Professional Review of Browning Strike Force HD Pro

Professional Review of Browning Strike Force HD Pro

You might be interested in this trail game camera if you spend a lot of your spare time outdoors enjoying nature or participating in various sports such as hiking, hunting, or bird-watching. Recent technological advancements have made it possible to effortlessly record and photograph the wildlife that piques your curiosity.

Because of all of the gadgets and technologies that are now available for purchase, one’s outdoor experience is substantially enhanced. As a result, you may now save your memories and experiences on an SD card, which you can then repeat or read through anytime you feel the need.

If you want to capture photographs of wildlife or other people participating in various outdoor activities while you are out in the heart of nature, the Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force HD PRO Trail Camera is an option you should consider before placing your order.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the features and how you can benefit from them in order to assist you in making a better informed decision.

Main advantage

Taking crisp images of moving subjects or filming them in the wild necessitates the use of specialized camera functions, and this model was created specifically to meet these requirements. When it comes to overall performance, the mix of notable traits present in this product distinguishes it as a trustworthy option.

If you opt to acquire this camera, you will receive a device that allows you to record HD video at a resolution of 1600 x 900p with sound and capture still images at a resolution of 20MP. The camera is equipped with a passive infrared motion sensor with an 80-foot detection range and a trigger speed of 0.22-seconds, which ensures that you may use the unit in a variety of environments and still get satisfactory results.

Everything combined makes it feasible for you to snap sharp shots even when the subject is moving. For added convenience and adaptability, the infrared LED flash is equipped with an astounding 120-foot range, which further enhances your overall experience.

Furthermore, you have the option of selecting from a variety of infrared settings, allowing you to use the camera even when the night falls. Timelapse Plus mode is useful if you want to keep the camera out in the field to shoot photographs over a specified period of time. It will do so at pre-determined intervals while also collecting motion-triggered images.

Main disadvantage

AA batteries are required for operation of the camera, and they are not included in the package, so you will need to purchase them separately. For those who plan to use the camera on a regular basis, this will result in a higher final cost as well as more frequent battery replacements.

However, this is also true for other types of items as well. The only disadvantage, aside from the additional expense, is that if you want to put the camera to take images at pre-determined intervals for an extended period of time, you will need to check the unit on a regular basis and ensure that the batteries are in good working order.

Main features explained

In case you often dedicate your free time to observing the wildlife in your area or capturing images of various animal species you want to learn more about, this trail game camera might be right up your alley.

The unit is user-friendly and packed with specs that will help you preserve important moments and do so in high audio and image quality. Here are the main features that render it worthy of consideration.


When purchasing a game trail camera, the first thing to consider is the quality of the movies and photographs captured by the device. After all, shooting photographs of a subject of interest or capturing animals must be done in a clear and distinct manner so that you can readily view them and see the features that you are interested in. The manner in which a unit performs is the most important component.

Fortunately, with this model, you won’t have to be concerned about receiving poor image quality. The camera is capable of recording HD video at 1600 x 900p with audio and taking still images at a resolution of 20MP. When compared to the Advantage cameras from the same brand, this particular model may not provide the same video quality, but it is still satisfactory, and the video quality is clear and fluid even during the nighttime surveillance.

Furthermore, the camera will take motion-triggered photographs as a result of the passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor that is included and the 0.22-second trigger speed that is given.

You may also use the item at night because of the infrared LED flash’s impressive 120-foot range and the numerous IR settings that are offered. For example, if you use the “Long Range” and “Fast Motion” infrared settings, you will be able to get some spectacular nighttime images.

The optimum setup for your needs and preferences will require some trial and error with various options, so be prepared to spend some time experimenting with them. The Timelapse Plus shooting mode is quite useful if you wish to install the camera in a location of interest and then leave it there to capture photographs on its own for a set period of time.

The camera’s numerous functions allow you to program it to capture pictures at pre-set intervals throughout a certain time period while also recording motion-triggered images at the same time. Viewing photos and video will be possible aboard thanks to the 1.5-inch color viewing panel.

Ease of operation and SD card 

The device was designed to be simple to use in order to allow you to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits and outcomes in the most comfortable manner. Occasionally, a camera’s overall performance is overshadowed by a less accessible UI and a difficult setup process. The Browning Strike Force HD Pro, on the other hand, is an exception.

Everything about the way this device was created makes the entire operation procedure a simple and straightforward endeavor. The internal configuration takes no more than a minute or two at the most, so you will be up and running in no time. In spite of the fact that it is a tiny camera, the internal viewing screen is not very huge. However, the text on the screen are large enough to make reading comfortable even for those with bad vision.

In addition to the internal viewer and the menu, the live-view feature will further simplify the procedure and assist you in capturing that trail cam shot you’ve been dreaming about. The controls and functionalities have been designed to be as intuitive as possible, allowing even beginners or people with limited experience to operate it comfortably.

When it comes to storage, you may utilize SD cards with capacities of up to 512 Gigabytes, which means you will have more than enough space to meet your needs for an extended period of time. The camera is packaged with a SanDisk Ultra 32GB 80MB/s SD card, which significantly increases the overall value of the package.

Reading data from such a card may be done at speeds of up to 80 MB/s, which is twice as fast as reading data from a regular SDHC card. Because of this capability, you can capture images and transfer files much more quickly than you would otherwise be able to. Not to mention that they are built to survive even the most extreme weather conditions and to last a long period of time.

Design and durability 

Trail cameras are subjected to changing weather conditions at a higher rate than other types of cameras, making their durability all the more important in this situation. Despite the fact that the camera is compact and lightweight, making it easy to pack or include into your outdoor gear, it is built to last thanks to its robust and durable housing. Because of the nature of outdoor use, this proves to be of critical value to the user.

This item includes a metal back bracket that can be readily adjusted, and the materials used in its construction look like they will last a long time. Because of the smart design, SD cards can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily, allowing you to change them whenever you need to quickly and effortlessly. Unlatching the battery eject button may necessitate the use of a sturdy object, though.

Because of its camouflage design, the device will blend in with the environment and go undetected by the species you are trying to photograph. For those occasions when you want it to be installed to take images at pre-determined intervals, this makes it even more valuable.


Additionally, in addition to the camera and SD card described above, the package includes a J-TECH OUTDOORS Card Reader that can take both microSD and SD cards and is compatible with all standard lightning charging connectors.

If you have an Android device with a Micro USB or a USB-C connector, you can effortlessly connect to the reader with no problem. Simply connect it to your phone’s USB port and then open the “My Files” app. You should be able to find a file that contains all of the information stored on the memory card, including your photographs and videos. If you are using an iOS device, you will need to download a special software in order to access the card.

Furthermore, by simply connecting it to any computer that has a USB port, you will be able to view the photographs and films that you have made. Of course, you may use the internal viewer to have a brief look at the images straight after they have been captured.

The AA batteries essential for the camera’s operation are not included in the package; therefore, you will need to purchase them separately from the camera. You do receive the 32GB memory card as well as the card reader, which makes this a more inexpensive alternative than purchasing the items separately. In the event that your budget is limited or you do not want a huge amount of data storage, the market also provides a package that includes the same camera and a 16GB memory card.