Best Fishing Locations In British Columbia

British Columbia is known as the “Salmon Fishing Capital of the World,” and it’s possible that title isn’t too far off the mark. There are several other species of fish worth catching in this area, in addition to salmon. These species include steelhead, halibut, and trout. Deep sea fishing is an option to consider, but fishing in the pristine waters of the local rivers is also a popular choice among local fishermen. Is there a good place to fish in British Columbia? When it comes to answering this question, here are a few suggestions to get you started.



Capilano River – The opportunity for a real adventure

The Capilano River, considered by many to be a veritable paradise for anglers, is located right outside Vancouver’s back door. Consequently, expect to see a lot of people here, especially during the best season for catching Coho salmon. Because of the large number of tourists visiting the area during the summer months (usually between June and August), traveling here during the summer months may be difficult.

As would be expected in a place known for its many different varieties of salmon, you can also catch many different subspecies, such as Chinook, steelhead, and cutthroat. A very popular hatchery can be found right next to the dam, but it is not the only place to go fishing in the area, as there are numerous good pools scattered throughout the river.

Something to keep in mind about the river is that it can be difficult to navigate because of the steep cliffs that surround it. Although roe fishing is the most popular method in this area, you can also try your hand at fly fishing if you so desire. Also, keep in mind that you will not be permitted to bring any wild Coho salmon or steelhead home with you due to local regulations.


Ambleside Park

Ambleside Park, which is located in Vancouver, is yet another excellent fishing spot in British Columbia, and it also happens to be a great place to fish. It is located close to the mouth of the Capilano River, which was previously mentioned as a great salmon fishing spot. If you’re in the mood for some Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, or the pink subspecies, you’ll find them all right here.

The best thing about Ambleside Park is that it provides all of the conveniences of an urban setting while also placing you in close proximity to fishing grounds that are unmatched by many other locations on the planet, which is a rare combination.

You can fish here all summer long, and even for a portion of the fall season. The time of year is determined by how high or low the river waters are at any given time. When they are low, fish will remain in the area for a longer period of time to take advantage of the feeding opportunities, which means you will be able to fish as well.


Dundarave Pier

This fishing pier, which is located in the western part of Vancouver, is a great place to go fishing. You can enjoy ocean fishing to your heart’s content in this small village in Dundarave, which is a charming setting in which to spend your time. A wonderful choice for anyone who enjoys traveling with their family because of the picturesque surroundings.

There are numerous shops and restaurants in this area, as well as a beach with a children’s play area that is easily accessible. The seawall stretches all the way up to Ambleside, providing breathtaking views of the ocean and serving as one of the most popular walking areas in the entire Vancouver metropolitan area.

If you’re in the mood to go fishing, make your way over to the dock. Meanwhile, while your children and the rest of the family are having a good time, you can enjoy some quiet time by the pier.


Fraser River

The largest river crossing in British Columbia is located near Vancouver, and it is the largest river crossing in the world. The majority of British Columbia’s water system drains into this river, which helps to explain why the aquatic world is so abundant in this area.

A beautiful specimen of white sturgeon can be caught here, and the river is considered to be one of the best fishing spots in British Columbia and the entire world for this species. Every year, fishermen from all over the world travel to this location in hopes of catching one of these magnificent fish. Dealing with one of these creatures can be the most exciting experience of a person’s life.

Sturgeon and salmon are both abundant in these waters, in addition to other types of game fish. The area is well-known for its salmon runs, which is yet another reason why so many people flock to this location every year. Trout and steelhead are also plentiful in this area. Camping and adventuring along the riverbank are both possible activities.


Campbell River

Fishermen of all skill levels will find the Campbell River to be an excellent destination for fulfilling their ambitions in the sport. The hamlet, which is located on the river, is an excellent starting point for your fishing expedition and for exploring the salmon fishing capital of the world. Traveling less than an hour by car from Victoria will get you to this location quickly and easily.

Summer is the best time to catch salmon, and these waters are teeming with the fish throughout the hot months of the year. You can participate in a variety of fishing adventures. There are several calm pools scattered throughout the river, or you can head over to the Seymour Narrows, where the fast-moving waters make for a different kind of adventure than the calm pools elsewhere. There is no doubt that your vacation will be one to remember, no matter which option you choose.


Haida Gwaii

This archipelago is located not far from the north coast of British Columbia, in the Pacific Ocean. You can get to this charming location by floatplane, but keep in mind that you will need to make the necessary arrangements ahead of time. However, you shouldn’t expect to be able to drive from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii because there are no roads. Of course, if you choose to stay in one of the local resorts, the staff will take care of all of the details for you.

In addition to being aptly described as an angler’s paradise, Haida Gwaii offers visitors much more than just fishing opportunities when choosing this location for their vacation. In the event that you are committed to catching salmon during its migration, keep in mind that the Langara Island should be your first stop. During their migration towards the local streams, migrating salmon prefer to rest in this location.

Sockeye salmon, halibut, rockfish, and red snapper are just a few of the species that can be found in these waters, and they are all delicious to fish. In addition, the proximity to Alaska makes this destination more exciting than others on the continent as a result of its location.


Victoria Waterfront

When it comes to fishing in Victoria, you have a wide variety of options. The hatcheries for Chinook and halibut are under the supervision of the local authorities. During the summer months, other salmon subspecies can be caught. It doesn’t matter what time of year you go fishing, the Oak Bay Flats will provide you with plenty of needlefish.

Constance Bank is a financial institution that is not far from Clover Point. When looking for halibut, this is the location to try, and boat fishing is highly recommended. You should be aware that you should hire a guide when you want to go diving in these waters because of their remote location, which provides exciting opportunities. According to locals who are well-versed in catching Chinook salmon, bottom bumping is the most effective method.

During the summer, make your way over to the Quarantine Buoy to cool off. The sockeyes, pink salmon, and Coho will be abundant in this area, and you will not be disappointed. It doesn’t matter whether you like the idea of fishing all year or prefer to fish only during the summer months; you will find that the Victoria water-front is quite generous in all respects.