most likely doing it because you want a safe place to store and transport all your expensive fishing gear. This is why the primary feature that you should focus on is the ability of the product to keep your gear safe, dry and in one piece.

A bad choice can ruin your fishing experience as the only thing you will think about will be the fragile tackle box that you have just bought and how you risk losing your precious fishing gear. The best product will be the one that offers a sturdy design that can accommodate your many items and keep them securely in place. After all, the last thing you want is for them to drop in the grass, or even worse, in the water.


Portability is another factor that you should keep in mind, even if you’re buying a small tackle box, not every model will offer the same level of mobility. Some options are more compact than others and are better suited for people that travel a lot.

You should also remember that a portable option equals to less room for your fishing gear. If you a large collection of gear and want a product that can accommodate it in its entirety, going for a standard, less portable, option is advisable.

Consider your fishing needs

Most people are tempted to go with the tackle box that offers the most room for their gear, but that is not always what you should do. You need to get the product that meets your fishing needs. For example, if you are a fly fishermen you will naturally need a smaller tackle box, whereas other types of fishing might require a bigger one.