Bass Fishing Lakes in the United States 2017

What is the best lake for bass fishing in 2017?

When it comes to catching bass, the fisherman must be aware of the best spots to visit in order to have an enjoyable bass angling experience. The United States is blessed with an abundance of bass fishing locations that should fulfill every bass angler’s wildest dreams, as well as the fantastic bonus of panoramic views and a large variety of gamefish that can be caught in addition to the bass. The bass fishing locations in the United States are listed below. There is, without a doubt, nothing more satisfying than taking a dip in the water in one of these prime locations:

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The residents of Alabama have much more to be proud of than just the US Space and Rocket Center, which is located in Huntsville. Aside from being in the Cotton State, Logan Martin Lake is also located there. A recent survey found that it’s currently one of the top spotted bass lakes in the country. Lake Eufaula is also located in the state of Alabama. Since the lake is densely covered with hard cover and shallow vegetation, fishermen can expect fantastic catches of a high quality and quantity, which can be achieved by using a variety of presentations and baits. In addition to those two lakes, Alabama is home to Pickwick Lake, which produces largemouth bass up to 15 pounds in weight as well as 2- to 4-pound bass. Lake Guntersville produces one largemouth bass after another all year long, earning it the distinction of being the best largemouth lake in the United States.

Lay Lake, a 12,000-acre reservoir in east-central Alabama, is primarily used for recreational purposes as well as hydroelectric power generation. With a large number of visitors coming to enjoy boating recreation as well as tournament fishing, Lay Lake is a popular destination. It is easily accessible by the public, both on the bank and by boat, and is particularly well-known for largemouth bass and spotted bass angling.



Apache Lake, a small but breathtaking canyon lake created by the Salt River, is located in the Grand Canyon State and is a popular fishing spot for 15-pound largemouth bass. Because it is one of the cleanest and freshest lakes in the United States, Lake Havasu has been cited as the state’s premier bass source on numerous occasions.



Arkansas is home to 9,700 miles of rivers and streams, as well as 600,000 acres of lakes. It is also the location of the Arkansas River, which is the longest stream flowing into the Mississippi-Missouri river system and the longest stream in the United States. Therefore, there is little doubt that Bull Shoals Lake, a White River impoundment known for its bass fishing, continues to be a slice of bass fishing heaven, with both largemouth and smallmouth bass swarming the waters. The Arkansas Bass Team Trail Derby was held on Lake Dardanelle in February 2015, and the winner, with a catch of 22.5 pounds, easily won the competition. Lake Ouachita is a 40,000-acre impoundment that produces really large bass species weighing over 20 pounds, with an average weight of over 15 pounds for other anglers participating in fishing tournaments on the lake.

Millwood Lake has a total surface area of 29,200 acres and is capable of producing fantastic trophy bass worthy of taking home the prize.



As is the case with Lake Berryessa, the Pardee Reservoir is a haven for giant bass. The former is a small drinking water lake nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, where no human body contact with the water is permitted in any form, including skiing, swimming, or jet skiing, and where no human body contact with the water is permitted. The giant smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and largemouth bass are all fed on trout that has been stocked. Lake Berryessa is well-known for its big swimbait fishing, and it may very well be the best big bass fishing in the state of California, according to some experts. Since its inception, the California Delta has consistently been regarded as one of the best largemouth bass destinations in the United States. Pitching, flipping, and frogging are all possible with the delta as well. Clear Lake is home to a large number of trophy-sized bass, thanks to the abundance of hitch, a native baitfish. It is excellent for jigging and swimming with swimbaits.

Bullards Bar, which stretches for 16 miles, enjoys the same level of renown as Shasta Lake, which covers 30,000 acres and is known for producing massive spotted bass.




The Sunshine State is a popular retirement destination, owing in part to the abundance of lakes and rivers that provide relaxation for fishing enthusiasts who want to take advantage of the abundant fishing opportunities in their golden years in the state’s many lakes and rivers. Florida’s most popular fishing destinations include the St Johns River, which is known for producing largemouth bass and is considered to be the crown jewel of the Chain of Lakes in Kissimmee; Lake Istokpoga, which has been producing award-winning Florida-strain largemouth since 1957; Lake Okeechobee, which is known for producing largemouth bass and is nothing less than the crown jewel of the Chain of Lakes in Kissimmee; and Lake Okeechobee, for some flipping



It goes without saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the angling experience as well. Falcon Lake has quickly risen to the top of any bass angler’s bucket list as a destination for big bass fishing with swimbaits, worms, jigs, and deep cranking. The Sam Rayburn Reservoir is a popular destination for jigs, worms, and deep cranking, and it provides both deep and shallow bass fishing opportunities, as well as a thriving population of large Florida-strain largemouth bass. Due to the unique combination of offshore structure and grass in the Toledo Bend Reservoir, which is shared by both Texas and Louisiana, professional anglers refer to it as “the land of the giants.” The reservoir’s ability to produce 10-pounders and large largemouth bass is attributed to the reservoir’s unrivaled combination of offshore structure and grass. Lake Fork is known for producing largemouth bass, which have earned it acclaim.

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