Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

Crossbow targets –Reviews and Comparison

If you can’t stand the thought of spending hours researching the best crossbow targets for sale available on the market, we’ve created this short paragraph to make things a little easier for you to bear. We looked at customer feedback for a variety of products from both experienced and inexperienced archers and discovered what customers consider to be the best product available at the time of this writing: the Field Logic Hurricane H60410. This bag target is lightweight and convenient for transporting to and from the target practice site. It has high-visibility aiming points that are intended for use with high-speed bows and crossbows, as well as other weapons. This product has deer vitals that are off-center, which helps to extend the life of the target. The heavy-duty handle makes carrying and transporting the target much easier and less stressful. This bag target is strong enough to deflect field points and arrows, and it will assist you in fine-tuning your shooting technique and developing a proper shooting form. Because of the high likelihood that the Field Logic Hurricane H60410 will be out of stock as a result of its widespread popularity among customers, we do not hesitate to recommend the Morrell Yellow Jacket 140-1 as the second best alternative.

Comparison table

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)


Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

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6 Best Crossbow Targets (Reviews) in 2021


1. Field Logic Hurricane Crossbow Archery Bag Target H60410

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

Shooting skills can be improved by using the Field Logic Hurricane H60410, which allows you to fine-tune your archery technique while also developing proper shooting form. This product features an innovative bag target design that makes it simple and efficient to set up, carry, and transport, allowing you to improve your archery skills in a safe and effective manner while still having fun.

The aiming points on this bag target are extremely visible, so you won’t miss them even if you’re a long way away. The aiming points are clearly visible, allowing you to direct your arrow to the precise location you desire. High-speed bows and crossbows, in particular, are the target of this product’s development. The core is designed to be tough and durable in order to withstand projectiles fired from hunting and archery weapons of this nature.

The bag target is equipped with a heavy-duty handle that makes transportation simple and convenient. It also includes illustrations of deer vitals that are off-center to ensure that the target lives for a longer period of time. Bag targets are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for transporting to a variety of locations. They can be placed on the ground or, if you prefer, on a tall enough boulder to create a raised platform for better visibility and accuracy.

This bag target can withstand shot after shot and will assist you in identifying and correcting crossbow errors. It is not necessary to pull extremely hard in order for the arrows to emerge. This is a high-quality bag target that will not let you down in your quest to improve your shooting skills and bowhunting accuracy.


Because of its design and the materials used, you will be able to use the bag to practice your archery skills in a safe and efficient manner.

It has highly visible aiming points, allowing you to aim your arrow precisely where you want it to go. In addition, you won’t have to exert much effort to get the arrows to come out.

The product was created specifically for use with high-speed bows and crossbows, as well as for hunting. It has a tough and long-lasting core to support it.

The heavy-duty handle that comes with it makes transportation a breeze. The target will allow you to position it on the ground or on a raised platform with relative ease.

You will also benefit from the bag’s durability, which allows it to withstand repeated shots without becoming damaged. You’ll be able to correct any mistakes you make with your crossbow in this manner.


Some customers may still have difficulty retrieving the arrow in this situation.


2. Morrell Jacket Crossbow Discharge Field Point Archery Bag 

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

When it comes to archery equipment, the Morrell Yellow Jacket 140-1 is a remarkable addition to your collection. It assists you in honing your shooting skills so that you can identify and correct errors in both your technique and the weapon you are using. This bag target makes it easier to achieve your goal of becoming a more accurate and better shooter.

The bag target is made with a special type of filling that makes it easy to remove the arrows that have been embedded in it. Considering that it is a small and compact bag target, it is very convenient for carrying and transporting to your practice site. The ability to place it on the ground or on an elevated platform, such as a flat-top boulder, allows you to practice your shooting skills in the open air while keeping your hands free.

This bag target also serves as a means of releasing your crossbow at the end of the day’s hunt. In addition, it provides a highly visible surface on which you can practice your shooting skills, allowing you to identify any errors in your technique or form before heading out to the hunting site. This is a portable bag target that is suitable for both novice and experienced archers.

With the EZ tote carrying handle, this product can be transported easily and conveniently wherever you need to go. You will be able to continue practicing your archery skills even if the weather turns unfriendly or the ground becomes shaky because it is designed to be completely waterproof.


This bag is designed to help you become a better and more accurate shooter. It is built to last and will allow you to practice your shooting skills in an efficient manner.

For your convenience, however, the bag has been filled with a special material that will assist you in retrieving the arrows without having to exert too much effort.

The bag is small and compact, which makes it convenient to store and transport. Furthermore, the EZ tote carrying handle will make it easier for you to transport the bag from one location to another as needed.

