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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Fish Gripper + Reviews

Are you looking for the best fish gripper out there, but, so far, you’ve been out of luck? You are in the right place, as we will tell you right away all you need to know to make an informed choice. In this paragraph, you will find the product that has managed to get on top of the competition due to its outstanding features and pricing. We’re talking about the Entsport Fish Lip Gripper, an easy to use gripper that will help you catch and release fish in any environment. As it is made from stainless steel, it doesn’t corrode, and for its price, it is a solid investment you will never regret. A measuring tape is included, allowing you to measure the fish you catch with excellent ease. If this particular model is out of stock, the next recommendation in line is the Rapala 9″ Floating Fish Gripper.

10 Best Fish Grippers (Updated Reviews) in 2021

Any angler who wants a high-quality fish gripper will find that there are dozens of options out there. That could make his or her choice particularly challenging, which is why we compiled a list with excellent models that are currently popular due to their performance and proper pricing.

1. Entsport Fish Lip Gripper

When seeking for a reasonably priced fish gripper, look no further than this model. Because it is made of stainless steel, it is the ideal companion for every angler because it is corrosion resistant and can be used in any weather situation. You will like the extra-wide aperture, which will make it simple for you to pick up any fish and secure it in place.

In addition, the handle is comfortable and non-slip in design. A wrist strap completes the picture, making it more difficult to lose even when you are caught in the middle of bringing a giant fish out of the water, as is the case in this scenario. This characteristic also makes it more convenient to transport.

Another advantage is that it can be operated with one hand, which is something you may want to consider. In the event that you decide to cast your line in an area where catch-and-release rules and regulations apply, this model will be extremely useful. The weight capacity of this gripper is 15 kg, which means that you can capture and hold some pretty huge fish with this gripper.


An excellent fish gripper for the serious angler, this model will provide you tremendous delight by performing as intended and allowing you to operate with minimal interruptions.

Because of its stainless steel design, you can carry this fish gripper with you everywhere you go fishing, whether it’s in saltwater or freshwater. Rust and corrosion will not be an issue because of its stainless steel construction.

Its use is made simple by a soft EVA handle, and you’ll appreciate that it is completely non-slip so that you don’t accidentally drop your fish back into the water.

Because of the convenient lanyard, it is portable, and you don’t have to worry about losing it accidentally.

It is equipped with a retractable tape measure, which allows you to determine the length of the fish immediately after catching it.


Despite the fact that it comes with a scale for weighing the fish you catch, don’t expect it to be particularly useful because it is difficult to read.

Buy from for ($12.9)

2. Rapala 9” Floating Fish Gripper

For all of your catch-and-release fishing excursions, there isn’t a better gripper on the market than this particular type. The fish may be held with only one hand after being caught, allowing you to measure and weigh it before releasing it back into its natural environment. During this time, you can be confident that no harm will befall the fish.

This is made possible by the use of a quick-release mechanism. You will be impressed with how effortlessly it retains the fish while not allowing it to escape; you will also be pleased with how smoothly and without a glitch the mechanism operates when it is time to release the fish.

You will appreciate the fact that this gripper may be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing because it does not corrode. The material utilized is a heavy-duty polyethylene that performs brilliantly in a wide range of circumstances. Another important feature is the wrist lanyard that comes with the package. You will never lose track of the fish gripper that is attached to your hand in this manner.


Because the heavy-duty molded plastic used in its manufacturing is corrosion-resistant, you may use your fish gripper in any environment.

Its one-handed operation is straightforward, and it makes it simple to collect accurate measurements of the fish you have caught.

With the quick-release mechanism in place, you can rest assured that the fish will be held securely and released without causing any injury.

In order to make the fish gripper more portable, a wrist lanyard is included. It is also useful for anyone who does not wish to use the fish gripper by accident.

The fish gripper’s 9-inch length makes it suitable for most anglers, and you will be pleased with how quickly and easily it completes its task.


Be advised that this fish gripper is only suitable for the purpose for which it was designed, and that it cannot handle particularly large fish.

