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Best Rapala Lure Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide

If you’re looking to get the best Rapala lures and you have very little time on your hands, this following short paragraph will help you decide on the right product. After a thorough analysis of the value and quality offered by the top-rated models currently available, our team has come to the conclusion that the Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure is the one you should consider. This option offers strong-cutting, aggressive darting action so that you can catch bass, redfish, tarpon, trout, salmon, walleye, and pike. It is very light and it offers a proprietary long cast system that allows it to be cast accurately and effortlessly. You can also choose between 9 unique colors so that you can get the one that’s best suited for your fishing applications. In the event that our first choice is unavailable, but you’re still determined to get good Rapala lures, we recommend the Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 05 Fishing Lure.

10 Best Rapala Lures (Updated Reviews) in 2021

There are many Rapala floating lures available for purchase and that can make settling for the right product that more difficult. Whether you’re looking for the best Rapala lures for bass, trout, or other fish, we have compiled a diverse list of the top-rated models that stood out thanks to their quality, performance, and durability.

1. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure

This model provides exceptional performance and versatility because, while it is built for bass fishing, it can also be used for other species such as walleye, trout, salmon, pike, redfish, and tarpon, in addition to bass fishing. It is extremely easy to cast thanks to the revolutionary long-casting system, which works in conjunction with an appealing rattling and typical Rapala action to assist you in catching even the most elusive of fish.

The lure has the ability to cover large areas of water, and once it is in place, it will rattle to attract the attention of any surrounding fish that may be there. With a torpedo-like form and a distinctive finish that includes colors behind the thick body rather than merely beneath the protective covering, it stands out from the crowd.

It is ideal for aggressive fishing because of the irregular motion of the lure, which allows it to mimic baitfish and trick even the most cunning of fish. Rapala fishing lures with durability, adaptability, and superb movement in general are a great choice if these are the characteristics you are searching for in a fishing lure.


The X-Rap is available in nine different colors, which allows you to customize not only the color of the body design but also the color of the hook on the rig.

As far as durability is concerned, this is one of the best models available because to its solid plastic body, which will keep the color of the lure intact even after months of heavy use without losing its vibrancy.

The movements of this lure are quite realistic, and they are designed to simulate the appearance of an injured baitfish or animal in order to attract the attention of all of the fish in the water.

It has a running depth ranging from 3 to 8 feet, making it ideal for a variety of fishing situations.


If you compare it to other, more expensive options, it is not the most realistic lure on the market, but it performs the job quite well anyway.

It is vulnerable to harm and can lose its feathers after a few attacks from huge stripers, hence it is recommended to use a dressed hook.

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2. Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 05 Fishing Lure

If you’re looking for economical Rapala lures, you’ve come to the right place. The Jointed Shad Rap 05 provides amazing performance and features at an extremely reasonable price. It mimics the activity of an injured baitfish by swimming in a wide circle and emitting a loud rhythmic rattle that resembles the action of the baitfish.

Even better, the lure suspends on pause, much like a real baitfish would, and this minor feature will make it tough for even the most cunning of fish to avoid being fooled by the baitfish. The lure is ready to use straight out of the box, and you can choose from 19 different body patterns, making it easier than ever to choose the perfect color that will entice any fish. The lure comes in a variety of colors to suit any situation.

In terms of consumer comments, buyers have appreciated the quality of the colors, claiming that they make a noticeable splash when submerged in water. This type is also extremely lightweight, and it is constructed of a robust plastic body that can withstand use in virtually any environment.


It is ready to use right out of the box, and it will swim flawlessly because the product has been hand-tuned and tank-tested before being released.

Using a loud rhythmic rattle, it can replicate and overemphasize the action of a baitfish, and it can even suspend on pause to make the movements even more genuine.

With a lightweight body composed of sturdy plastic, it is capable of enhancing the action while also withstanding significant wear and tear.

Purchasers looking for low-cost Rapala lures will be pleased with this model since, despite its low cost, it provides the same degree of quality that you would expect from a Rapala lure.

There are 19 various color options to pick from, and each variety has a different body layout.


Because there is such a broad number of colors to pick from, it is conceivable that the vendor will mistakenly send the incorrect color.

Because it is so light, it is susceptible to being entangled on lengthy casts on windy days.