Depending on your needs, you can either use it on the ground or on an elevated platform if you prefer to practice your skills outside. It will be possible to practice even when the weather is not particularly pleasant due to the design’s ability to repel water 100 percent of the time.

It is an excellent choice for both beginning and advanced archers.


Some customers claim that the bag is better suited for adult archers who use stronger arrows than the competition.


3. Morrell 1003674-SSI Bone Collector Double Duty Target

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

The Morrell 131 Bone Collector is a four-sided crossbow target that encourages archers to improve their shooting skills so that they can perform better in the field when they are out in the field. This cube-shaped target deflects a projectile traveling at 400 feet per second fired from a powerful crossbow or high-speed bow. Each of the four aiming sides allows you to select your preferred aspect at any point in time.

A field point target with a full-color midsection of a deer on one side and the vitals of a deer in full color on the other side for easy identification. The side with six bullseyes allows you to check your arrow groupings, which will help you improve your precision shooting skills. On one side, you can play a 9-ball game to improve your ability to shoot from any angle or from any side.

You can get closer and closer to a specific central point by shooting darts at the dart board as you progress. Field point targets are constructed with a tough and durable Nucleus Center to ensure sufficient stopping power and solidity to keep the product’s shape and ensure that it remains in one piece even after being shot with field points over and over again.

The carry handle on the E-Z Tote makes it simple to transport and carry the 32-pound target around. When not in the field, this product provides the most effective means for both novice and experienced hunters to continuously improve their shooting skills.


This bag, which has a cube-shaped design, provides archers with significantly greater versatility and flexibility when it comes to practicing their skills.

This product was designed to stop a projectile traveling at 400 feet per second from a powerful crossbow or high-speed bow. It has four aiming sides, allowing you to choose the best one for you at any time.

Every side has a unique design, allowing you to put your skills to the test in different ways. A deer’s midsection depicted in full color on one side will assist you in learning precision shooting techniques, while the other side will assist you in quickly identifying the vital organs on another.

A carry handle and an E-Z Tote are included for convenient transportation and storage of the product, which measures 19.5 x 19.2 x 19.2 inches.

It is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced hunters.


Several customers have reported that removing the arrows requires some effort, and that certain types of arrows have even remained stuck inside the machine after being removed.


4. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target 

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

The Field Logic CB16 B56500 is a revolutionary new way to improve your shooting skills without having to rely solely on paper targets for practice. This is a solidly constructed crossbow target designed for the discriminating hunter who believes that nothing beats a strong and durable crossbow target that can stop arrows traveling at high speeds from striking it.

With the different aiming sides on this crossbow target, you can shoot from four different directions. The surface has circles and stars on one side, which you can target to see how well you have disciplined your shooting arm to be precise when aiming and releasing the projectile. On the other side is a plain surface. The outline of a deer and the deer vitals are printed on one side of the card, allowing you to practice proper shot placement.

This crossbow target is constructed with a high-density core that is specifically designed to deflect high-velocity crossbow projectiles. There’s always plenty of space on the target for you to see how accurate your crossbow is by shooting at it repeatedly. During the off-season, the target is an absolute must-have for bow hunters who want to maintain consistency in their shooting ability.

This crossbow target features high-contrast, white-on-black graphics and dots that are easier to see from a distance, making it an excellent choice for long-range shooting. It is possible to position the target in the field at realistic animal distances, allowing the hunter to prepare their weapon and aim precisely, resulting in a bolt that is both fast and true to the target on every shot.


This crossbow target, which has four aiming sides, is ideal for honing your skills and improving your ability to hit the target successfully.

Because of the side that has stars and circles on it, you will be able to improve your precision when it comes to aiming and releasing the projectile. Due to the presence of deer vitals on one side of the field, you will also have the opportunity to practice proper shot placement.

The high-contrast, white-on-black graphics and dots will make it easier for you to see at a distance because of their high contrast. As a result, you can position the target in the field at realistic animal distances, allowing you to aim precisely every time.

The high-density core was created in order to stop high-velocity crossbow projectiles from passing through. The open-layered design will cause the arrow to stop with friction rather than force, which means that you will be able to remove the arrows with relative ease once they have been stopped.


It appears from some user reviews that removing the arrows may not be as straightforward as it appears.


5. Delta Mckenzie Archery Crossbow Target 

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

The Delta McKenzie 70668 is a crossbow scope that was designed for use with crossbows. This crossbow block target is designed to stop projectiles fired from a powerful crossbow with a velocity of 400 or higher feet per second. Its purpose is to stop field points, which have a similar power to actual arrows but do not have the extra-sharp tips of actual arrows. Throughout its cube-shaped profile, this target’s dimensions are: 12 by 12 by 12 inches on all sides.