Although it is lightweight, it does not float very well, and if you do not catch it quickly, it will sink to the bottom of the pool.

Buy from for ($20.99)

3. Z ZANMAX Fishing Pliers Fish Grip Tools Set

If you require more than a simple gripper, we recommend this upgrade to the regular model, which performs only the functions for which it was created. It is possible to catch and release as much as you like with the Z ZANMAX Fishing Pliers Fish Grip Tools Set. In addition, you will be provided with some really cool extras that you will absolutely adore.

For example, you will receive a scale that may be used to weigh a variety of fish weighing up to 40 pounds in weight. Another feature that you will like is the supplied pair of pliers, which you can use when you need to remove a hook from the mouth of a fish so that you can release it back into the water where it belongs.

Despite its aluminum construction, this model has excellent corrosion and corrosion resistance, allowing you to use it in salty conditions with no problems at all. Because the jaws are composed of stainless steel, they are extremely resistant to water and other environmental contaminants as well as normal wear and tear.


A scale as well as a pair of fish pliers for hook removal are included with the purchase of this model, so you are getting more than one tool for your money.

You will find this model useful for a wide range of conditions and fish types due to the weight capacity of 40 pounds.

It is composed of aluminum, which makes it lightweight while also being sturdy; the jaws are made of stainless steel, which increases the durability even further.

The safety lock provides additional protection, and you will see right away that the fish is not injured while being held with the gripper.

With the help of the built-in springs, you can operate this gripper and reap the benefits of it with only one hand.


When attempting to weigh really little fish, don’t expect this machine to deliver the same level of accuracy because its weight scale is not particularly sensitive.

The pliers, on the other hand, are only average and nothing to write home about.

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4. Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Scale

In order to weigh the fish you capture, it may be a little uncomfortable to hold a gripper and do the necessary operations at the same time. To account for such scenarios, Piscifun designed a gripper with an adjustable handle that allows you to maneuver it as you see fit so that you can read the weight of the fish you just caught immediately.

To make matters worse, the scale numbers are written in easily read symbols, so even if you use glasses, you will not have any difficulty reading them. Another point to mention is that this model is effective for fish weighing up to 33 pounds, which is quite useful if you happen to come across some trophy specimens during your fishing expeditions.

There will be no need for you to be concerned about losing your gripper because it comes with a retractable lanyard. Additionally, the handle is non-slip and extremely ergonomic, making it a delight to hold and use. The overall design of this model is geared on providing you with maximum comfort.


Given that it has anodized body, you can be confident that the gripper will last for many years without showing indications of wear and tear.

The camouflage pattern is attractive, and you will discover that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your fishing equipment and clothing.

Because this model may be utilized successfully in both saltwater and freshwater situations, you will find it to be great.

The rotating handle, which allows you to position the gripper so that you can readily see the weight of the fish, will be appreciated by customers.

The maximum weight restriction is 33 pounds, which is plenty for most species of fish that you could be interested in catching or catching and eating.


It is possible that you will find this unit to be too large to operate comfortably, especially if you have little hands.

Furthermore, it is not as simple to use as other models now available on the market.

Buy from for ($22.99)

5. ZACX Fish Lip Gripper Muti-Function Pliers Set

You will find that your fishing excursions will be more fun than ever before with the assistance of this multi-tasker. In the first place, you will receive an easy to use gripper that will allow you to hold the fish you catch while your fishing companions take pictures of your accomplishment.

Additionally, you will receive a set of pliers, which is something that should always be present in your fishing equipment. These are constructed of aluminum, and they have a wonderful hollow cut architecture that helps to minimize the overall weight of the product. Because you will almost definitely need to be able to cut the line, remove hooks, and do other chores, having pliers on hand is a great convenience.

The gripper is made more comfortable to use because of the spring-loaded handle. If you only have one hand, you will be able to operate it, allowing you to take that selfie you’ve been wanting when you capture a bigger fish.


In addition to being ergonomic and non-slip, the 4.3-inch EVA handle is suitable for usage in wet settings without difficulty.