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3. Rapala Ultra Lite Lure Kit

It’s possible that this Rapala lures package, which includes a comprehensive collection of lures that are ideal for ultra-light angling, is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Everything in this kit has been hand-picked by professionals to be utilized on any type of gamefish that may be encountered.

As we briefly noted above, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the lures included in this kit is their ultra-lightweight construction. They are really simple to use and cast, and you will have no difficulty controlling your rod when using them. – The set contains a Mini Fat Rap, an Original Floating Rapala, a Rattlin’ Rapala, and a CountDown Rapala, all of which are in ultra-lightweight configurations.

To make things even more interesting, each piece has a unique collar and is equipped with two sharp hooks. It is possible to use the lures right out of the box because they have already been tested and shown to deliver great performance on the water without the need for any additional changes.


The lures included in this kit are brightly colored and may attract both freshwater and saltwater fish, allowing you to catch a variety of species such as bass, salmon, walleye, pike, trout, and more.

You can be confident in the quality of this product because each lure in the box has been hand-picked by professional fishermen.

It provides excellent value for money because it comprises four lures that can be used for a variety of purposes, making it an excellent addition to any fishing tackle box.

As an added treat, you’ll receive the Rapala Lure Key Ring, which you can proudly display on your keychain as a reminder of your purchase.


This option is not suitable for everyone because, if you have special requirements, it may be preferable to select your own lures.

Because they do not have a scale design, the lures do not appear to be as realistic as other possibilities. However, some could argue that this is not a significant disadvantage because it makes them more durable.

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4. Rapala X-Rap Magnum Fishing Lures

In addition to lifelike scale details and stunning patterns, the X-Rap Magnum is a quality lure that will help you perform better on the lake and catch even the most elusive gamefish. In addition to a very aggressive darting action and an integrated long-cast system that allows you to throw it far and hard, the body is translucent.

It is also ideal for beginners because this lure is ready to use right out of the box, saving them the time and effort of having to spend valuable minutes tweaking it. The equipment is extremely durable, and it can be operated at speeds of up to 13 knots, making it ideal for large game fishing.

It is a versatile choice that can be used at a variety of depths, and its unique construction allows it to swim down to a depth of up to 30 feet without difficulty. The running depth must be at least 15 feet. It is particularly well suited for use in deep water or while attempting to catch fish that are found deep within the water.


Rapala saltwater lures are well-known for their durability and corrosion resistance, and this product will not disappoint if you’re in the market for one. The body is corrosion-resistant and can withstand even the most extreme fishing circumstances.

The X-Rap Magnum operates flawlessly right out of the box, as is the case with most high-quality fishing lures of this caliber.

It is one of the most customized items on the market since you can choose from 28 various colors and each one is really realistic and has a natural baitfish profile that will attract predators. It is also one of the most affordable products on the market.

This type is equipped with three split rings and three treble hooks, which provide outstanding performance and durability for big game fishing in a variety of conditions.

Both fast and slow retrieval rates yield excellent results with this device.


Due to the fact that it is a premium product, it is fairly pricey, making it most appropriate for professional fishermen alone.

While the body is corrosion-resistant, the hooks, on the other hand, are not equipped with this critical attribute.

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5. Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap 7 Fishing Lure

Because of its articulated body design, which allows it to resemble the swimming behavior of actual baitfish, this model stands out from the crowd. With the help of its internal rattling, no predator will be able to resist this lure. The bait will also suspend its depth when you stop retrieving it, causing even the most fatigued lurkers to attack it when you resume retrieval.

At whatever pace, the body will continue to tremble like a wounded baitfish, even at the slowest possible speed. In addition, because it is built for multi-species appeal, this adaptable alternative can handle a variety of fishing applications whether you are seeking for Rapala lures for trout, bass, or other species.

Additionally, we would like to highlight that the majority of users who have purchased this option have been really impressed with its performance, which is something we were pleased to learn from the customer feedback. This nifty option is competitively priced, and it provides outstanding value for the money spent.


You won’t have to be concerned about this option’s capacity to give adequate stability on the water because of its high-quality build. It is also affordable.

This is accomplished by the articulated body, which allows the lure to vibrate and produce harmonic sound frequencies that, when combined with its realistic design, will fool any predator into believing that it is staring at a wounded baitfish.