In an open field, this bright orange bag is very easy to spot because of its bright color. Even when the target is placed a long distance away, the orange color ensures that it is easily visible at all times. When shooting with a crossbow, this target makes it simple to disassemble a crossbow bolt. Additionally, this product can be used with compound crossbows due to its extreme portability, durability, and amazingly light weight.

The target is designed with a handle at the top to make carrying and positioning it easier. The target points painted on the sides are visible from a distance, allowing you to become more comfortable aiming from a long distance. The design, which is black on orange, provides a good aiming background.

Due to the fact that the surface of each side is resistant to fraying, you can remove arrows without fear of the inner filling coming apart. Due to the fact that the cube-shaped target has multiple sides to use, there is even wear on all of the cube’s surface areas.


This target, which is ideal for crossbow practice, is made of materials and has a design that will allow you to improve your skills for an extended period of time while remaining comfortable.

The unit claims to be capable of stopping projectiles fired from a powerful crossbow with a velocity of 400 or higher feet per second. Because of its bright orange color and cube-shaped profile, the bag is easy to spot in an open field and even when it is placed at a considerable distance.

Furthermore, the target points that have been painted on the sides are extremely noticeable. This means that you will be able to practice your aim at a distance, which will be beneficial in the future.

The bag is lightweight, and it has a handle on the top, which makes it convenient to transport and store.

Because of the numerous sides that can be used, you can be confident that the target will serve you for an extended period of time.


Considering that the item’s dimensions are 12-by-12-by-12-inches, it may prove to be too small for some users.


6. Morrell Supreme Range Archery Target 

Best Targets for Crossbows (Must Read Reviews)

If you choose this archery target from Morrell, you will be amazed at how well it holds up even after hundreds of hours of shooting practice. Constructionally sound, it is a long-lasting item that anyone wishing to try their hand at archery in the backyard should have on their wish list.

When you learn that the bag is completely weatherproof, you will be relieved, as this means that you will not have to move it when the weather turns bad. This also speaks volumes about its durability, and you will be hard-pressed to find another model on the market that can withstand as much abuse as this one.

It is proudly manufactured in the United States and meets or exceeds industry-leading quality and performance standards. Despite the fact that it was designed for field points, it provides the same excellent experience when used with target points. The arrows will be able to pass through the outer layer of the robust material, but they will not be able to penetrate through it.


Designed to withstand hundreds of shots without showing signs of wear and tear, the long-lasting construction of this archery target will ensure that it remains in excellent condition for many years to come.

You can leave it outside because of its weatherproof design, which makes it capable of withstanding all types of weather conditions without sustaining any damage to itself.

Because it is heavy and dense, it will deflect your arrows and allow them to pass through the outer layer, but it will not allow them to pierce it from one side to the other due to its density.

While it is an excellent match for field points, it is also an excellent match for target points, and you will find it to be an excellent option for honing your archery skills as well.


Even though the field points may be a little difficult to remove from the bag, rest assured that the target will not show any visible signs of wear for a long time, no matter how many shots you fire at it.


Buying guide

For target shooting, purchasing a crossbow target is almost as important as selecting your first crossbow for the sport. It’s a make-or-break purchase in this case. The fact that there are so many crossbow targets available on the market can make it a real test of your ability to distinguish between the good and the bad. What are the factors to consider when purchasing this type of equipment? (If you want to know more, check out our recent posts on hunting blinds, recurve bows, and compound models.)

Choose a top-rated product in the best crossbow target reviews that is your preferred type

It can be difficult to determine which type of target is most appropriate for your weapon and projectiles given the wide variety of options available. Each type of target is designed to be used in conjunction with a specific type of weapon configuration.

A bag target is the most fundamental and widely used type of bow target. People who own compound bows are more likely than not to have engaged in target practice with a bag target in hand. A bag target has a large surface area and is therefore appropriate for beginning archers.

It is possible to use a bag target repeatedly without it breaking apart, and it will do so regardless of the number of hits it receives. Bag targets are made of a synthetic material and are filled with a variety of objects. They are capable of stopping a bolt in its tracks and are typically constructed of a material that allows the embedded projectile to be removed with relative ease. Unlike hay bales, which can cause damage to the arrow fletching, a bag target does not cause damage.