Remove the hooks from the fish you capture with the provided pliers so that you can release them back into the water after catching them.

Given that it is a multi-tool set, you will also receive a number of additional items that will be really valuable to you as an angler.

This particular fish gripper is really simple to operate with with one hand, and you will be surprised at how pleasant it is to use even if you are not particularly strong.

Because of its great resistance to salty environments, the gripper is extremely long-lasting, which is why many people don’t hesitate to give the set as a gift to their best friends.


Due to the small length of the provided pliers, you may find yourself having to use additional pliers to get the hook out of a few larger fish.

Buy from for ($9.99)

6. Rapala Floating Fish Gripper Scale Combo RFFGSC

With the help of this fish gripper, you will be able to grasp the fish you catch without injuring them. Additionally, a little digital scale is included with your purchase, allowing you to weigh the fish you have caught. The scale is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

What distinguishes this model from others on the market is that it floats when dropped in water by accident, ensuring that it is not lost immediately. Another excellent feature is that you can make extensive use of the quick-release mechanism without exerting excessive effort on the item. The hooks will open and close fast, allowing you to hold any fish that comes your way.

Because the scale is digital, it is important to know that it includes an automatic shut-off feature after 4 minutes of inactivity on the scale. Overall, it is a straightforward tool that will really assist you in your fishing endeavors.


Using this gadget, you can simply weigh the fish you catch every time you land one because it comes with both a gripper and a scale.

Because the scale is digital, its readings are a little more accurate than those obtained from other versions available on the market.

You will find this design to be simple to use because it is designed to retain the fish without applying excessive pressure, ensuring that your catch is not harmed in the process.

Its quick-release system is smooth and reliable, allowing even novice fishermen to hold their fish and weigh them with ease.

If you accidentally drop this gripper in water, it will float to the surface, making it nearly impossible to lose.


Expect this gripper to perform poorly on smaller fish, as the opening is far too large for such a task.

It takes a while for the weighing scale to come to life, which is a disadvantage you should be aware of as well.

Buy from for ($35.89)

7. Piscifun Professional Fish Holder Lip Gripper

This lip gripper is so simple to use that you can find yourself falling in love with it after just one application. It is much more than simply a small piece of fishing equipment that can be used to retain a fish; it also includes a number of useful extras that are virtually vital in the life of an angler.

For example, you’ll appreciate how ergonomic the handle is designed. The rubberized surface offers you with exceptional grip, which means you will not be caught off guard by a larger fish and allow the gripper to slip from your grasping hand.

An accompanying tape measure and scale, as well as an integrated scale within the model’s construction, allow you to know immediately whether the fish you caught is required to be released or is a prize that should be kept and displayed at home. The stainless steel construction is extremely long-lasting.


This robust lip gripper is a wonderful companion for all of your fishing expeditions because it contains all of the equipment you’ll need for collecting the measurements of your catch in one convenient gadget.

The measuring tape is built into the gripper’s structure, and you simply need to remove it from its socket to use it; it has a length of three feet.

A scale included inside the gripper has a weight limit of 40 pounds, which is sufficient for weighing any fish that you may have caught.

Your fish will be securely held in place by the non-slip rubberized handle, which is also very ergonomic and allows you to hold your fish more comfortably.

The steel construction is suitable for use in any type of environmental conditions.


Because the springs that drive the measuring tape do not appear to be of high quality, retracting the measuring tape is a bit of a gamble.

However, even though it is water-resistant, don’t leave it in touch with salty water for an extended period of time or it may rust.

Buy from for ($15.99)

8. Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

In contrast to other grippers on the market, which come with a mechanical scale built into their bodies and others which have scales attached to their sides by the manufacturer, this one has a digital scale built into its design. Once you’ve caught and held a fish, you’ll be able to see all of its intricate intricacies much more easily.

It is also possible to see that the maximum weight restriction is bigger than what is seen in other models on the market. With its loading capability of up to 60 pounds, this machine is impressive when compared to the competition. Moreover, this indicates that its construction is solid and capable of accommodating fish of this size.