As a result, there are several color possibilities available, allowing you to utilize the lure to attract a range of different types of fish.

The hooks that come with the unit are of high quality, and they shouldn’t need to be replaced for a long period of time.

As many customers have noted, this choice has the ability to attract a large number of large fish and is constructed with sufficient strength to allow you to catch them.


In addition to making the bait more realistic in the water, the articulated body also makes it more susceptible to damage since the chain that joins the two body sections may corrode with time, making the lure more susceptible to harm.

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6. Rapala Original Floater 11 Fishing Lures

While the majority of customers prefer to purchase the most recent Rapala lures, there are times when sticking with the classics will provide you with greater value, and the Rapala Original Floater is a fantastic example of this. This was one of the brand’s very first items, and it has endured the test of time, remaining as popular today as it was when it was originally introduced. You can’t argue with success, that’s for sure.

It may be used for a variety of fishing applications; it can be jerked on top and used as a surface bait, weighted to get deep down, or bounced off the bottom with a 3-way swivel to attract fish. Whatever type you pick, this one is guaranteed to entice the fish to take a hook and line.

In terms of structure, this model is composed of high-quality balsa wood and is furnished with VMC nickel black hooks, which are a nice touch. The lure has been hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure that it performs at its peak right out of the package.


With the same design and functionality as the original Rapala floating lure, you can be confident that this lure will deliver exceptional performance and dependability for a long period of time.

The unit is constructed of balsa wood, and it is available in a variety of colors to suit your preference. Each design features the same attention to detail as the others.

Because of its wood construction, this model is able to float away from snags and impediments, and the high-quality VMC hooks allow for rapid penetration into the ground.

This type is really robust, and it has a wobble to it that will attract any fish that comes within striking distance to attack.

Inexperienced fishermen will find it incredibly adaptable and easy to handle, especially when it comes tuned and tank-tested right out of the box.


The difficulty in getting all three hooks down a fish’s throat comes from the fact that they are trying to eat as much of the lure as they can.

It is a little pricey, but it is available for purchase on a regular basis.

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7. Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

Featuring a shark-like profile, this model is capable of delivering exciting action at both slow and very fast retrieval speeds. With its rattling chamber and the natural color patterns available to pick from, you’ll have a lure that will arouse the attack impulses of all the predators in the water, and you’ll be able to catch more fish with it.

The product’s lipless design, along with its higher weight, allows it to produce extremely accurate casts. There are three VMC hooks that are very sharp and long-lasting, and they are also very securely attached to the lure, which makes for a highly effective combination.

One aspect of this model that strikes out is the high level of detail in the finish, which is quite realistic. You will only see the minute features on this lure after you have it in your hands, since there are numerous them. It is encouraging to see this level of attention to detail for a product that is very inexpensive.


There is no other sound like the rattling sound that this model makes, and it will alert and attract all of the fish that are present in its proximity.

You can choose from a variety of different colors, each of which is meant to catch a certain type of fish and features the same precise body design.

While a little on the hefty side, this choice features a lipless construction that aids in long-casting while also keeping the lure precise even in windy circumstances.

Everyone who is seeking for reasonably priced, huge Rapala lures that can be used for a variety of fishing applications will find this to be an excellent choice.

It is quite realistic, and it moves in the water much like a real fish does.


While the paint has a great deal of detail, it is not particularly durable, and you will need to be careful with it because it scratches quickly and fades over time as a result of exposure to sunlight.

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8. Rapala Ultra Light Minnow

In addition to being a part of the Rapala ultra-light baits line, the Ultra Light Minnow option establishes a new gold standard in terms of performance and versatility for anglers who are searching for a product that can be used in streams, shallow bays, shorelines, and small lakes. The fact that it is lightweight and compact does not detract from its ability to cast with great force.

This baitfish has a unique lip shape that can provide a wobbling and rolling action that will tempt the fish into thinking they are gazing at a wounded baitfish. When shopping for Rapala trout lures, this alternative is a great choice, but it may also be used for a variety of other fish.

A great deal of thought and consideration has gone into the design of this option, and the result is a very genuine appearance. Scales, fins, and grills are engraved into the body’s exterior. Furthermore, the eyes are also 3D holographic, and the large selection of colors makes it very simple to get the hue you want.


