Monster Shark 2004

If you are someone interested in joining fishing events then you will be happy to know that sportfishing events are held in many places across the country. Monster Shark had a summer tournament all the way back in 2004.

Whether you are a famous angler with a boat that has placed at the top or just looking to get into tournament fishing, what’s great about events such as these are they can be fun for beginners and professionals alike.

One of the key things to ensure is keeping your gear maintained so that you do not face any issues during the tournament. Using sub par products for a competitive fishing tournament can also be a bad idea as it will hold back your skills which will make the experience only harder.

Fishing reels are one such essential component in any fishing gear inventory. To ensure that you use the top gear we have curated a list of the best fishing reels in the market so you can buy one that is best for you to help you keep up with the competition!