It is a fantastic choice for both freshwater and saltwater conditions due to the fact that it is composed of stainless steel and is quite sturdy. Additionally, it is totally sealed to ensure that it will not be destroyed even if it is accidentally dropped in water.


This gripper, which features an easy-to-read digital scale, gives you the ability to immediately measure the enormous fish you capture while fishing.

Additionally, the LCD light aids in the placement of the gripper even when fishing in low light settings, such as in the evening or just before dawn breaks.

A memory mode on the scale allows you to store up to 10 readings, which means you will be able to keep track of all of the fish you catch while fishing.

The fact that it is water-resistant ensures that it will last longer than other models available on the market.

It includes a movable handle that makes it extremely simple to determine the weight of the fish.


Although the digital scale is a convenient feature, its precision when it comes to ounce measurements is not very impressive.

The wrist strap is also not in the most convenient position due to its placement.

Buy from for ($44.98)

9. Booms Fishing G11 Fish Gripper

This fish gripper from Booms Fishing has everything you could possibly want in a fish gripper and more. First and foremost, you will be impressed with its strong construction, which makes it an excellent choice for usage throughout the year and in any location. Meanwhile, the hooks are gentle on the fish and will not cause them any discomfort when you capture and hold them in your hands.

You will be able to handle any slippery fish with ease, and you will appreciate how easy it is to keep your hands clean while handling it. Additionally, if you are interested in catch and release, or if you simply need to return fish to the water that are too little or unsuited for harvesting, this instrument is an excellent alternative.

The spring scale that is built in is a fantastic addition, and it can weigh fish up to 52 pounds in total. The gripper’s body is constructed of 304 stainless steel, which is known for its strength and longevity.


When you use this gripper, you may hold fish securely without having to worry about hurting or damaging them in any way.

As the gripper is meant to be anti-slip, you won’t have to worry about it slipping from your hands. It will also operate in a variety of settings.

Its 304 stainless steel body is designed for long-term use, and it may be used in both saltwater and freshwater conditions without deteriorating.

You may weigh fish weighing up to 52 pounds with the help of the spring scale that is included.

The hooks are meant to exert light pressure, and they are also simple to remove once the pressure has been applied.


It’s normal for the gripper to feel stiff at first, so it’s a good idea to lubricate it to make it more fluid when it first begins to operate.

Other grippers in the same price range also include a measuring tape, which is something that this one does not provide.

Buy from for ($17.99)

10. Fiblink Portable Fish Lip Grabber

Whoever is on the lookout for a low-cost fish gripper will find that the Fiblink Portable Fish Lip Grabber is an excellent selection. The fact that the maker includes a 5-foot ruler with no additional fee makes this a very attractive option. This manner, you will be able to obtain an extremely useful instrument for fisherman without having to break the bank in the process.

When you use it on a fish, you can rely on the sufficient tension applied by the internal mechanism on the jaws to hold the fish in place. Using this technique, you will be able to grip the fish securely without inflicting any damage to it. The grip hooks are built to last, and they will close exactly when you need them to close.

Other characteristics make this model an excellent pick. For example, the EVA handle is not only comfy, but it is also non-slip when in use. You may also rely on the lanyard that comes with the gripper to ensure that you don’t lose it by accident.


Due to the fact that this gripper’s primary body is constructed of stainless steel, it is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust.

If you happen to catch a prize specimen, you may weigh it with the attached scale, which can handle fish up to 40 pounds.

Its smooth operation is one of its most key selling qualities, as it can be operated with only one hand. This is one of its most prominent selling points.

When you use the gripper, the hooks are properly tensioned to ensure that the fish is not injured during the process; this is particularly beneficial when using catch and release techniques.

Some comfort-oriented features, like as the supplied lanyard and the EVA handle, make this specific gripper a great choice for first-time consumers, especially considering the low price.


Due to the fact that the tape is constructed of steel, you will not be pleased with its performance in saltwater settings.

Some people, particularly those who wear prescription glasses, may have difficulty reading the scale.