You may use the lures right out of the box because they’ve been hand turned and tank-tested, and they’ll perform admirably out on the water.

It comes in a variety of hues, and each one keeps the exterior scales and 3D holographic eyes that are capable of fooling even the most cunning of fish.

While this model is primarily intended for use with trout, it can also be used successfully with a variety of other freshwater and saltwater fish species as well.

While this unit has a hard kicking swimming action, it is nevertheless able to maintain its action at high speeds despite the fact that it is compact and light in weight.

Working the lure at the proper depth is made possible by the gradual sink, which is also very important for avoiding snags.


The price of this product, despite the fact that it provides a lot of value, is pretty costly, thus we cannot suggest it to anyone on a tight budget.

If the lure becomes stuck, the lip is not very sturdy and may shatter.

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9. Rapala Shallow Shad Rap 07 Fishing Lures

In order to catch enormous game fish, the Shallow Shad Rap is an excellent choice. It is made of balsa wood and has an exquisite finish that will draw in giant game fish to your location. As a result of its extremely accurate motion, it is most effective when fishing in skinny water. It also possesses the traditional wounded-minnow wobble, which has been shown to be quite effective at luring fish in.

As is the case with most Rapala items, you will have a wide variety of styles and colors to pick from, allowing you to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise. Furthermore, this unit is constructed with durability in mind, and it features hard-diving lips as well as strong treble hooks that are capable of withstanding even the most intense battles.

A newbie may use this product because it is so simple to use. You simply cast it, let it set for a few minutes till the ripples have faded away, and then start retrieving it slowly and enticingly. Furthermore, the product is quite effective regardless of whether you’re slow trolling, casting, or twitching your line.


The fishing lure has been tank-tested and hand-tuned, and because it comes from a respected firm, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a high-quality and dependable product.

You can choose whichever color and body design best suits your preferences, and each model features the same superior balsa wood construction and exceptional performance as the others.

It is equipped with razor-sharp VMC black nickel treble hooks that are securely attached to the lure so that you won’t have to worry about unexpected or concealed obstructions beneath the surface of the water when fishing.

Customers have provided excellent reviews on the product, praising the performance and ease of use that it provides, noting that even children can use it to catch large fishes.


The most significant disadvantage of this model is undoubtedly its greater price, which may dissuade buyers who are on a limited budget from purchasing it.

Unluckily, this particular model does not have a rattle, which can be a significant drawback for prospective customers.

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10. Rapala X-Rap Saltwater 4-Inch Mackerel

This is yet another high-end option from Rapala, and it is designed to resist the force of saltwater giants while also producing a powerful-cutting and aggressive motion that will attract these monsters to strike. It is ideal for fishermen who wish to catch fish that are hard to catch and tough to fight.

This adaptable alternative may be cast or trolled, and it is built with a high-quality design that places a strong emphasis on durability and performance while being affordable. There are two VMC Perma Steel 3X hooks included in the package, which are extremely sharp and will maintain their sharpness even when used in saltwater.

This should come as no surprise given the fact that this is a high-end product, and the amount of detail on the body is exceptionally good. The scales are noticeable, and there is a holographic interior foil that provides the maximum amount of flash, resulting in the creation of the ideal fishing lure. They feature a 3D holographic texture and are extremely lifelike, as is the appearance of the eyes.


It incorporates a lengthy throwing technique that, when combined with the attractive rattle of the lure, makes it even more enticing to predators.

Tuna, cod, salmon, mackerel, kingfish, and other species can all be caught with this flexible choice, which can be used in both saltwater and freshwater fishing environments.

It glides effortlessly across the water, and while flashing and darting, it emits vibrating waves that fool predators into thinking they’re gazing at a vulnerable live target.

It comes with holographic 3D eyes, and the model is available in a variety of beautiful color and texture combinations that no fish will be able to resist.


Even while some fish, particularly large species, are capable of opening the hooks, they may have been made somewhat larger to increase the overall performance of the product.

Due to the fact that this is a luxury product, the price is more than what many fishermen would be prepared to spend.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

Finding the ideal Rapala lure can oftentimes feel like a confusing task since there are so many models available to purchase. We want to make the entire process easier for you, which is why we have compiled an in-depth buyer’s guide to help you find the right product from our diverse list of Rapala lures reviews.