Bag targets, on the other hand, can only be shot with field points because broadhead tips tend to get stuck in the material and may even rip the outer material, resulting in the target being ruined. The porous material that is used in bag targets is not intended for outdoor use and should be avoided if possible. Look for bag targets that are lightweight and convenient to transport. When only field points are employed, any bow setup can be utilized with no restrictions.

A foam block target is lightweight, transportable, and quite durable, making it ideal for light bow use and for target practice. Foam block targets are made of a layered foam that uses friction to deflect arrows when struck. This prevents the tips from becoming damaged. Broadheads, on the other hand, can become stuck and cause damage to the target. Make sure to use caution when using heavy draw weight bows because they may be too powerful when shooting at foam block targets.

It is possible that the foam will prevent the arrow from being extricated. The angle at which the shot is taken should also be considered because it can shorten the target’s life. Position the foam block in such a way that the foam layers are vertically aligned so that the arrows slide between them rather than across them, as shown in the illustration. As a result of their portable and lightweight design, foam block targets are ideal for use in outdoor environments.

Foam block targets can be set up in seconds, either indoors or outdoors, but it is important to consider the draw weight of the target, as well as any other potential issues that may arise during the arrow removal process.

A 3D practice target is ideal for those who want to get ready to begin hunting with a compound bow before going out on their first hunt. You can purchase 3D foam targets in the shape of any animal you can imagine, including extinct species, to practice on. Both novice and experienced archers can benefit from practicing with 3D targets as they prepare for the upcoming hunting season.

Some 3D targets have clearly marked vital organs on the aiming surface, which makes it easier to know what to target in the field when shooting from a distance. This also gives you a pretty good idea of the shooting form you should employ. It also helps you gain a better understanding of the point system that is used in shooting competitions. After a while, the foam in a 3D target will begin to wear out in the center.

Because broadheads are prone to becoming stuck, it is recommended that you use field tips. Set 3D targets in a realistic hunting environment in order to get the most out of them. Look for models that are lightweight so that they can be transported easily around the practice site.

The best archery targets are tough and durable

It would be inconvenient to have to replace a hunting target on a regular basis. By using different sides of the target for practice shooting rather than just one side, you can ensure that the wear levels are consistent over time. High-end products are equipped with premium-quality core technology, which allows for the simple removal of bolts without causing damage to or breaking apart of the filling.

You want the cover material to be resistant to fraying so that it will last longer. The embedded projectiles should be easy to remove without causing the filling to crumble or break. Keep an eye out for block targets with an open layered core that allows the arrow to slide through the layers and prolong the target’s life span.

Aiming the projectile vertically rather than diagonally across the grain is sometimes all that is required. This allows the projectile to slide easily between the layers, allowing for effortless retrieval and preventing the projectile from cutting across the grain.

The best crossbow target for broadheads or for any other projectile should be easy to setup

You wouldn’t want to spend an excessive amount of time setting up the target at the practice location. Fortunately, bag and block targets only require that they be placed on the ground or on a platform before you can begin practicing target shooting.

The cover should be made of a waterproof material so that you can practice in less than ideal weather conditions. The graphics on the target should be easily visible from a distance, even if the target is in the distance. You need a target that is lightweight so that you can transport it easily.

Can your target withstand the heat?

First and foremost, you must understand your crossbow in order to determine what kind of target you should purchase. When you read the description, you will notice the FPS abbreviation, which stands for feet per second and refers to the speed at which the game is moving. When you shoot the crossbow, the arrows are propelled at a rate of about 30 feet per second. It is well known that crossbows are extremely potent weapons, particularly when compared to traditional bows, and therefore the crossbow targets used for practice should be equally challenging.

In other words, you should choose a crossbow model that is capable of withstanding the speed and power of the bolts fired by your crossbow. In other words, it should be the same as the feet per second value in order to prevent it from being damaged too quickly. You must be aware that some targets can only withstand field points, and that broadheads can be difficult to deal with in some situations.

For the most part, crossbows have a maximum speed of 350 feet per second, but there are models that can propel bolts at speeds of up to 450 feet per second. And, to get an idea of how fast that is, all you have to do is look at compound bows that can shoot at speeds of up to 370 feet per second (fps), which is extremely fast.

Your intended target should be able to withstand this level of force without being injured. Even field points that pass through a target at such incredible speeds can become damaged after being used several times on the same target. It would be a poor investment to purchase a target that would need to be replaced after only a short period of time.

Check to see if the crossbow targets displayed on the screen can withstand high frames per second. Then it’s a good idea to see if they’re capable of dealing with more than just field goals. That should provide you with an accurate picture of their long-term durability. Bag targets, for example, are reasonably effective, but don’t expect them to withstand the shredding force and speed of broadheads, which are much more powerful.