Buy from for ($12.99)

Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best fish lip gripper, you may feel a little overwhelmed, seeing how many models are available. To make an informed decision, you need to know what these tools are all about, and how you can make the best out of the offers currently sold by manufacturers of fishing gear. Follow the next advice to get a hold of the necessary information for making a great choice.

One-handed operation

The fish gripper you choose should be easy to use. That is why you will find many products advertised as requiring only one-handed operation. These models are comfortable and ergonomic, and they allow you to enjoy your fishing at maximum. It is the particular design these models have that would enable this.

The arms that hold the fish are spring operated, which means that you don’t have to apply a lot of strength to hold a fish. You will be happy to hear that if arm strength is not something you’re mainly known for. Certain advantages can be drawn from such designs, as you can hold the fish with one-handed and snap a picture with your phone so that you can brag to your friends.

This design is also helpful for catch and release. You will only need to lower the fish gently into the water and release it just for the joy of fishing.

Weight limit

You will notice that more often than not, fish grippers come with a scale that is incorporated in the design. Some even have a built-in measuring tape so that you can measure the length of the fish you catch.

Such simple extras come in handy, so you will be pleased to have them with you, and even integrated with your gripper. Many fishing spots have clear rules and regulations about the fish you can catch, and most of the limits are drawn in regards to the length of the fish, according to which the young can be separated from adult specimens.

A hefty weight limit should be something to aim for if you plan to catch some trophy fish. The manufacturer usually volunteers this information so that you have easy access to it.

Are there other tools included?

From all the fish gripper reviews you will read, you will notice that some praised models are those that come as a multi-tool set. Why are they preferred? The answer would be that such buyers prefer the convenience of having normally separated tools brought together.

You can find models that come with an extra pair of pliers, which can really come in handy when you want to remove the hooks from the lips of the fish.

Resistance to water and other conditions

Fish grippers can be made from various materials, and those preferred are heavy-duty plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. They are highly resistant to corrosion and rust, so you will be able to use them in various conditions, and also for saltwater and freshwater fishing alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a fish gripper?

A fish gripper is a pretty neat tool that any angler should have. When you pull the fish out of the water, sometimes after some struggle, you want to hold it so that you can weigh it or take a picture with it, and that’s when a gripper comes into play.

This simple tool holds the fish without causing any harm to it, which is the most critical point. The small hooks gently sustain the weight of the fish, and you can measure it or perform other tasks. Because of the one-handed operation most have, grippers are excellent fishing tools that will allow you to engage in catch and release tasks without a glitch.

Some models can float when dropped in water. Others come with wrist straps so that you can hold them securely. The idea is that you will have the perfect tool for holding a fish without hurting it.

Q: How does a fish gripper work?

There are situations where other tools, such as a net, are not extremely convenient. A gripper will work like a charm under such circumstances. For instance, grippers are pretty good when you must handle a fish that can bite. Holding it by the lip, but without the risk of causing irreparable damage, will keep your hands away from the fish.

Also, if you deal with a fish that struggles a lot, as long as it’s not too large, you can use such a tool. The gripper works by closing the gap between its hooks, usually with the help of a spring mechanism inside the handle. This allows you to adjust the pressure so that you don’t damage the fish.

When you have to release the fish into the water, or you want to move it to another area, a gripper can prove an invaluable tool.

Q: How do you use a fish lip gripper?

A fish lip gripper is a pretty great tool to have if you don’t want to deal with some bloodied thumbs when pulling a fish out of the water and trying to hold it by its lip. Even if it may not be very visible, many fish have teeth, and that’s why you can cut your hands when trying to hold one like this.

A lip gripper is what you need to prevent such situations. Also, when you want to remove the hook from the fish’s lips, you will find this type of gripper to be convenient. To use a lip gripper, you will need to activate the clamping mechanism, and gently apply pressure until you can hold the fish with one hand.

By depressing the lever handle, you will decrease the pressure and will be able to release the fish. As you can see, operating such a tool is pretty straightforward.