Best Fish Recipes from Gordon Ramsay

Regardless of who you are or what industry you work in, there is a good chance that you have heard the name Gordon Ramsay before. In addition to being internationally renowned and multi-Michelin starred, he has built a successful restaurant empire that spans the globe, from the United Kingdom and France to Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States.

You’ve probably seen him on television shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef US, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hotel Hell, among others.

Ramsay is more than just a well-known chef and public figure. He is a true celebrity in every sense of the word. The tabloids keep up with him on a consistent basis, and his fans have a lot of questions about his personal life.

We can tell you that he and his wife, Tana, are huge sports fans, as can be imagined. His wife is a fitness enthusiast, and he competes in triathlons on a regular basis.

Now, we don’t have any information about Gordon putting on his fishing pants in order to catch fish, but we do know that when he uses his fish fillet knife to cut up fish, he creates delectable seafood dishes.

This is why we’ve put together some delicious, healthy fish recipes that come straight from Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen!


Southern Indian fish curry

Preparing this dish begins with preheating a large frying pan over medium heat and adding a generous amount of oil into it. Once the pan is hot, add the sliced onions and salt and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, or until the onions are soft.

Cook for another minute after adding the spices, and then add the chilies and ginger and cook for another minute after adding the chilies and ginger.

Pour 400ml of water, coconut milk, and tamarind paste into a large mixing bowl. Season everything with salt and pepper and set it aside to cook. Once the sauce has begun to bubble, add the aubergine and cook for 5 minutes more, after which you can add the carrots to the pan. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how thick you like your soup. The sauce must be thickened, and the aubergine and carrots must be cooked until they are tender.

After that, add the green beans and cook for another 3 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll be able to bring the fish in. Allow for 3 to 4 minutes of cooking time for the meat. You should taste the dish and adjust the seasoning to your preference.

This dish is best served with rice, in warm bowls, and topped with desiccated coconut that has been toasted.


Teriyaki Salmon

In a large mixing bowl, combine the ginger, garlic, maple syrup, soy sauce, mirin, and olive oil until well combined. To assemble the salmon fillets, arrange them on a plate, season with salt and pepper, and drizzle with the sticky dressing. Wrap the dish in cling film and place it in the refrigerator for two hours to allow the flavors to blend.

As soon as this period of time has passed, add oil to a large skillet and heat over medium heat until hot. Place the fillets skin side down in a large mixing bowl. Preheat the grill for two minutes, then add a little marinade and cook for another minute, or until the fish is opaque halfway up the side. Cook for another three to four minutes on the other side, basting with additional marinade and making sure the fillets are thoroughly coated. If the sauce becomes too thick, add a little water to thin it out.

Place the fillets on individual plates and drizzle with the teriyaki sauce from the pan, if desired.


Seabass with fennel, lemon, and capers

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit before beginning this dish. Season the fish on all sides, including the inside, with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Then, slice up the fennel and add it to the sea bass, along with some fronds for garnish. Capers should be sprinkled in, and lemon slices should be placed over the fennel in the fish’s body cavity. Garnish with dill and small pieces of butter if desired.

Wrap the sea bass in aluminum foil after brushing it with olive oil. Pour a small amount of white wine into the parcel before tucking it away in the last corner. You may need to use a second piece of foil if necessary, as it is critical that the fish is completely sealed.

The fish should be baked for approximately 20 minutes in the oven if it is a larger fish. If you are preparing a smaller fish, 8 to 10 minutes should be sufficient. When the flesh begins to flake away from the bone, the sea bass is done.

Remove the dish from the oven and set it aside to cool for a few minutes. When you open the package, be careful because hot steam will be released. Fennel fronds should be used to garnish the dish.


Fish pie

This dish is prepared by preheating the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in the first step. After that, grease a pie plate with a two-liter capacity.

Make the mashed potatoes that will be used as a topping. Cut the potatoes into chunks and cook them in salted water until they are tender, about 20 minutes. Drain the water thoroughly and mash until smooth. Combine the butter and hot milk in a blender until a thick paste is formed. After the mixture has been allowed to cool slightly, add the egg yolks. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

After that, saute the shallots or onion in the oil and butter with the thyme leaves until softened, about 5 minutes. Cook for about four to five minutes, until the Noilly Prat and Pernod have reduced by half.

Cook for another minute after adding the flour mixture. In the meantime, heat the stock in a small saucepan over medium heat. Using a wooden spoon, slowly stir it into the shallot mixture until it is completely smooth. Then simmer for approximately five minutes, or until the liquid has been reduced by a third. Cook for a few more minutes after you’ve added the milk and lowered the heat. Season with salt and pepper to taste, then fold in the cream and parsley.

Next, cut the cod and salmon into small pieces and arrange them in a pie platter with the prawns and scallops on the side. The dish should be sprinkled with condiments and lemon juice before being placed on a baking sheet.

Pour the sauce over the top and mix thoroughly with a fork. Spread the mashed potatoes on top of the mashed potatoes. Place the combo in the oven and top with grated cheese. Bake for 30 minutes. Bake for ten minutes, then reduce the temperature to 180 degrees and continue baking for another 20 minutes or until the crust is golden. In the event that the pie browns unevenly, turn the baking sheet a few times more than is necessary. Allow for a ten-minute cooling period before serving.