MS 2011 Results

Monster Shark 2011 was a great year for fans of world class sportfishing. Many sports fishing events have been held since then and as fans we are very happy to see that the trend move up. If you are someone looking to get into tournament fishing or even normal fishing in general then now is a great time.

Fishing is a skill that will not only be useful for life but also help you sharpen your cognitive skills, improve attention, be a good exercise and a fun social event as well.

The first thing to do is grab a good fishing rod however, people who are new to fishing often find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer scale of accessories and gear that is available on the market.

We realize that this is a big problem and decided that the best way to tackle it is by provided a clear detailed guide on what to look for in a beginner’s fishing rod and which are the best options. Take a look at our buyer’s guide for the best beginner’s fishing rod in the market.