Best Thai Fish Recipes

Thai cuisine is well-known throughout the world, and one of the primary ingredients that can be found in many of the dishes prepared in this style is fish. Discover some of the best Thai fish recipes that you can make at home in a short amount of time.


Crispy chili fish Thai-style

Because the fish is cooked whole, you won’t need to use a fish skinner for this recipe. You’ll also need four garlic cloves (crushed to retain flavor), a quarter cup of lemongrass stalk (chopped), one cup of coriander (chopped), two chilies (chopped), two tablespoons of sweet chili sauce, one tablespoon of ginger (grated), one tablespoon of red curry paste, and two tablespoons of lime juice in addition to the fish and vegetables.

Making 4 diagonal cuts into each side of the fish, place it in a serving dish and cover with foil. Choose a dish that can be baked in the oven and is not metallic in appearance. Combine all of the ingredients and pour the mixture over the fish. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.

Placing the dish with a lid in the preheated oven at 180 degrees will help keep the dish moist. Allow the fish to cook for 35 minutes before removing it from the pan. Season the cooked fish with a little extra sweet chili sauce before grilling it until the skin begins to turn crispy.


Thai fish curry

Asian countries are known for their love of curry, and Thai cuisine is no exception. If you want to make curry in the Thai style, this is a great recipe to use. Around two pounds of fish, cut into cubes, one tablespoon of green curry paste, one tablespoon of oil, two tablespoons of chopped onions, one tablespoon of chopped garlic, one tablespoon of chopped ginger, one tablespoon of coconut milk, two tablespoons of chopped coriander, two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of palm sugar, a few basil leaves, salt, and pepper are all you will need.

The curry paste will be used to marinate the fish before cooking it. Season the cubes of fish meat with salt, pepper, and lemon juice before adding them to the curry. Allow it to cool before heating a frying pan with a little extra oil. Fry the chopped vegetables and ginger for a few minutes, stirring constantly.

After adding the remaining curry paste and allowing it to cook for two minutes, you must pour in the coconut milk to deglaze the pan. Finally, add the marinated fish cubes and bring the whole thing to a simmer for two more minutes. Then, combine the lemon juice, sugar, and coriander in a mixing bowl. Decorate the plate with basil leaves to make it more appealing. Steamed rice is a good accompaniment to this fish curry recipe for a complete meal.


Geng Som Pla

A fish soup should not be overlooked among the many other recipes that can be created using this nutritious type of meat. Geng Som Pla is the name given to the orange fish soup that people in central Thailand prepare as an appetizer at the beginning of a multi-course meal.

Check out the list of ingredients for more information. To make this dish, you will need the following ingredients: six cups of chicken stock, three fillets of snapper (or any white fish), cut into small pieces, the juice of two oranges, two tablespoons of tamarind paste, one tablespoon of brown sugar, three tablespoons of fish sauce, ten shrimp (you can substitute them with any shellfish), two cups of Chinese greens, half a cup of cherry tomatoes, half a cup of green beans, one zucchini, and one scall

As well as the paste, you’ll need one shallot, one red chili, a small piece of ginger root, three cloves of garlic, white pepper, one tablespoon of fish sauce, half a tablespoon of shrimp paste, and plenty of fresh coriander to make the dish taste delicious.

Despite the fact that this is a more difficult recipe, it is delicious and authentically Thai. So let’s get down to business with the directions. The soup paste is made first, and it is simple to make; simply mince and mix all of the ingredients together. Then you’ll need to heat up a soup pot on high heat and coat it with a little vegetable oil before starting. The paste should be added first, and the mixture should be stir-fried for a couple of minutes.

Afterwards, add in the chicken stock and the orange juice, as well as the tamarind paste and the sugar. Bring everything to a boil, then turn the heat down to a low setting. Combine the beans and the white stocks of the Chinese greens in a large mixing bowl. Allow the vegetables to soften for a few minutes before continuing with the rest of the vegetables, as well as the fish and shrimp, if desired.

Remember not to stir and to allow the fish and shrimp to cook for a few minutes before serving. It takes only a few minutes to complete the task. Once the soup has been removed from the heat, taste it and adjust the flavor with fish sauce or lime juice, if desired. It is garnished with fresh coriander and orange slices before being served.


Thai coconut fish

Unlike the latter, this recipe is not as difficult to prepare, and it will provide you with a taste of Thailand that you will never forget. Despite the fact that there is some preparation required, the actual cooking process is not time-consuming. Here are the ingredients as well as the preparation instructions.

Unless you are accustomed to catching your own fish and a fly fishing combo is all you require to enjoy your favorite pastime, you can purchase the fish you require from a local grocery store. There are no restrictions on the type of white fish you use; you can choose from snapper, cod, or tilapia without issue.

A few fish fillets, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, fresh coriander, lime wedges, six tablespoons of coconut milk, one and a half tablespoons of fish sauce, chili flakes, dry coconut, one fresh chili, one minced garlic clove, one chopped spring onion, one tablespoon of grated ginger, lemon zest, sugar, lime juice, and one tablespoon of fish sauce are all used in this recipe.

Make a marinade out of the ingredients and place the fillets in it to marinate. Refrigerate for a few minutes before continuing to work on frying the dry coconut until it is a golden brown color. Three parts of it should be kept in a mixing bowl, and the rest should be kept separately.

To finish the toasted coconut shreds, combine the fresh chili, finely chopped garlic and onion, ginger, lime juice and zest, sugar, and fish sauce in a mixing bowl until well combined. Season with spices and salt to your liking. Remove the fish from the refrigerator and cook it in a pan with a little oil until it is done.

The key to this recipe’s success is in how it is presented on the plate. Place one fillet on each plate and top it with the coconut and chili mixture, followed by a sprinkle of toasted coconut that has been set aside. Add some coriander leaves and lime wedges to finish it off.