Can the arrows and bolts be retrieved with ease?

The idea behind practice is to fire your bolts and arrows at your target and then remove them from the target so that you can use them again and again in the future. That is why the ability to remove arrows from a model is extremely important when selecting the right one. Consider what it would be like to struggle with removing the field points you had shot for several minutes at a time.

Bag targets are particularly effective in this situation. They have a high rate of arrow removal, which is one of the reasons why many people prefer them despite their other shortcomings. Forget about foam targets, on the other hand, if it’s critical to you that you can easily remove all of the arrows or bolts from your target. Because of the dense nature of the foam construction, removing the bolts can be a hassle. In any case, as is always the case, you should concentrate your efforts on finding crossbow targets that meet your entire set of requirements.

A model that can be used for practice shots over and over again without causing too much trouble should be your first priority. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the top of the line models available are constructed of materials that allow you to remove the arrows or field points with relative ease. You will be satisfied with the money that you save in the long run, even if you have to pay a little bit more up front.

Is the crossbow target you chose weatherproof?

If you are the type who enjoys spending a lot of time honing your archery skills, you may want to do so in any weather conditions, which means that you should look for crossbow targets that are resistant to the elements in any weather. Another consideration is whether or not it’s worth hauling a large target in and out of the house every time you want to practice. To be sure, any advertisement claiming that a target is completely weatherproof should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you practice with compound bows, you will notice that any target will eventually lose its luster after a while. You should, however, choose a model that can withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear. One of the characteristics you should look for is a surface that does not allow water to seep through easily. Bag targets are excellent because they are portable and inexpensive, and they will likely serve you for a long time.


Does your archery target come with grommets?

Another factor to consider when deciding on a target is the distance between the two of you. There are grommets installed at the top of some models, so that you can thread a rope through them and hang your target from a branch, for example. When you want to add a little variety to your practice, such items can be extremely useful.

While it is possible to shoot field points at targets that are lying on the ground, it would be significantly more difficult to place your target up high and attempt to aim. That is why grommets, while they may appear to be inconsequential, can be extremely useful for ambitious archers who want to improve their skills.

Does your target have multiple aiming points?

There is a solution if you intend to use a target for an extended period of time. You should simply aim at different locations to ensure that the target does not wear off in the same location each time. Even compound bows, which are not as powerful as crossbows, can cause significant damage to a target if used repeatedly in this manner.

As a result, purchasing a target that has already been painted with multiple aiming points would be a good idea in this situation. This way, you can be certain that you will hit the target in a variety of locations, and it will not wear off quickly, requiring you to purchase another to replace it as soon as it does.

Unavailable products

Block Invasion 4-Sided Archery Target

Its open-layered design prevents broadheads, mechanicals, and field tips from invading the field logic block 51002-Parent system. It has four-sided shooting to ensure that the target is hit as many times as possible. You can ensure even shooting on all sides so that no single side is used more frequently than all the others, resulting in even wear on all aspects of the vehicle.

This crossbow target is easy to see from any of its four sides, which is a nice feature. The scopes painted on each side are composed of three vibrant colors, including black, white, and red, to allow for easy viewing from a distance without straining the eyes. This crossbow target is an excellent tool for honing your shooting skills so that you can achieve greater accuracy and sharpness when hunting.

This crossbow target has a durable shooting surface that can withstand a wide range of projectiles without the inner filling becoming damaged or falling apart, making it ideal for target practice. The arrow will come loose quite easily if you pull on it while it is still at the target point. When a projectile strikes the target surface, the fabric of the target surface is designed to close up rather than grow a hole.

The polypropylene-wrapped sides of this target allow it to accommodate field points. This is a revolutionary, yet incredibly simple, product that will help you become a better hunter by allowing you to practice good shooting form and technique in order to bag the catch of the year.


This target, which has an open-layered design that stops broadheads, mechanicals, and field tips, is well worth considering if you want to improve your shooting skills and learn new techniques.

With four shooting sides, the unit will allow you to practice your skills for a longer period of time because you can alternate between the sides to make the unit last longer.

You can easily aim at a distance and improve your shooting skills because the scopes painted on the sides of the target are highly visible.

Because of the resilient shooting surface, you can use a variety of projectiles without worrying about damaging or breaking the inner filling. Removal of the projectile is a simple process that requires little effort.

The item measures 16′′ x 16′′ x 13.5′′ and is equipped with a handle, allowing you to easily transport it from one location to another.


At least one buyer who attempted to use this product claims that the bolt became stuck in the target after being fired.


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