Types of lures

There are four main types of lures and we will present them all below. First, you have the topwater lures which can imitate a wounded or stunned baitfish or even other creatures such as birds, mice, or frogs. These are the most visually striking options available and cause a lot of noise and splashing to attract predators.

Subsurface lures as the name suggests, skim the surface of the water and can imitate an injured or fleeing baitfish or other animals swimming in the water. These lures have many actions such as splashing, jerking, sliding, or slashing.

Suspending lures don’t float on the surface nor do they sink to the bottom, but rather hover in the water suspended like an injured prey fish. Fast or slow retrieves after a pause can make them very enticing for large predators and they are highly effective for pike and sea bass.

Sinking or diving lures offer a wide range of actions and the faster you retrieve, the deeper they will dive. Some models will sink with a fluttering motion to mimic an injured fish fleeing from a predator.

Choosing the right model depends on what you are looking to fish, but it is a good idea to have at least one of each in your tackle box so that you can be prepared for any situation.

Size and weight

When choosing the size of the lure, things are quite straightforward since as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the lure is, the bigger the fish you’ll be looking to catch. Thus, before purchasing it is important to know the size or species of the fish that you’ll be trying to catch.

You can also purchase a lure in different sizes so that it can be used for different fishing applications.

The weight of the lures generally influences how deep and how further it will be able to get. Heavier models can go further and reach deeper depths. Lighter types, on the other hand, will be weighted in such a way as to promote finesse fishing which is all about presenting your jig in such a way as to make even the most elusive fish bite.

Certain options have metal balls inside that are designed to weigh the lure down and create vibrations in the water to attract nearby fish.

Materials and design

As far as materials are concerned, most of the models you’ll find on the market are either made of plastic or wood. ABS plastic is the strongest and most durable material available but wood lures do come with advantages as well as since they are lighter and they float better.

Another factor to consider when picking a lure is its design and many current products come with eye-catching patterns and colors that will fool any fish into believing that they’re looking at a live bait. Furthermore, premium models have 3D patterns and eyes to make the lure look even more realistic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are Rapala lures?

Rapala is a brand that was the first to produce balsa lures and this is the reason why Rapala is also a name that is often used to describe lures that are made from balsa wood. Nowadays the brand produces a wide range of lures manufactured from all types of materials and available in different sizes, styles, and colors.

Newer models also feature built-in rattles that are used to simulate the sound and movement of an injured fish and this new design choice helps attract even the most distrustful fish. This is further helped by the realistic appearance that these lures have.

It can be difficult to find options that look realistic but one trademark of Rapala lures is that they look very realistic both in and out of the water. This helps enhance the performance they offer and it is the reason why many anglers prefer sticking to genuine Rapala lures rather than using cheap imitations.

Q: How do you fish with Rapala lures?

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate tackle for the fish that you are looking to catch, the next step is to connect the line to the lure. There are different knots that you can use for this such as a loop knot, a direct knot, a split ring, a snap swivel or the famous Rapala knot.

Once you’ve successfully connected the line to the lure, you’ll need to set the weight so that it doesn’t interfere with the lure’s action. You shouldn’t place the sinker too close to the lure since that will inhibit it. When fishing topwater or shallow water you won’t need a sinker at all.

The final step is to cast the lure and try various retrieves depending on how you’ve rigged the lure to your line. You should use light-colored lures for bright days with clear water and a dark-colored lure for dark days with cloudy water. Furthermore, fish-like patterns should be used in clear-water conditions while for cloudy water it is best to use highly visible lures.

Q: How do you tie a Rapala?

The Rapala knot is named after the lure company that has popularized this type of lure and it is a very efficient means of connecting Rapala lures to any monofilament line. Using the knot properly can give your lure more action and it is very sturdy which means that it is guaranteed not to unravel.

The first step is to tie a basic loose overhand knot and insert the tag end through the lure’s eye and then back through the knot. Next, you should make 3 turns around the line and get the tag end back through the overhand knot. Finally, pass the tag end through the loop you’ve created between the 3 turns and the overhand knot.

To complete the knot you should moisten the line either with water or saliva and pull the line while holding the tag end so that you can close the knot. Make sure to pull hard so that the knot is tightened well.