Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison

We’ve put together a short paragraph to assist you in determining the best archery elk hunting backpack for your needs if you’re short on time or can’t afford to read through the buying tips and reviews we’ve put together. Based on our extensive research and examination of numerous archery elk hunting backpacks, we have determined that the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is the model to purchase. This option is built to last, thanks to its nylon ripstop fabric construction, which is extremely durable. The numerous pockets that come with this unit will make it very simple to keep track of your belongings. The clip-style holster can hold either a gun or a longbow, depending on your preference. If, for some reason, you are unable to locate our preferred option for sale at your favorite retailer, we believe that the Slumberjack Carbine 2500 is an excellent substitute.

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Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

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3 Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpacks (Reviews) in 2021

We understand that finding affordable archery backpacks for elk hunting to store all of your equipment can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the most highly regarded models on the market today. These options stood out because of their quality and storage space, which allows you to be prepared for a rainy day by storing your high-quality hunting rain gear in the backpack in advance of the occurrence.

1. Alps OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag Briar


Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

Through the use of a highly durable nylon ripstop fabric, ALPS OutdoorZ has ensured that its product is capable of withstanding the demands of the hunter’s lifestyle. Whether you’re out in the field in freezing or scorching temperatures, this unit is designed to meet your every need, even in the most extreme conditions of weather.

The numerous pockets that this unit provides will make it very simple to organize all of your gear while still leaving enough room for any other personal items that you may want to bring along with you on your journey. If you have a nifty compound bow or a rifle, the clip-style holster will allow you to keep your essentials close to you at all times.

One of the many pockets available is designed specifically to hold high-quality optics such as monoculars for hunting, which can be found among the others. With a total storage capacity of 5,250 cubic inches, and when the frame is removed, it can be used as a stand-alone freighter frame to transport the game’s meat.

The unit is equipped with a hydration port and a pocket, indicating that it is water-compatible. Customers appreciate this feature because it makes this product ideal for people who want to be completely prepared when they are out in the field.


2. Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Backpack Kryptek Highlander


Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

The Carbine model is designed for maximum comfort and adaptability. This particular unit is specifically designed for deer or elk game hunts that last all day or only a few hours at a time. The total capacity of this backpack is 2500 cubic inches, which means that it is best suited for hunters who only want to carry the bare essentials with them on their hunt.

Apart from the main compartment, the advantage of this option is that it includes multiple organization pockets, which are ideal for storing smaller items that are critical to a successful hunting session, such as a high-quality GPS for elk hunting. The three smaller pockets on the front of the bag are intended for storing smaller items.

Two large side pockets are located on the outside of the jacket, and these are intended to hold bipods, optics, and other hunting equipment. Transporting your rifle and bow will be a breeze thanks to the stowable and versatile multi-weapon carry system from Black Diamond. The built-in rifle rest will aid in providing critical stabilization as well as improved accuracy, ensuring that every shot lands on the target.

When it comes to durability, we are pleased to inform you that the 600 denier polyester construction is capable of withstanding a wide range of weather conditions and will not be easily damaged by sunlight.


3. Sportsan’s Outdoor Products Horn Hunter Full Curl Combo 


Best Archery Elk Hunting Backpack (Must Read Reviews)

The Horn Hunter Full Curl is an excellent alternative for hunters looking for a lightweight and compact backpack that can still accommodate all of the necessary items and equipment for archery elk hunting while remaining lightweight and compact. It is constructed of a highly durable H3 tubular frame, which provides additional strength, flexibility, and support for those extra-heavy loads and allows for greater maneuverability.

Despite the substantial frame, this unit is relatively light, weighing approximately 7.5 pounds in total. You will have no trouble storing all of your equipment and arranging it exactly how you want it thanks to the numerous internal and external pockets. The total storage space is 2000 cubic inches.

With the three-strap compression panels, you can rest assured that even when the backpack is fully loaded, all of your belongings will be kept safely in place, with little chance of them overflowing. Due to the fact that this model is hydration-compatible, you can also purchase an additional hydration system.

Buyers expressed great satisfaction with the design of this model, claiming that it has relieved them of a significant amount of stress, particularly when compared to the experience they had with other alternatives.


Buying guide

It can be difficult to find a good archery elk hunting backpack, which is why we have decided to lend you a helping hand by providing you with a list of features to consider when prospecting the market. If you are having difficulty locating the ideal product, all you need to do is take a quick look at our buyer’s guide, which is provided below.

The right material

When purchasing not only archery elk hunting backpacks, but also all hunting backpacks in general, the material is the most important factor to consider. Taking a quick look at the material used to construct your purchase will provide you with the most accurate indication of its durability.

Manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries of build quality, resulting in the introduction of new and improved models on a daily basis. We recommend that you look for options that provide some level of water resistance because when you are elk hunting, it is unavoidable that you will come into contact with a little rain or snow at some point.

Waterproof hunting backpacks are much easier to come by these days, and they do not require a large investment in terms of money or time.

Weapon carrying system

When you go archery elk hunting, you’ll need a backpack that can accommodate your preferred weapon and other gear. We recognize that some people have limited financial resources and may choose to purchase a unit that does not include a weapon carrying system; however, for the sake of convenience, we recommend that you purchase a unit that includes a weapon carrying system.

In most cases, such a system will secure your bow in place with lashing straps, or even inside a bow pocket that is well-fitting to your bow. Because there are so many different types of bows, we recommend backpacks that are versatile enough to accommodate any type of bow. In a similar vein, the product should include a quiver compartment that is easily accessible with your hands.


When you’re out in the field, carrying tens of pounds on your back, the last thing you want is for your backpack to cause you to lose valuable time. Some of the most important characteristics of a comfortable unit are the presence of a durable frame with a padded back, the use of breathable materials, and the ability to adjust the shoulder harness.

Having a unit with all of these features will allow you to travel long distances without having to take the pack off your back. Compression straps can also be beneficial because, by elevating the load on the backpack, they reduce the strain of transporting such a heavy load.